What is limestone tuff and what is it used for?

View of the limestone tuffView of the calcareous tuff

Image – Flickr / Geological Image Bank

On the planet we live on there are different types of soils, each with its varieties. In the specific case of slime, one of theirs is the calcareous tuffcharacterized above all by filtering the water excellently well and by its easy handling.

Normally, it is used more in construction, to make facades for example, such as that of the Sant Bertomeu Fortress in Jávea (Alicante), but it also has its uses in some types of gardens . Know its characteristics.

What is it?

It is a variety of brown or cream colored silt, which can be found forming “beaches” next to the sea. Its formation begins when the rainpoor in nutrients and carbon dioxide (CO2), When crossing the ground, it is loaded with CO2, thus being able to dissolve the calcareous rock of the aquifer. In doing so, dissolved calcium and carbonate ions adhere to it.

When it comes out of the subsoil of waterfalls, rivers or springs, it loses CO2, and releases the carbonate in the form of calcite. Then, on the vegetables in the area (moss, other plants) small crystals are deposited in the form of calcareous crust. This superposition of crystals forms a rock called tuff.

Today, extraction is only allowed in the Balearic Islands (Spain). In the past also on the Costa Blanca, but since it is in public domain areas, it was no longer allowed.

The Balearic is of a lighter color and more fragile than the Valencian.

For what do you use it?


The calcareous tuff used as an ornamental rockbe it to build facades, arches, chimneys, etc. The problem is that when the humidity is filtered too well, some type of varnish must be applied, such as those used in marine vessels.

Aquatic gardens and aquariums

If we have a calcareous water pond or aquarium, this type of rock can improve your aesthetics. Also, if we are lucky enough to get some that have holes, these can end up being shelters for fish.

Calcareous tuffcalcareous tuff

Image – Wikimedia /Thebrockeninaglory.

Have you heard of calcareous tuff?

What is limestone tuff and what is it used for?

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