Time to dry dried flowers … – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

dried flowers Dried multi-colored flowers can remind you of a bright, sunny summer throughout the winter. dried flowersif properly dried, retain their natural shape and color. Florists who practice different methods of drying flowers believe that almost all flowers are suitable for dried flowers. But not all methods are available to amateur gardeners. Therefore, we […]

Strawberry tree pruning: why it is done, types and how to do it

The strawberry tree is a perfect tree for decoration and its fruits can also be consumed, although they are not very delicious at all. The pruning the strawberry tree It serves to encourage fruit production and some techniques and aspects must be taken into account in order to do it well. Therefore, we are going […]

Can you take out insurance for the garden?

For many, their garden is their little paradise. An extension of the home in which wonderful moments of relaxation and disconnection are lived, and where, consequently, memories are created … which no one expects to be clouded by a devastating storm or theft. There are more and more houses, and especially chalets, that have a […]

Frostbite – an extraordinary flower – “Blog Florium.yua” 2023

Origin of the name In Western Europe, this fragile flower is one of the symbols of Christmas. Enthusiastic about flowering in the middle of winter, they gave the plant the names “Christmas rose”, “Winter rose”. However, this plant has nothing to do with roses. This is a chemernyk or a winter plant (Russian helleborus or […]

When and how is dracaena marginata pruned?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / David J. Stang Dracaena marginata is a plant that we usually have at home. It has a very thin stem (false trunk) and numerous lanceolate leaves that make it very beautiful. And although its growth rate is rather slow, that does not mean that it does not need a potting […]

How to buy a garden chest

In the garden you know that the tools, as well as the accessories, such as blankets, cushions, etc. They cannot be outdoors. Especially if you want them to last over time. Also, they can be easily lost. Therefore, having a garden chest will not only help you store and maintain the state of your things; […]

What are vascular plants? | Gardening On

The Plant Kingdom is ancient and very, very broad. There are billions of species, and it is still believed that humans have not finished discovering everything, so it is most likely that we still have a good percentage of plants to discover. Within this group we find the vascular plantsa type of plant being that […]

Ficus retusa bonsai care | Gardening On

Image – Flickr / Grufnik The bonsai cut figs It is usually the first gift that is given to someone who has expressed an interest in these types of plants, or the one that is bought when you want to start caring for these miniature trees. But how is it to be cared for? The […]

How to make quince jelly

Quince is very fragrant, tasty and healthy. But it is very difficult to handle – the fruits are like stone. And from this dense fruit it is difficult to cut a seed nest, and even more work if you dare to peel it. But its jam, compotes and jelly are hard to resist. Therefore, you […]

Actinidia (Chinese kiwi) jam

If you are a happy owner of actinidia – this amazing hardy vine with kiwi fruits, then we invite you to cook delicious jam. Actinidia is also famous Chinese or Japanese kiwi, hardy kiwi, Chinese gooseberry. They are Actinia arguments and are much smaller than our familiar grocery store kiwi. The fruit has a smooth […]

How to plant thyme easily?

Thyme is an aromatic plant very resistant to drought and high temperatures, that is why it is one of the most interesting if you are looking for species whose maintenance is simple, so much so that you can go on vacation for a few days in the middle of summer and when come back to […]

What is mummification of fruits?

Although the term mummification almost automatically leads us to think of the Egypt of the pharaohs, the truth is that it also refers to something that happens to the fruits of plants. This is a fairly common problem, and also a very serious one, since it is difficult to eliminate the disease when the symptoms […]

Botrytis in onion: What is it and how to fight it

Today, one of the most used production systems are greenhouses. These promote very high humidity conditions, which considerably facilitate the proliferation of some pathogens, especially fungi. Diseases and pathologies can severely limit production and affect the quality of vegetables. A disease that gives many problems to farmers is Botrytis in onions. If you have problems […]

How to make a pergola on the terrace?

Having a pergola on the terrace is not only for the summer. It can also be used in winter and, what is better, it can give a more careful appearance and, at the same time, a corner of privacy, when you want to enjoy the exterior of your home. But how to make a pergola […]

Planting bulbs in November..

