What jobs to do in the garden

Beautiful garden with plants and flowers

Throughout the year there are many things to do in the garden, even those that are low or no maintenance. There are always little things, little details that we have to do or add so that the plants that form it continue to grow healthy.

In the same way that we say that bonsai are an unfinished work, our green spaces will never be finished. To make them look beautiful month after month, it is important to know what jobs have to be done in the gardenso let’s go there .

What to do in the garden in spring

Blooming tulips

tulips in bloom

Spring is the season of flowers, colors and joy. After a more or less cold winter, the trees fill with leaves again and many plants strive to produce the most beautiful petals to attract pollinators. It is the moment when the gardener or gardener has to put on the gloves and start working.


With the arrival of good weather the ideal time to sow arrives almost any type of plants: horticultural, trees, palms, aquatic, carnivorous, … Use a suitable substrate depending on the type of plant and keep it moist so that the seeds can germinate without difficulty.


It is very important to fertilize the plants during this time, since it is when they need that extra food the most. The most recommended is use organic fertilizerswhich will improve the structure of the soil without negatively affecting the fauna that lives in it. The most suitable are guano or chicken manure for its rapid effectiveness, but yes, if you opt for the second and you can get it fresh, let it dry in the sun for a week before mixing it with the earth.


If you have just acquired plants and do not want to wait a year to plant them, you can do it in spring as long as they are not in bloom. This is very necessary to take into account since, if planted, the flowers could abort and wilt before their time.


Irrigation has to start to be more and more frequentespecially if you live in an area where temperatures are 20ºC or more. If you have automatic watering, you should check it to see if it works correctly and, if necessary, change the battery and adapt the program to the new conditions.


In early spring, just after the risk of frost has passed, you can proceed to give a training pruning to trees and shrubs that are not flowering or have begun to sprout yet. Take the opportunity to remove the dry, weak branches that look sick to give them a healthier appearance.


If the grass was badly damaged during the winter, you will have to remove the entire area that is badly affected, level the ground, broadcast grass seeds and water.

Tasks in the garden for summer

Summer in a garden

summer in a garden

During the summer months, anyone with plants can rest a little, but only a little. At this time of year, plants need water and food more than ever in order to have reserves that will keep them alive during the winter. Therefore, the care of the garden during the season is the following:


The frequency of irrigation, although it will depend on the climate and the plant in question, during the hot months it is recommended to water quite frequently Unless they are native species or that come from places with a similar climate. And even so, if they have been planted recently it is convenient that, at least during the first year, they are given two or three weekly irrigations so that their root system can expand and become sufficiently strong and thus be able to live without less water when the moment.

Water in the eveningwhen it starts to get dark so that the plants can take better advantage of the precious liquid. Remember not to wet the leaves or flowers, otherwise they will burn.


The subscriber during this time is crucial for the proper growth and development of the garden. Therefore, I advise you to use organic fertilizers in powder as manure o guano, which you should take at least once a month.

Treatments against pests and diseases

With the heat and the drought, the pests and diseases. To prevent them from destroying your plants, it is highly advisable to do preventive treatments with neem oil o potassium soap, but it will also be necessary control the risks since an excess of humidity would favor the fungi.

Garden work in the fall

Autumn tree leaves

autumn tree leaves

Fall is the favorite season for many of us. There are many deciduous trees that put on their best autumn clothes. Yellow, red or orange leaves stain the garden after the hot summer season. A garden where the first snow could arrive. How to take care of it at this time?


If during the previous season it has gotten a bit ugly due to lack of watering, you will have to scarify it and aerate itwith the gallows or a spiked roller. If there are bald spots, remove the dried herbs and broadcast new seeds.


Although the garden is slowly going into hibernation, they still need to be fertilized. But if during half of the year you have given them a very fast effective fertilizer, now you will have to use slower release fertilizersas is the earthworm humus or cow dung. You just have to spread a little on the ground and mix it with a hoe once every 1-2 months.

Protect plants

Before the cold comes you will have to protect those recently acquired plants so they don’t have a bad time. To do this, you can make a padding with the leaves that you have been able to collect or with pine bark. If they are species you are experimenting with, it is best to protect them completely by wrapping them in clear plastic as a greenhouse.


Once the plants are in a dormant period, something that happens in late autumn and winter, you can prune them if absolutely necessary; that is, if you need to lower their height, give them some specific shape or simply maintain them. If you have hedges, you can also trim them in the fall.

How to care for a garden in winter

Winter in the garden

winter in the garden

And so, in the blink of an eye, we have reached winter. During these months, frosts and snowfalls are normal in many regions, so that plants do not spend energy growing or developing. But yes, you also have to do something during these months and it is …:

To water

You have to water the plants so they don’t dry out, but instead of doing it at sunset, it is advisable to do it during the central hours of the day since it is when the temperatures are something more pleasant. The frequency will vary according to the climate and the species, but in general you have to let the land dry between watering and watering.


Towards the end of winter, when the temperatures start to rise, you can plant whatever you want without problems .

And you, do you do other jobs in your garden?

What jobs to do in the garden

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