What is kiwi and what care does it need?

delicious kiwi fruit

We will dedicate our article today to talk about this delicious and complete fruit called Kiwiwhere one of its most prominent components is the Vitamin CIn fact, it contains more than any other citrus fruit, however this complete fruit has other properties that are not negligible, such as Luteinwhich is very beneficial to prevent cataracts, vitamin E and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and copper.

In general, its appearance is brown on the outside, with the presence of hairs and a bright green color on the inside, juicy in appearance and of taste between sweet and citrus.

What are the main benefits of kiwi?

kiwi benefits

kiwi benefits

-Due to all its components, the benefits and uses in the individual are many, but we will mention the most important:

-Its consumption during pregnancy, benefits the health of the mother and he drinks thanks to its minerals and vitamins that nourish both.

-For those who practice sports or activities that demand a lot of energy from the body and therefore, more additional work and food provided by others nutritional valueskiwi is a very good option.

-To control hypertension, the consumption of kiwi provides electrolyte balance since it contains little sodium and a lot of potassium.

-Ideal for fighting anemia given its high iron content.

-Strengthens the immune system due to its content of Vitamin C.

-There are people who use it as part of a weight loss diet and to control high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

What should you know before buying kiwis?

It is important that you know how to choose the best fruit to guarantee the quality of these, so we will give you some tips:

-Check them and make sure that do not have marksbruises, spots etc.

-Select the firmer ones, if they are soft they will decompose very quickly.

-Keep them in the refrigerator to prolong their good condition.

Other uses you can give kiwi

East versatile fruit, gives for others applications and useshere are some of them:

To treat oily skin

-With the kiwi you can prepare masks to treat this type of skin and you can also prepare recipes that benefit you in your care, being able to find some forms of preparation on the web.

-Use it to make a delicious homemade liquorwhose recipe you can find on the internet.

-In smoothies with a high content of vitamin C, so see how to combine it with other fruits and prepare a nutritious juice that will strengthen your immune system.

-There are many ways to enjoy kiwi, as fresh fruit, in smoothies, in ice cream, in cakes, in juice, in dessertsetc, so please choose the shape you want.

Kiwi, a powerful antioxidant



One of the indisputable ways to combat the signs of aging is to consume a diet very rich in antioxidants and this fruit for its high concentration of vitamins is very effective and recommended for this function.

This has gradually earned its position in the palates of the people, thanks to its taste, its appearance and of course its properties more and more known. We already know how its vitamin C content acts in our body, strengthening the immune system, but it is also an antioxidant, did you know?

Due to its content of vitamin E, known as youth vitamincontributes to improving the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Additionally, it provides our body with phosphorus, potassium, a variety of fibers and facilitates digestion.

To combat insomnia

Studies carried out at the University of Taipei, point out the kiwi benefits to improve both the quality of sleep and the number of hours of rest.

The study was applied to a group of people with sleep disorders who, after a month of daily consumption, gave unmistakable signs of improvement. Scholars presume that it is due to high levels of serotoninto vitamin C and antioxidant properties.

What is kiwi and what care does it need?

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