Pepper pruning in the vegetable garden or garden

green pepper pruning

When taking care of garden plants, each one deserves specific care and that is because when we talk about pruning, it is not only the plants that are taken into account. trees or small shrubsvegetables and vegetables also require this, so in this article we will talk about how to prune the pepper in the garden.

When pruning the plants, in this case the pepper, we can make it grow healthier and that the fruit that it gives us is large and with better flavor, also obtaining a better quality, since by letting it grow by itself without any care, generally somewhat small fruits with a somewhat insipid flavor are obtained.

tips for pruning peppers

tips to prune pepper

Taking into account that these plants also need special care, we can follow these tips.

Control the branch growth and it is that when the pepper begins to grow, it is important that the plant has 2 to 3, since this generates an improvement in quality and the production of the quantity of the fruit, since they receive all the necessary nutrients that will then be absorbed by the fruits that the plant will give us and that will later be cultivated.

The decision is up to the person at the time of performing this task, leaving 2 branches increases the quality and 3 the amount of peppers that the plant generates.

Should be remove small shoots that grow around the stem main, any branch that has poor formation or irregular growth and the leaves of the same that are close to the ground.

When choosing the branches that are going to be the main ones of our plant, the first division of the branches after the main stem must be taken into account and that is that all the branches and leaves that appear below this have to be cut.

Prune the fruits and leaves that have a light color or some disease And it is that when the leaves turn yellow, are sick or are attacked by some plague, they have to be eliminated, this will make the plant and its fruits healthier. You must be attentive to the appearance of some of these elements, the earlier they are eliminated, the healthier the plant will be.

When we talk about the fruits, it is recommended that those that are born below the division of the branches that had previously been chosen be cut, since with this a good production of peppers.

If the plant has an overgrowth, branches and leaves should be cut a bit to reduce its size, achieving that more flowers are produced by increasing the amount of peppers that the plant can produce and the maturity time that the fruit may take is considerably reduced.

prune for better quality of the peppers

prune for better quality of peppers

If you want to achieve a more profit from pepper cultivationyou can look for a second production of fruits of the plant, of course and taking into account that this will not have the same quality or quantity as the previous production.

You can decide between re-sow peppers from scratch or you can choose this option. So if this option is chosen, the first thing to do is find the location of the birth of the secondary branches, that is, a second division apart from the one we had already chosen, which will be eliminated leaving only a couple of buds. for each branch. By doing this more flowers will be generated and we will have our second crop of peppers.

It is essential to keep our pepper plants with proper lighting, provide them with enough compost That can be achieved with organic matter (fruit and vegetable waste) and control the appearance of pests so that they grow healthy and help in the production of the fruit.

Now, knowing how important it is to prune the pepper in the garden, it only remains to cheer up and sow.

Pepper pruning in the vegetable garden or garden

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