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Water is the essential food for life. Without him, planet Earth would be nothing more than a rock. There would be no form of life. Plants, like animals, need a constant supply of the precious liquid in order to grow and survive.

Therefore, watering is one of the most important tasks, if not the most, of any gardener. So if you want to know why water the plantsIn Gardening On we will give you the answer to your question.

Why do plants need water?

Watering the plants

watering the plants

In the soil in which the roots develop, there are a series of nutrients that can only be absorbed when they dissolve in water.. Once they dissolve, they are carried from the roots to the leaves, through tubes as fine as hair that are found towards the center of the stems or trunks.

As soon as they reach the leaves, this raw sap mixes with the carbon dioxide they take from the air and becomes processed sap, the plant’s own food, which will be carried to the roots.

What happens if we don’t water?

Gardener watering with hose

Gardener watering with hose

If we do not water the plants, or if we do not do it as often as necessary, they will start to have many problems: their leaves will start to yellow, their growth will stop, and over time they may become completely dry. With this in mind, it is very important that we water them whenever necessary, checking the moisture of the soil beforehand to make sure that we are not missing it, or missing it.

For this we can do several things:

  • Introduce a thin wooden stick: if when you take it out it comes out practically clean, we can water since the earth will be dry.
  • Weigh the pot once watered and again after a few daysBecause wet soil weighs more than dry soil, this difference in weight can serve as a guide.
  • Using a digital moisture meter: it will instantly indicate the degree of humidity in the earth. To be more effective, it is advisable to use it in different areas (closer to the trunk, closer to the edge).

So, you have to water, always, but when necessary .

Why water the plants? | Gardening On

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