Tips to get started in gardening

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When you discover that you like plants, either because when you were little you couldn’t help but look away from them, because there is someone in your family who loves them, or because one day they give you one, it is easy that from then on you want to know more about them.

You have many doubts, but you do not know where to start. As well. All of us who, sooner or later, realize that we really like Green have to go down this path. So I’m going to give you a series of tips to get started in gardening that I think they can be very useful and that you may be surprised .

reads a lot

Person reading a book

person reading a book

It is not necessary to have a college degree to be a gardener, but it is true that the more you read, be it magazines, blogs or internet forums, the more knowledge you will have and, therefore, more ideas you can have to create a beautiful garden.

It is true that plants do not understand scientific names, but these names are very useful to us because they are universal; that is, it is the same all over the world, so it is much easier to find the information we are looking for by writing or saying the scientific name rather than the common name.

Share your information

Table with chairs

table with chairs

Gardening is an art that when shared is much more fun. Therefore, another of the tips that I am going to give you is that look for groups of fans of plants or gardening in general in your area or neighborhood (or country ).

It is a way to make new friends with whom you can have a good time.


Japanese maplesJapanese castles

My Japanese maples, in Mallorca, Balearic Islands (warm Mediterranean climate, with temperatures between -1ºC and 38ºC).

I met someone who told me »experience, that there will be time for the plant to die». This phrase stuck with me, and although I have had many unpleasant surprises, the joys have been greater.

Of course, you can’t pretend to have a coconut palm that does not resist frost at all in a temperate climate because it will die shortly after the beginning of autumn, but with those that are at the limit in your climatic zone you can have a great time.

Start small

Flower pots

pots with flowers

Don’t pretend have a garden in a week not a balcony or decorated patio to perfection in two days. You know what they say: Things grind slowlyand when we talk about plants … this is much more important. They have their own time scale, which in the vast majority of cases is slower than ours.

Learn to take care of one or two plants first – if possible autochthonous or that you know in advance that they are resistant – and then go acquiring more as you gain experience.

If you have any questions, ask everything you need.

Tips to get started in gardening

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