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Ferns in their natural habitat

Plants need light to grow, since thanks to it their leaves can produce a green substance: chlorophyll, which will help them to make food and, therefore, to grow. However, not all of them need the same amount of light.

Throughout their evolution, they have adapted to different habitats, to different places, each with its own characteristics. Due to this, today we can enjoy both heliophilic plants and plants. sciophilic plants.

What are sciophilic plants?

Calathea crocata in flowerCalathea crocata in flower

Calathea crocata

The sciophiles, unlike the heliophiles, they are shade plantsbut this can lead to confusion. It is easy to think that a fern can grow well in total shade, but the truth is that all plants need light, absolutely all. There is none that can grow without receiving it, since, as we mentioned at the beginning, without light they cannot produce the much-needed chlorophyll.

So, when they tell us that a plant is shade, simply we will have to put it in an area where the sun’s rays do not reach it directly otherwise its leaves would burn.

What types are there?

Quite a few more than you might expect . If we have a hole in the garden where direct light does not reach, or if we want to decorate the home with a plant, we can put these for example:


Aspidistra plant in garden

Aspidistra plant in garden

The Aspidistra is a very beloved plant, since it is very resistant to drought and very easy to care forso much so that in warm and temperate climates it is located indistinctly at home and in the garden. Protect it from direct sun, water it just enough and you will see how beautiful it gets .


Fern NephrolepsisNephrolepsis fern


The Ferns They are wonderful plants that can be potted or in the garden. There is a great variety of species, such as the exalted nephrolepsis or the tree fern dicksonia antarctica. To have them perfect, you just have to avoid overwatering.


Phalaenopsis in bloom

phalaenopsis in bloom

The Orchids They are plants that live in tropical forests around the world. They are also one of the most delicate, since they are very sensitive to cold. Even so, they adapt well to living inside the homeas long as they are away from drafts and have high humidity.

Shadow palms

Chamaedorea elegans PalmPalm Chamaedorea elegans

Chamaedorea elegans

Although we are very used to seeing towering palm trees in the gardens, being totally exposed to the king star, there are many species that prefer to be protected, such as those that belong to these genera:

In case you have purchased a plant and do not know if it is sunny or shade, do not hesitate to contact us .

What are sciophilic plants? | Gardening On

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