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Plants, like animals, have very special cells that act as messengers. Although they produce them in small quantities unlike those produced by our body for example, they are those that regulate the physiological phenomena of plants, such as growth or flowering.

You want to know what are these plant hormonesalso called phytohormones, and what function do they have? Well let’s get to it .

What are phytohormones?

Phytohormones or plant hormones (phyto means plant in Latin) are substances that are produced by cells of plant tissueslike leaves, branches and even roots. The most interesting thing is that, although they are produced in a specific part, it can act in another, which means that this type of regulator “travels” inside the plant.

What are the plant hormones of plants?

Phytorhomonas are produced in plant cells

Phytorhomones are produced in plant cells.

The ones that have been discovered so far are:

  • Abscisic acid: participates in the development and growth of the plant, as well as in its adaptation to stress.
  • Auxins: regulate the growth of plants, causing the elongation of cells.
  • Cytokinins or cytokinins: regulate growth, senescence, death -programmed-, resistance to pests and diseases, as well as tolerance and defense against predators.
  • Ethylene: it is a gas that is produced in all the organs of the plant, and has a multitude of functions: germination of seeds, regulation of growth, ripening of fruits, stimulating the senescence of the most mature cells of the xylem and leaves and flowers, and provoke when necessary the triple response of the plant so that it grows more.
  • Gibberellins: it intervenes in the interruption of the dormancy of the seeds, in the development of the buds and fruits, and in the regulation of the growth of the stem.
  • Brassinosteroids: They are especially important for young plants, since they participate in the expansion, division and differentiation of cells, something that allows them to grow.

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