Symptoms and Treatment of Red Aphid

Red aphids on tomato leavesRed aphids on tomato leaves

Image – Flickr / “Cantarranas” Community Agroecological Garden

Plants can be affected by a wide variety of insects that cause pests, but there are certainly some that are more common than others. The red aphid It is one of those that is seen more and more, but in some areas it is still very rare. However, it is important to know it since it usually affects, above all, horticultural crops such as tomato plants.

So if you want to know how to prevent your crops from going bad Because of this plague, follow our advice and take into account our suggestions to get it .

What is it?

The red aphid is an aphid that, like the rest of aphids, has been living on Earth for 100 million years. It has managed to adapt so well that I would dare to say that they will continue to exist until the end of time; that is, until a meteorite destroys the planet or until the Sun runs out of all its fuel and becomes so big that it ends up engulfing it (something they say can happen within 5 billion years).

But let’s get back to the topic at hand. East it is a very small insect, less than one centimeter long, with an ovoid body made up of the head, thorax and abdomen. It may or may not have wings, although the truth is that it does not usually have. In case of having them, they are membranous, transparent, and very small wings.

What are the symptoms and / or damage it causes?

It is a parasite that favors hot and dry weather, so we will see it a lot in summer, and perhaps in spring or autumn if conditions are favorable. During this time, the symptoms / damage it causes are:

  • The flower buds do not open.
  • The leaves have discolored spots as a result of the bites.
  • Growth slowdown.
  • Appearance of ants, in whom aphids entrust their protection against predators (ladybugs, for example).

What home remedies exist to eliminate the red aphid?

Diatomaceous earth, a very effective home remedy against pests

Diatomaceous earth, a very effective home remedy against pests

We can do several things to treat plants with aphids:

  • If the plant is rather small, with the help of a small brush soaked in pharmacy alcohol we will clean it.
  • If it is outside and it is summer, it can be sprayed / sprayed with water and diluted neutral soap.
    Don’t do it if the sun hits you; wait for dusk to avoid burns.
  • In a 5l watering can, (that has the »artichoke») we add water and 35 grams of diatomaceous earth (for sale here!), which is a kind of very fine white powder composed of microscopic algae made of silica, very effective as insecticides. Then we water the plant on top.
  • If the blight is widespread, sometimes it is best to cut off the affected parts.
  • Make the garden and / or patio an attractive place for ladybugs, which will be our best allies against aphids. You have more information here!.

We hope that with these tips you will not have to worry about these aphids anymore

Symptoms and Treatment of Red Aphid

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