Mazus reptans: A beautifully colored upholstery plant

plant that covers the ground where it passes

It may seem like a lie, but very little is known about the Mazus reptans or better known as creeping maze. However, we have compiled some interesting and useful information about this plant in this article.

By knowing more about the Mazus reptansmost likely you want to grow this plant in your garden and / or make a natural path with this species that when it blooms, gives an excellent view and makes any garden the best of all.


close up image of a lilac flower called Mazus reptans

close up image of a lilac flower called Mazus reptans

Like all species of plant, you need to know its place of origin in order to understand the habitat where it resides and where is better to have it. Thus, this plant is native to the Himalayas and after its discovery and study, it was introduced to North America.

Features Mazus reptans

Among the most notable features and / or characteristics of this plant are:

  • They do not usually have great heights once they are fully grown. At most they will reach two meters in height, if environmental conditions allow it.
  • Its easy propagation is due to its creeping stems and its roots, which are rooted in its nodes.
  • Its leaves tend to have a very bright green color when the sun shines on them, and they do not exceed an inch in length.
  • The flowers are the most characteristic of the plant, since they have a yellow, white and purple color, which makes the plant stand out wherever it is planted.
  • It is a plant that stands out thanks to how abundant it can be, and as it expands.
  • It has a fruit whose interior has very small seeds.
  • Its flowering season is during the month of June and July.
  • It has a very small perennial plant cover.
  • During the spring, summer and certain part of the fall, its vivid green color remains.

Growing and caring for the plant

If you look carefully at images about this plant on the internetyou will understand that it is a plant that you have to have in your gardenbeing the obvious reasons. One reason that will allow you to consider planting, growing and caring for this plant in your garden or garden is its easy cultivation.

Of course, it is widely recommended for gardens that require low maintenance.. Just keep in mind the land where you will plant itsince the plant needs a moist soil with a constant drainage system.

On the other hand, it does not matter if you grow this plant in a place where the sun is directly or indirectly on it once it grows and spreads. In the same way it will grow and bloom in June and Julybeing a beautiful upholstery plant.

Keep in mind that you should not plant them too close together, this is how you have to have an approximation of six plants. This useful information will help you to give the Mazus reptans the space needed to grow and do it much faster.

As for the care of this species, you do not need to constantly prune it as with other plants. The good thing is that it’s strong enough as to be placed and / or plants in places with pedestrian traffic.

Keep in mind that the propagation of this plant is done through its seeds. Specifically during the fall and early spring time, especially if you want to make your plantation more visible and take up much more space.


upholstery plant called Mazus reptans

groundcover plant called Mazus reptans

In the medicinal aspect, this plant has no use. Being a perennial species, it is usually used mostly to cover and create a kind of carpet in open spaces or areas that you want to cover quickly. Of the rest, it is a plant used with decorative motifs.

Although if used properly, they can be used and / or grown in patches in order to prevent their spread and have them located in a certain space. You just have to always keep in mind that its propagation is a bit aggressive and in a very short time there will be a large number of plants, if you are not careful and are not on the lookout

Mazus reptans: A beautifully colored upholstery plant

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