Potted mandarin: care, diseases and pests

potted mandarin

When you think of a fruit tree, the most normal thing is that the first thing that comes to mind is that you need a garden to plant it, or a lot of space to have it. But the truth is that the vast majority of them can be planted in a pot. Such is the case of potted mandarin.

You do not know how to have a mandarin in a pot but the idea seems good to you? Do not worry, we are going to give you the keys so that the care you need (irrigation, fertilization, pruning, transplantation) is not difficult and, in addition, we will prepare you for pests and diseases that can affect you. Go for it!

Potted mandarin care

Potted mandarin carePotted mandarin care

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A potted mandarin is the same as a tree planted in the ground, albeit with a more limited space. But you could even get him to give you mandarins and eat them with much more pleasure (and better flavor) than those you buy in the supermarket. But how do you get it to develop well and grow enough to put on tangerines? We will tell you.

Which pot is the most suitable for a potted mandarin?

The first thing you have to know to have a mandarin in a pot is that not just any pot is worth. You need one that gives it depth because the tree has many roots and needs room to “breathe” and “stretch.”

If what you are looking for is a bonsai, the first thing to do is get it used to that condition, so you will have to transplant it little by little as you see that the tree adapts to “make it tiny”, but we warn you that mandarins also They will become small and you won’t be able to eat them.

This is the best soil for a potted mandarin

The next step is to choose the land you need. We recommend that you use one fertilized, and if possible with fertilizers high in nitrogen (in summer) and with potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron in winter.

Where to put a mandarin?

Do you already know where you are going to put your mandarin in a pot? You must be clear that fruit trees, and in this case citrus, need a very well lit place, ideally with direct sun at various times of the day. Therefore, choose an area where it will have this, otherwise it could wither and die from not giving it what it needs.

We also recommend that you be careful with the temperature. The mandarin is not a tree that tolerates frost and that is why it dies easily outside. So if you are going to have it in a pot, control how cold it is and cover it with plastic or put it at home when the temperatures drop a lot.

Potted mandarin care

Potted mandarin care

How much to water a potted mandarin?

For a mandarin, irrigation is very important, but you must take into account the following:

  • In winter, it does not require frequent watering, and neither does the water remain puddled because it rots its roots.
  • In spring and summer it needs constant and daily watering, but without giving it too much water (we don’t want to drown it).
  • In autumn you have to reduce the waterings so that they are less and less and prepare it for the winter.

Also check that it has a good drainage system so that there are no water stagnations.

How long does it take for a tangerine tree to grow?

A tree takes years to grow, and it will be the same in a pot. In addition, by controlling the space more, it can slow down its development a bit but the normal thing is that, if you take good care of it, a year I can give you the first fruits. But everything will depend on how you buy it and how old it is, if it is healthy, etc.

When does the mandarin plant bloom?

One of the most beautiful displays of a potted mandarin is when it blooms. It happens at the beginning of spring and you can see it full of white flowers with a very pleasant orange blossom smell.

Of course, this only lasts a few days, weeks at most, and the flowers end up falling after opening.

How to prune a potted mandarin

As with other trees, pruning must be constant. And in a potted mandarin it was not going to be any different. Experts recommend that pruned in early springcutting the new shoots so that the tree is more leafy.

You should also be guided by the shape of the tree and how you want it to look good.

What diseases and pests can affect the mandarin?

What diseases and pests can affect the mandarin?What diseases and pests can affect the mandarin?

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It must be recognized that if you have a potted mandarin, the normal thing is that it is more protected against pests and diseases. But unfortunately they can also affect him equally and find that, no matter how much you have cared for him, he becomes ill. Therefore, prevention is the best weapon. And know the symptoms that put you on alert as well.

Generally, mandarin is very resistant to pests and diseases. But there are several to which it is more prone, such as: spider mite, mealybug, whitefly or citrus miner. Its elimination is based on using acaricides (for the spider mite), diatomaceous earth (for the mealybug), sticky traps (for the whitefly) and neem oil or using a bacterium (for the citrus miner).

Now, when it comes to diseases, one that has no cure is the “Sadness virus”, psoriasis or exocortiswhich makes the tree behave in a strange way (it starts to throw the leaves for no reason, it bears too much fruit, it becomes weak …). Finally, you must control the Phytophthorawhich is a disease caused by a fungus due to excess humidity and a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees. In this case, fungicides can help you fight it (always rich in copper).

We cannot predict that, by following all these tips, your potted mandarin will be free of problems and develop correctly, but at least you will have put all the means to provide all the needs that these citrus fruits have so that it is healthy and offers you a incredible vision day by day.

Potted mandarin: care, diseases and pests

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