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cucumber is a fruit

Although many people believe that cucumber is a vegetable, a vegetable and others consider it a vegetable in its strictest sense, botanically cucumber is a fruit. The cultivation of cucumber is not difficult, but a series of steps must be followed to obtain a healthy and positive culture for its development, that is why we will explain the best tips to grow it.

Tips for growing cucumbers

Adapt the soil very well

cucumber cultivation

cucumber cultivation

These fruits are very nutrient-demandingTherefore, we must have a soil with a pH (numerical scale that measures the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance in soils) between 5,5 and 6,8, in addition to the soil having good drainageWe also need a large dose of compost, a good substrate, worm castings or compost in the soil, a pot where you want to grow or a cultivation table in case dozens of this fruit will be grown.

Avoid waterlogged soils

At the time of cucumber cultivation you have to take care of two easy-onset fungi and propagation called powdery mildew and mildew, that is why we should not avoid flooded soils, in addition to the fact that cucumbers dislike this.

Planting cucumbers upright

It will always happen that the cucumber plant expands on a large scale, most of the time taking up a lot of space, but if we grow it in vertical way We can leave this inconvenience behind, since with the help of mayas, lattices and tutors we can adapt them in a way that the crop is better ventilated, occupies less space and with better ventilation we will also prevent the aforementioned fungi from spreading, thus ensuring , the best conditions for our cultivation.

Sow at the most appropriate time

For cucumber seeds to germinate successfully they need a soil temperature of 15 or 16 degrees Celsiuscucumber crops are usually grown in spring, except in areas where the climate is warmer, which in this case it is advisable to wait until the cold weather becomes mild, to be able to cultivate at the best possible time.

Protect them from strong heat waves

Commonly cucumbers love heat, but if we allow excessive heat to hit them there is a good chance that they will more male flowers come out than female flowersthis leads to the production of the fruit decreases on a large scale, to solve this problem it is best to look for a white sheet that reflects the sun’s rays, it also works to move them into the shade when the strong heat waves come or simply opt for a large umbrella.

Use a crop rotation

grow cucumbers

grow cucumbers

As we already know, cucumbers are fruits that they need a lot of nutrients and they usually take them from the ground.

If cucumbers are usually planted in the same soil year after year, we will easily exhaust the resources that it provides us, in addition to giving an opportunity to pests that the previous year could not reproduce successfully to do so now and with greater force and speed, for these reasons it is best to find new places to plant the new cucumber seeds that we prosper to harvest and in the soils that we have previously cultivated the fruit we can use to grow green leafy crops, which will again give the soil nitrogenas they are, endives, chard and lettuce or also root crops.

Seeds for planting cucumbers

Cucumber is a creeping plantwhich needs specific care at the time of sowing.

At this stage, it will be necessary to make holes that should be approximately 5 cm deep and 40 cm wide, where after we will deposit three cucumber seeds. The holes need to be built 1,50 m apart so that the plants are not tangled.

After sowing it is recommended to water the area to speed up germinationwhich lasts 5 days. Cucumbers can be grown naturally remotely, but it is also possible to use the stake systemconsisting of distribute vertical stakes in the ground To induce plant growth, this facilitates harvesting and prevents the spread of bacteria.

Tips for growing cucumber | Gardening On

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