What is and how is a plantation frame made?

Planting frames of an orchard

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Have you ever heard of the plantation frame? If your answer is no, don’t worry. Actually, it is very simple: it is nothing more than the distance that is left between one plant and another. Of course, it is very important to take this into account when designing a garden or planning the garden, since it will depend on it that all crops, whether ornamental or horticultural (or both ) have good growth.

They are distinguished of several types, depending on the form that this frame takes. But better I’ll tell you everything in detail below.

How is the plantation frame calculated?

Garden hedges

garden hedges

Calculating it is one of the first tasks that must be carried out, but first it is important to know how much space the plants that we are going to grow will occupy once they are adults. To do this, we can ask the nursery directly, or come here to the blog and search (or ask ). Anyway, to give you an idea, Here are some examples of plants and the distance that it is advisable to leave:

  • Trees and shrubs:
    • Acacia: 50cm to 1m
    • Steel: 1-2m
    • Brachychiton: 60cm-1m
    • Cassia: 50-70cm
    • Cupressus: about 50cm
    • Delonix: 2-3m
    • Taxus: 50-60cm
    • Quercus: 2-3m
  • Bulbous: Generally about 15-20cm, sometimes even less can be left for better effect.
  • Seasonal or vivacious flowers: about 15-30cm.
  • Palms:
    • Archontophoenix: 1m
    • Phoenix: minimum 1m
    • Raffia: minimum 2m
    • Roystonea: minimum 1m
    • Sabal: 1-2m
    • Trachycarpus: 60cm-1m
    • Wallachia: minimum 1m
  • Garden plants:
    • Chard: 30cm
    • Cabbage: 30cm
    • Spinach: 20-30cm
    • Lettuce: 20-30cm
    • Tomatoes: 20cm

What types are there?

Depending on the form you acquire, there are three types:


In these, the plants are planted in such a way that, seen from above, they form a more or less perfect square.


In these, the plants are planted in such a way that they are further away from those to their right and left than those directly in front of them.


In these, the plants are planted in two outer rows, and others in the middle.

How to make a planting frame?

Rosemary hedge

Seto de romero

To make one, once we know more or less the distance to be left between plants, we just have to Preparing the terrainremoving the stones and so on.

Then, with the help of a tape measure and a few markers (reeds for example, stones, or whatever we have more at hand), We will mark on the ground where each of the specimens will go.

I hope it has been useful to you .

What is and how is a plantation frame made?

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