Content: planting bulbs in november planting tulip bulbs in autumn planting daffodil bulbs in autumn planting hyacinth bulbs in autumn planting crocus bulbs planting bulbs on the balcony step by step planting hippeastrum bulbs Florium.ua agronomists strongly recommend continuing to plant ALL bulbs until the end of November, because this is the perfect time to […]

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus: characteristics, cultivation and care

Today we are going to talk about a plant that is part of a genus of species of trees and shrubs that are very tolerant to drought and have great showiness. Its about Ceanothus thyrsiflorus. They are widely used in the ornamentation and decoration of public spaces and private gardens since they have flowers in […]

Bulbs in the garden. The best types

General information about bulbs If you ask about bulbs that bloom in the garden, then of course people will name tulips and daffodils, some will add crocuses and galantuses, they will probably mention hyacinths and gladiolus. But there are much more bulbous plants that bloom and can bloom in the garden…The name bulbous is given […]

When to water the potatoes

Image – Wikimedia / Basotxerri Potatoes are horticultural plants that need frequent watering so that their tubers can have an excellent development (and also, a delicious flavor). But as bad as the lack of water is the excess of it. So that you can avoid having losses I will explain to you when to water […]

Pumpkin puree with ginger

Classic pumpkin puree soup paired with freshly grated ginger is more than just the perfect warming soup. This recipe is for real gourmets. Sweet pumpkin goes well with spicy notes of ginger and spices. In addition, ginger has excellent immune properties. Therefore, pumpkin-ginger soup is a great way to fight colds. Ingredients: 1.2 kg pumpkin […]

Camellia with brown leaves: how to get it back?

Does your camellia have brown leaves and would you like it to turn green again? Although you may not believe it at first, it can be very easy to get her beautiful again, although it is not always achieved quickly. In fact, it is normal for it to get a little worse during treatment, but […]

Garden tent: The best, buying guide, where to put it and buy it

Although summer is a time of year that many people enjoy for its beautiful sunny days, the beach, the pool, the good weather, etc. excessive heat and constant radiation from the sun’s rays are annoying and even dangerous. However, if we want to enjoy our outdoor space even on the hottest days, a garden tent […]

Characteristics, crops and advantages of extensive agriculture

There are many types of crops that are not rainfed and irrigated and this is included in various types of agriculture. The extensive agriculture It is one of the best known and most practiced in our country. It is a crop production system that takes much more advantage of the soil and natural resources to […]

Why can’t you burn leaves?

Starting from mid-autumn, many owners clean their gardens, cottages, and homesteads. The main part of the garbage in the garden is fallen leaves. Usually fallen leaves are composted, but there are people who burn them and cause irreparable damage to the health of others and the environment. What is the harm from burning leaves? You […]

Artichoke cuttings: When and how to plant them step by step

Do you like artichokes? If so and you have a small garden to plant them, I recommend that you learn to reproduce them. One of the most recommended methods for its quick and simple technique is multiplication by cuttings. This type of reproduction is one of the most used in agriculture, as it can be […]

How to water a bonsai and avoid problems with watering?

Bonsai are plants that, after having worked on them for a long time (sometimes decades), humans have managed to give them a style and elegance without equal. In fact, it is hard to believe that they are actually trees; Not surprisingly, when we think of them, large and very tall plants come to mind that […]

Tips for garden maintenance | Gardening On

The garden requires various maintenance tasks that must be done on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes people who have a garden do not know very well what these tasks are in order to keep the garden in good condition. We are going to give you many tips for the garden maintenance that can help […]

Vole pest: characteristics, habitat and population control

The presence of vole in the field it often causes concerns for farmers in certain areas of Spain. It is a small rodent that has a very short tail and is found in cultivated fields, preferring irrigated ones. It can wreak quite a bit of havoc on crops, which is why it is quite concerning […]

Spermatophyta: Meaning, Examples and Types of Spermatophytes

The plant world is very wide and presents an enormous diversity. But not everything is only species, each one belongs to a clade that in turn belongs to another even broader group until reaching the generic family. One of these groups is the Spermatophyta, cuyos members are characterized by the production of seeds. However, within […]

What is direct seeding? | Gardening On

In well-known conservation agriculture a main technique called direct seeding is used. Conservation agriculture is one that does not use nitrogen or artificial fertilizers and works with minimal tillage so as not to damage the soil or lose it. Direct seeding represents a considerable advance in crop production technology because it makes agriculture harmoniously related […]

How to divide peonies. Transplanting peonies in the fall.

