Tomato pests and how to fight them easily

tomato pests

When growing tomatoes in our homes, we have to take into account that these can be attacked by different types of pests or diseases and in this article we will name some types of pests and what treatments we can use to eliminate them.


this insect causes a lot of damage to the tomato

This insect causes a lot of damage to the tomato.

One of the tomato pests that we must be very attentive to is aphids. This insect will causes damage to the plant by feeding on its sap and producing fungi on the leaves called bold that prevent the plant from photosynthesis.

An ecological treatment is to eliminate weedsSince these animals are usually hidden in them, another way is to make a maceration of nettles that is sprayed and made on the aphids or you can also make traps to capture them when they are flying.

White fly

The whitefly can cause diseases in our tomato plants when it feeds on its sap and that is are insects that are attracted to humidity and high temperaturesso it is a pest that is found very frequently in the summer and spring seasons.

The use of chromatic traps works as a treatment to eliminate them, as well as sprinkle infusions of wormwood and tansy, crushed garlic and diluted in water can also be used to drive away these insects, they can also be used commercial agricultural products such as neem oil or plants can be planted that can help keep whiteflies from getting close to tomatoes, such as calendula, Chinese carnations and basil.


The symptoms they produce are deformation of the fruits and the appearance of yellow or green rings.

Traps can be placed but in the form of posters and blue bottles, as they scare away these insects or if you prefer insecticides can be used that are not harmful to the plant.

Apart from these measurements, also we can choose to use biological controlThis means that there are animals that feed on these small insects.

Like many animals, there are some that prefer insects among their food and on which they feed on thrips, we can mention the wasps Cales Noacki, Eretmocerus eremicus, Eretmocerus mundus and those of the Encarsia Formosa species.

Butterfly caterpillars

Although many people find them pretty, there are certain species of butterflies that they feed on tomatoes causing holes in the leavesamong them we can name the meager spodoptera y Spodoptera littoralis.

One way to eliminate them can be by using a biological insecticide, that is, applying a bacterium, which in addition to being natural is not harmful to humans, or to the animals that feed on the caterpillars. When applying this product on tomato plants, will regain life and will be able to produce fruitsince the larvae of moths and butterflies will be eliminated.


these insects cause a lot of damage to tomatoes

these insects cause a lot of damage to tomatoes

Another tomato pest is the leaf miner and the only treatment capable of eliminating it is to identify the galleries that they produce in the leaves, remove them and burn them.

Red spider

Best known for being a mite, feeds on the sap of plants causing them to weaken.

The way to know if our tomatoes have this type of pest is that they are identified because they live in groups on the underside of the leaves. Among the solutions that we can mention is the uproot plants that are infectedavoid excessive use of compost, or if you prefer you can sprinkle sulfur on the plant.

If we want grow tomato in our homesWe must provide adequate care, not only in that they have enough light, fertilizer and water, but also eliminating any type of pests or diseases that may cause any damage.

Tomato pests and how to fight them easily

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