Tips to take care of and have chickens in your garden

chickens in corral

In this post I come to talk about how to raise chickens in a garden. I will comment some tips on how you should choose the chickens, how to feed them, know if they suffer from any disease, etc.

If you are one of the people who has a garden at home and wants to complement it with chickens, this is your post.

The hens they are ideal petsAs they are very easily cared for, cheap to care for, quite friendly, and will give you eggs to consume at home. Chickens can become good “friends” with your children, and they can learn with them.

Choose your chickens

To start taking care of our chickens, we first have to choose which ones are the best. We must look at those that are egg layers. These hens are capable of laying between 4 and 7 eggs a week, so you can forget to go back to buy eggs in the supermarket.

Chicken coop requirements

characteristics of the chicken coop

chicken coop features

The chicken coop has to be a place that is ventilated and is bright to avoid the spread of diseases among the chickens or excess humidity. It has to serve to protect them from the rain and the wind and the dew of the night. Chickens that are scared, wet, or cold do not lay eggs. To lay eggs they have to be comfortable and relaxed.

The size of the chicken coop should also be appropriate depending on the number of chickens you want to have, since if the space is very limited, they could be stressed. It has to be sanitized and cleaned every two weeks, to keep it in optimal condition.

They should also be placed in laying hens to lay their eggs and leave them space so they can walk quietly outside the henhouse in the open air.

Check the health of chickens

how to feed chickens

how to feed chickens

To know if a hen is in good condition, we can look at if it is active, if it has a bright look, a plumage in good condition and a strikingly colored crest. Chickens often have respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is important to keep the places where they live and transit dry and ventilated.

To keep them healthy, we have to feed them in a variety of ways. A balanced diet of proteins, vegetables and starches and that provides them with vitamins and calcium. In order for them to digest well, we must provide them with small stones so they can digest what they eat well.

With these tips you can have chickens in your garden in a healthy way and you will have your reward in the form of eggs.

Tips to take care of and have chickens in your garden

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