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varieties of apples

The apple is one of the most consumed fruits. Thanks to all its benefits, there are many who have it as a “predilection” when consuming a fruit. However, not many know the varieties of apples that there is beyond what you can see in the supermarkets to greengrocers.

Therefore, today we are going to discuss with you how many there are, which are the best and other aspects of the apple that are going to do that, if you did not consume one a day before, you end up doing it and enjoying it.

How many varieties of apples are there?

How many varieties of apples are there?

How many varieties of apples are there?

The first thing to know about apple varieties is that there is no single variety. Nor three or four that may be the ones you see in the greengrocer or supermarket, but in the world there are more than 7500 different ones.

Yes, we have not made the wrong number nor have we added extra zeros; In fact, the most certain thing is that, over time, we will see how that number is increasing due to the new varieties of apples that are coming out and that will allow us to know other types of fruits (with their benefits). With such a variety, it is estimated that it would take about 20 years to try them all.

There is no doubt that all apples are nutritious and retain all their benefits. All of them are composed of 85% water, they are used to snack between mealsare beneficial for the teeth and have multiple uses in gastronomy, not only as desserts, but also as accompaniments in first and second courses.

Talking about each and every apple variety would be boring and very, very heavy. But what we can do is tell you about some of them, dividing them into several groups.

Ancient apple varieties

Ancient apple varieties

Varieties of old apples

With so many varieties of apples, it is undeniable that some of them will be older than others. However, we are sure that, if we mention some of them, we will realize that you do not know them, you will not even have heard of them. And it makes sense; these varieties are hardly cultivated any more or have almost disappeared.

We can quote you, for example:

  • White fill. It is a very characteristic apple because it has a very light yellow skin, almost white, just like its flesh. It is small, no larger than a fist and can grow round or elongated.
  • Charopai. This apple is flattened at the ends, which makes it grow round but somewhat irregular in shape. Their color, when they are not yet ready, is yellow-green. However, as they mature, red stripes appear and, when it is ready to eat, it has a yellow background. As for flavor, it is juicy and grainy.
  • Antonovka. With a rounded shape and a very acid flavor, these apples, green in summer and reddish yellow when ripe, are very little known, but they belong to the oldest varieties.
  • But nano. This apple is gradually recovering, but it is one of the oldest that exists and offers small (nano) apples, as its name suggests. The apple tree that gives them is small too.
  • Marranera apple. Its apples are large and greenish-yellow in color, but with some hints of red. They are very round, although a little flattened, slightly.
  • Dry apple. It is one of the oldest that exist, and in fact in many areas they are rare. The apple tree produces two crops a year, something unusual in fruit trees. These are green and red, with a light yellow flesh and a strong flavor.
  • Gravenstein. This apple is known to be from the 1700s or around that year. It appeared in the United States and has a sour taste, very similar to the taste of white wines. Their skin is thin and they are very juicy.

Early apple varieties

Early apple varieties

Early Apple Varieties

Early apples are characterized by having a soft flesh, but very dry and mealy, which is why only true apple lovers, and that type of apple, delight them.

It is a fruit that ripens at the end of July and, freshly picked, has a very fresh and juicy flavor, but as time passes it changes.

As for types of early apples, the truth is that there are several, although they are not very well known. Some of them are:

  • James grieve. An apple that even has a song, in which it is said that, when they are ready to eat, they have a sour, spicy and sparkling meat that, after a few days, becomes dry, bland and mealy.
  • White clark. Also called August apples, corn apple, oatmeal or Jakobiapfel variety. Its flavor is sour and mealy.
  • Retina. Bittersweet and very fresh flavor.
  • Julia. They are round and small in size. With a bittersweet taste.
  • galmac. It is the favorite of Switzerland and its flavor is quite sweet and sour and crunchy, even after days or weeks.
  • Early. This variety, called Early in itself, is native to Galicia. It has a white pulp with an intermediate and juicy texture, but with some acidity, because it is also a bit sweet. Its aroma will remind you of anise.

Varieties of Spanish apples

In Spain apples have a special place. And it is that not only are one or two varieties grown, but, depending on their skin, you have different options. For example:

  • Yellow skin: you have Golden, Gala and Pippin. Despite the fact that the last one, in sight, is more green than yellow, it falls within this group.
  • Green skin: Granny Smith and Verde Maiden, the latter being somewhat more unknown to many since it is not marketed as much as the previous one.
  • Red skin: Early Red One, Red Delicious and Starking.

Almost all of them are grown throughout Spain, although seasonal fruit is usually included in the months of August to January (from February to July there are usually not and it is from May when many of the apples that arrive at your table are imported (They remain until approximately September).

What are the best apples?

Each person is different and that means that each one may like one apple or another more. For example, if you are one of those who like sweet, the Golden apple is the best of all, with a very intense sweetness and a mild flavor with its crisp and refreshing texture. On the other hand, if you are looking for a very acid apple, then the Granny Smith is yours, so acidic that as soon as you cut it it oxidizes and very few can bear it on the palate.

As well it will depend on the use you want to give it. For example, Red apples They are not good for baking, on the other hand, the yellow ones (Golden) are perfect for this task. As for the green ones, they are very good companions for dishes, but we would go to the yellow ones for sweets; or even the red ones if it’s not something to bake.

In general, the best apples would be:

  • Red: They have more sugar and are sweeter than green ones, with a high iron content and perfect for fighting colds and flu, as well as skin aging.
  • Green: they are the ones with the least sugar and the most recommended for diabetics. They are more acidic and also lower cholesterol. They help your teeth by being the perfect substitute for dental floss.
  • Yellow: they are sweet, although it depends on the variety you choose. They protect your heart and immune system by being rich in vitamin C.

And you? What varieties of apples do you like the most?

Varieties of apples | Gardening On

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