What to give a cactus lover?

Cacti are very beautiful plants.Cacti are very beautiful plants.

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Do you know someone who loves cacti and succulents? If so, if you feel like giving him something special, then I am going to show you a series of things that will surely surprise him.

Some are useful accessories and tools to care for these plants; others instead serve to decorate the house. So without further ado, let’s see. what to give a cactus lover.

Things needed to care for cacti and succulents

Let’s start with the basics that every cactus and succulent caretaker must have. And it is that if it did not have them, it would be difficult to get these plants to grow healthy.

Liquid fertilizer for cacti and succulents, 500ml

liquid fertilizer It is especially indicated for those plants that are in potssince its effectiveness is fast and, in addition, it does not interfere with the drainage of the water. Likewise, it must be said that it has all the nutrients they need, which are available from day one. And how to use it is simple, since you only have to dilute a small amount -the one indicated on the package- in a couple of liters of water and then water the soil. They have to be paid between spring and summer, which is when they are growing.

Organic fertilizer spray, 250ml

This type of fertilizer is a little more expensive than the previous one, but It has a much simpler application mode if possible: you just have to stir it a bit and then spray the product on the plant. There is no need to pre-dilute it with water. Of course, it also stimulates both the growth and the production of flowers, and it is ecological since it is made with organic ingredients such as mint oil or algae extract.

Substrate for cacti, 5l

This is the ideal substrate for cacti and really any succulent plant. As it contains volcanic gravel and sand, it ensures proper aeration of the roots.something that will undoubtedly be reflected in the good health of the cactus or the succulent that is being cultivated. Without a doubt, to prevent them from rotting it is a very good option.

1 liter watering can

To water succulent plants, that is, cacti and succulents, you need a small watering can, like this one that has a capacity of 1 liter. It is made of stainless steel, and weighs 550 grams. In addition, it is a pretty pink color and has a comfortable grip.

Pack of 12 clay pots, 5cm in diameter

Although plastic pots are much cheaper, those made of clay or terracotta allow the roots to “grip” betterbeing a porous and not smooth material. For this reason, succulents will grow better in this type of container, which is why we recommend you get this pack of 12 pots at a good price. They measure 5 centimeters in diameter, so they are ideal for small succulents.

Original gifts for cactus lovers

Now let’s see what other things can be given to someone who considers himself a lover of cacti and succulents. These are things that, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, are more for decorating the house and not so much for taking care of the plants. Let’s see if you like the selection of products we have made:

Cactus mug for lovers, 350ml

Do you want to give something special to your cacti-addicted partner? Then I advise you to buy him this beautiful ceramic mug. Carries a lovely messageand also, it can be put in the microwave without problems.

LED Neon Light Sign

This is a figure that It serves as a lamp, decoration, or even a signal. It can be placed, for example, in the children’s room, or in the living room. It measures about 27 centimeters high by 17 centimeters wide, and has a cable that you have to connect to a USB socket.

Pillow, 38cm long

This It is a very original pillow, made with polyester and spandex.. It is perfect to place on the sofa, in the armchair or on the bed, since it is 38 centimeters long and is very comfortable.

16 GB USB stick

This is a cactus figure that It serves as a USB memory -which has a capacity of 16GB-, but also as a key ring. It is one of the most curious gifts on this list, and without a doubt one of the ones that any cactus fan can like the most.

12 succulent plant candles

Succulent plant candles are an original and practical gift, since they even if they are not being used at the moment, they are so beautiful that they serve as decorative elements. Each measures about 4 centimeters high and wide, and weighs about 250 grams.

Which of these gifts for cactus and succulent lovers did you like the most?

What to give a cactus lover?

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