Keep pests under control with chromatic traps

Colored pest traps

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To control the pests that can affect our beloved plants, several things can be done: use synthetic (chemical) or natural remedies. Both are very useful, but with the first you have to be very careful since, in addition to being quite dangerous for us, they are also dangerous for the environment. For this reason, whether we want to take care of the planet or if we have children or pets, it is much more advisable to opt for the latter.

One of those really effective natural remedies are chromatic traps. Each insect or animal has been shown to be attracted to a color. For example: humans and some birds are very attracted to red, and many insects (among which are the main responsible for weakening plants) to yellow or blue. Taking this into account, it’s very easy to keep pests under control.

What are chromatic traps?

White flieswhiteflies

With chromatic traps you can keep pests at bay.

They are devices that attract undesirable insects through color. Once they land on it, they will no longer be able to leave. In general, they are used only to know if there is any plague, but they are so effective that if they are put several, they themselves are an effective treatment to eliminate it. There are two colors:

  • Yellow: they are the most used, since they attract aphids, leaf miners, whiteflies, …
  • Azul: attract thrips.

In the nurseries we will find traps in the form of an adhesive sheet, they are very advisable when you want to control pests that the plants on a table may have since they do not take up space. In addition, they are ready to use. But we have to know that at home we can also do them.

How to make one at home?

Yellow tupperware

yellow tupperware

To make one, we will only need a yellow or blue tupperware or tray, depending on the pest we want to eliminate. Later, follow these steps:

  1. First, we glue honey, cooking oil, petroleum jelly or any sticky substance that doesn’t dry out.
  2. Then we fill it with water almost to the brim.
  3. Then we add two or three drops of liquid dish soap.
  4. And ready! Now all that remains is to place it where we need it.

Of course, at least once a week, we will have to change the water.

What do you think of this way of keeping plants protected?

Keep pests under control with chromatic traps

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