What is the universal substrate for?

Universal substrate for plants

When we want to start growing the odd plant, they will most likely recommend using universal substrate, a type of soil that will allow the vast majority of species to grow and develop correctly.

But Do you know what the universal substrate is for? If the answer is no, don’t worry. After reading this article you will know what its characteristics and its use are.

In nurseries, garden stores, as well as on the Internet, we find bags of soil for plants for sale with these two words: universal substrate. It’s about a product made from raw materials such as blond and black peat, coconut fiber, perlite and fertilizer with which it is intended that the plants can grow without problems already from day one.

Its structure is fluffy and homogeneousIn addition, it stays humid for a long time so that a lot of water can be saved. Still, not all universal substrates are the same: there are some that have better drainage than others. Therefore, if we live in an area where the sun is very intense at some time of the year, it is important that we look that it has a high percentage of perlitesince otherwise we risk that the roots or die due to lack of water or suffocation.

Substrate for plants

plant substrate

In general, I can tell you that cheap brands are usually not good. But neither do you have to trust those that are excessively expensive. The ideal would be to try different brandsbuying small bags, until we find the one that we like the most taking into account the needs of the plants themselves (a cactus, for example, needs a land with more drainage than a geranium).

Thus, the universal substrate can be a highly recommended soil to have beautiful plants, but it is advisable to read its composition to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What is the universal substrate for?

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