What are they and what characteristics do seedlings have?

seedlings to grow

In the field of gardening and agriculture we are used to talking about seeds. Sow the seeds, grow the seeds, germinate, etc. However, when we go to sow something, We will have to decide if we will do it through seeds or with seedlings.

Some may never have heard of seedlings. What are seedlings and what are they for?


When you want to sow a plant both in your garden and in the orchard, the most economical thing is to choose the seeds. Besides that the seeds are cheaper, once we have made our initial investment, we will be able to obtain the seeds of our own crops.

If we choose to sow the plants with seeds, we must allocate a closed space that receives enough sunlight to be able to set up our seedlings. Although there are generally plants that can be planted directly on the terraces, it is preferable to have a more protected space from rain, wind and cold. For the seedbeds, There are plastic trays that are very useful to germinate our seeds.

The inconvenience we have if we decide to plant with seeds is time. Because they have to germinate little by little and grow until they become a seedling, they have to go through a more laborious process. If we decide to plant with seedlings we need a seedbed or a nursery that is dedicated to the sale of seedlings of different species.

seedlings grown

cultivated seedlings

The seedlings are also usually inexpensive, although not as much as the seeds, but they have the advantage that the plant is already somewhat overgrown and you save on germination time. To plant in small areas of the garden, it is cheaper and easier to plant with seedlings than with seeds, since you control much more and have a higher success rate. In addition, we save time and work of seed conservation, planting, sprouting and the initial care it requires.

With the seedlings everything is easier. Once we acquire the seedlings we only have to plant them on the terraces, taking into account that, if we plant ahead of time or unexpected frosts arrive, we will have to put our seedlings in cut water bottles and with a hole and place them in the shape of a bell. When we observe that the seedling does not have space inside the bottle, it will be better to remove it.

With this information you can already know more about how to plant in your garden or orchard at home.

What are they and what characteristics do seedlings have?

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