Are you wondering how to grow carrots? The truth is that they are one of the most interesting and easy to grow root vegetables, as long as you have land to plant them … or failing that, a very deep pot (and whoever says a pot says a recycled cube, a container made from old tires, or anything that is waterproof and that can also have some holes to drain the water).

But before thinking about the adult plant, remember to sow the seeds. So if you have doubts about when to do it and what materials you will need, then let’s talk about this fascinating topic.

When are carrots planted?

Carrot seedscarrot seeds

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The carrots, whose scientific name is Daucus carotaare the roots of a biennial plant. This means that during the first year the leaves and roots develop, and the second one blooms, bears fruit and dies. To take better advantage of the season, the ideal is to sow your seeds in an electric germinator (like this one you can buy here!) towards mid / late winterbut if you don’t have one, you will have to wait for spring to arrive.

What materials are needed?

The following:

  • Container where to sow (pots, germinator, etc.)
  • Nutrient-rich and well-draining substrate (for example, mulch mixed with 30% of perlite)
  • Watering can with water
  • And of course the seeds

How to sow the seeds?

Carrot sprouts

carrot sprouts

The step by step to follow is the following:

  1. The first thing to do is fill the seedbed with the substrate you have chosen.
  2. Afterwards, the seeds are sown ensuring that they are somewhat separated from each other.
  3. They are then covered with a thin layer of substrate.
  4. And finally, it is watered conscientiously, soaking the whole earth well.

Now it will only be necessary to plug in the seedbed if they have been sown in the electric germinator, or place it in a bright area but protected from frost.

However, they will germinate in about 2 weeks.

Happy planting!