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Varieties of strawberries

One of the sweetest and most appetizing fruits, which can be eaten alone, with chocolate, with cream, with milk… are, without a doubt, strawberries. But we don’t always eat the same because the truth is that there are many varieties of strawberries.

How many? A lot, so we are going to reveal how many there are and we are going to tell you a little more about them. Do you want to know more things?

A little history about strawberries

A little history about strawberries

A bit of history about strawberries

Have you ever wondered where strawberries come from? Well, in this case we would have to use a bit of history.

And there is many legends and myths about them. Also, with as many varieties as there are, it is normal to think that each one has an origin.

For example, it is said that in In ancient Rome, strawberries were one of the fruits that were consumed in the festivities of Adonis. But do you know why? Well, because the origin of this fruit was the death of Adonis. When Venus cried for her death, the tears that the goddess shed, when they hit the ground, became this fruit. Therefore, each year, these were consumed as if it somehow involved taking something from the goddess.

It is almost always said that the strawberry comes from the United States. But really it’s not so.

In Europe had strawberries, the so-called European strawberries. The problem is that these were different from the American ones, specifically Chilean strawberries or North American strawberries.

It was in the XNUMXth century when Amedée-François Frézier, an explorer under the orders of Louis XIV (France), brought him some specimens of the strawberry that was in America. These were characterized by being larger and having less fragrance than the European ones.

What did you do? Antoine Nicolas Duchesne, a French botanist, thought of crossing that Chilean strawberry with one that grew in Europethe “Nutmeg strawberries«. But she did not stay there alone, but when he got that hybrid, he also wanted to cross the other typical American strawberry, the North American one, with the same European one. The result? The strawberries that we now consume, called «Fragaria x pineapple«.

How many varieties of strawberries are there

How many varieties of strawberries are there

How many varieties of strawberries are there

With what we have told you, you may think that there are only 5 varieties: two American, one European and two hybrids. But actually there are many more. very many.

To give you an idea, in Europe at that time there were two varieties. Also in America. And then came the hybrids.

According to the notes found, there are more or less 100 different varieties of strawberriesmany of them easy to find and even grow. Others not so much.

Some divide them into two or three groups. One of them divides strawberries into:

  • Crescents (or ascendants). They occur only once a year, in spring.
  • Non-increasing (or non-ascending). Also non-repeated calls. They only grow strawberries from May to October, but during the summer they don’t grow because the plant goes into a dormant process.

Another of the classifications classifies strawberries into three different groups:

  • Forest strawberries. Where the most striking of them are, without a doubt, their flavor.
  • cultivated strawberries. Which are characterized by being larger than the previous ones, but with less flavor and quality.
  • Strawberry. It is the one that has a much larger size than all the previous ones. However, they are not as sweet nor do they have as much aroma as the previous ones.

There are many more classifications, especially in the case of strawberries. But there is no doubt that there are many varieties.

What are the most popular varieties of strawberries?

What are the best known types of fragaria

What are the best known types of fragaria

As we do not want you to be left alone with the fact that there are around 100 varieties, here we are going to name some of the well-known ones or the ones that are easier to find. These are:

Camarosa Strawberries

They originate from California, in the United States. They are characterized by being large, very firm strawberries (they are tough). It is called strawberry.

In fact, they are the variety that is most consumed in Spain and the ones that take the least time to bear fruit (for example, if you plant it in October, in December it will already be strawberries).

Strawberries Queen of the Valleys

It is a strawberry that you will only find in May because it only blooms once a year.

In terms of their shape, they are small and light red to deep red. They have an oblong shape and are sweet (although with a touch of acidity), aromatic and very juicy.

This is also one of the most you will find in Spain.


In this case they are strawberries that are characterized by being very large, deep red.

They have an elongated shape and inside they retain that exterior color. Also, they have a certain smell.


Unlike other strawberries, this one has a peculiar shape. And it is that they are round but flattened on the peduncle.

In addition, they are a matte red.

Big Bear

We are talking about one of the varieties of strawberries that differs from normal. On the one hand, it is from a orange red (or oranges), and to continue it has the shape of a flattened wedge.

As for its flavor, it is pleasant, but different from that of other strawberries.


This variety of strawberries is the one you can find in summer, from mid-July to the end of September.

They are strawberries, with what they will be large and reddish in color. They are less odorous than other varieties.

Strawberry Bird

This is one of the best tasting ones. Has a heart-shaped and a very bright red.

It is a strawberry, but one of the few that will be delicious to consume.

all star

It is one of the juiciest and sweetest strawberry varieties. Yes, you will have a much paler red.

They have an almost perfect strawberry shape, and are very firm.


If you don’t like sweet strawberries, and prefer a slightly stronger flavor, then you should try this one.

They are strawberries with a orange outside and red inside (sometimes even pink).

There is no doubt that if you are addicted to these red fruits you will want to try all the varieties of strawberries that there are. Although, for this, you will have to travel a lot to find them. Do you know of any more that is common at the tables?

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