So that peonies bloom profusely and do not get sick share peonies and they need to be transplanted every 5-7 years. share peonies more often it is not worth it, since this also reduces the abundance of flowering. This is due to the peculiarity of the structure of the roots. peonies. The roots of old […]

Lemon tree with yellow leaves: what happens to it?

The lemon tree is an evergreen fruit tree that has many qualities: it is very productive from a young age, it can be grown in a pot since it resists pruning, and it smells wonderful. Its care is not very complicated, but If there is something that drives those of us who have a specimen […]

What are the luminous plants? Everything you need to know

Imagine that instead of turning on the lights when it gets dark, you can read a book by the light of a luminous plant on your desk, or take a walk under the light of a bright tree instead of electric lights. The luminous plants It has always been the object of study by scientists. […]

Septoria: A pest that must be eradicated immediately

The Septoria It is a serious disease (fungus) that usually affects many plants, if it is not treated correctly it can destroy leaves and can limit growth. Also called yellow leaf spot, is a disease caused by the fungus Septoria tomatoes. This fungus is a plant killer Since it can overwinter in dead leaves or […]

Asexual reproduction in plants: characteristics and examples

Among the vital functions of living beings is reproduction. There are two types of reproduction as they are carried out. On the one hand, we have sexual reproduction that takes place through the participation of gametes and on the other hand we have asexual reproduction. The asexual reproduction in plants it is found in a […]

How to grow vegetable physalis – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

Content: Physalis vegetable photo Physalis vegetable: growing seedlings from seeds Features of agricultural technology of vegetable physalis Physalis vegetable description To prepare many Mexican favorite dishes, you must grow physalis vegetables in your garden. Physalis vegetable (Physalis philadelphica, physalis philadelphia) is a distant relative of our beloved tomato. In Central America, it can be found […]

Potted olive tree care guide

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Forest & Kim Starr When you want to have a potted tree, it is very important to choose one that does not need a lot of space to grow, and that is not too tall. But sometimes it is difficult to find the right one. In those cases, one opts […]

How to buy a string trimmer

If you have a small, medium or large garden, one of the usual machines will be a lawn mower. But corners and edge areas are not cropped well. For that part you need a trimmer. Do you want to know what you should look for when buying one? Or which are the best on the […]

Types of nuts, characteristics and nutrients

If we want to eat a healthy and balanced diet, it is essential to eat differently types of nuts. There are a great variety of these and we find it in all kinds of texture and flavor. These nuts have very healthy and recommended properties for all people. In this article we are going to […]

How to remove excess water in a pot

As we all know, water is essential for life. But just as our stomachs can hurt when we drink too much, potted plants also have a hard time when we overwater themwith the difference that they are at the mercy of the care we give them; And of course, if these are wrong, they will […]

9 names of edible tubers

Tubers are thickened stems that some plants have. Thanks to them, they can survive the hardest periods even if the leaves dry out. They are also a great source of energy, essential for the resurgence of the plant, but not only that, but there are also several that are suitable for human consumption. So if […]

The largest mushroom in the world

Have you heard of the Oregon honey mushroom? It is a giant fungus that inhabits the fields of Oregon, in the United States and is the largest living organism in the world. This giant honey mushroom is called armillaria ostoyae and lives in the Malheur National Forest and is known as a honey mushroom. Although […]

The 8 best apps to identify plants

Technology has entered the world of gardening with force. Before, we used mobile phones only to call when there was an emergency, but now we use them for everything, even to take photos of our beloved crops and then share them on social networks, often with people who share our hobby. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … […]

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