California poppies in bloom

California poppies in bloom

The papaveraceae They are one of the most common herbaceous plants in the northern hemisphere, so much so that it is more than likely that you have seen a field of these beautiful flowers, or that you have even taken some as a child (or as an adult) and give it to them. you have given someone special.

But What are the characteristics of these plants? Do they have any use other than ornamental?

What is a biosimilar

Papaver, poppy, wildflower icon

Papaver, poppy, wild flowers icon

Papaveraceae are above all annual, biennial or perennial herbs, although there are some species that grow as an evergreen shrub or as a small tree, which grow in open fields, forest clearings, and even in the open fields of much of the northern hemisphere. The family, Papaveraceae, is made up of 44 genera, the following being the most popular:

  • eschscholzia: they are annual or perennial herbs that develop glabrous or glaucous leaves, and flowers composed of four yellow or orange petals. See file.
  • flue: they are annual or perennial herbs that reach a height of up to 1 meter, with leaves composed of lanceolate leaflets. They produce flowers grouped in white to pinkish spikes.
  • Poppy: they are annual, biennial or perennial herbs that grow up to 1 meter in height. Inside their stems they contain white latex, and their flowers are made up of 4-6 petals of red, orange, yellow, white or purple. See file.
  • platystemon: is a genus of a single species, the Platystemon californicuswhich is an annual herb that grows between 20cm and one meter in height, with flowers composed of six white petals with or without golden or gold spots.

What uses do they have?

Spectacular dicentra

Spectacular dicentra


There are many that can be grown in pots, planters or in the ground. Its seeds germinate very well in spring, and since they grow fast, it is very easy to enjoy them throughout the season .


The Papaveraceae, apart from serving as ornamental plants, also have other uses. In particular, the poppy (Papaver somniferum) is used for pharmacological purposes, to make medicines for insomnia and sleep problems.

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