Discover how to plant a tree step by step

Trees are planted when they are not growing

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Do you know how to plant a tree? Whether in the garden or in the orchard, it can be a very entertaining experience, but also exhausting if it is of a good size. But so that unexpected problems do not arise it is important to know some things that I am going to tell you next.

Because if you want everything to go smoothly, you need to take a series of measures before and after. Only then can the plant adapt a little faster and better.

When to plant a tree?

First of all, let’s know when to plant it, because if we do it at the wrong time, what we will achieve is that its health weakens. So, answering the question, as a general rule and assuming that the tree is healthy, it is done either at the end of autumn or at the end of winteralthough you can be more specific:

  • If it is evergreen, it is advisable to do it a little before spring arrives, otherwise if there are frosts in our area it would suffer them and you could lose quite a few.
  • If it is deciduous, it is so important to do it sooner or later, but if it is at flowering age it is preferable to do it earlier .

How to plant a tree?

Now that we know when planting is recommended, let’s see how to plant it:

Prepare the ground

You need a shovel to make a holeYou need a shovel to make a hole

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The first thing to do is remove growing grasses as well as stones. In addition, you have to add organic compost (guano, chicken manure or cow, etc.) -a layer of about 5-10cm will go well-, and remix it with the earth. By last, touch level it (can be done by eye).

Make a planting hole

The hole has to be large, not only so that the plant can fit well, but also so that it has enough space to root without complications. For this, what is recommended is to make one of 1m x 1m if it measures a meter or more in height (shallower if younger), and mix it with universal growing medium.

Plant it in its final location

As soon as the hole is made, you have to remove the tree from the pot and insert it in its new locationbeing careful not to manipulate the roots too much. If it is difficult to remove it from the container, we will water conscientiously and tap it on the sides, to then remove it.

In the event that it has roots coming out of the holes, we will try to untangle them with patience, and if we cannot, we will have to break the pot with a small hand saw if it is made of plastic, or with a hammer if it is made of clay.

Install the irrigation system

When we have the tree planted, we will install the irrigation system y we will give you plenty of water. If we live in a very windy area, it will be highly advisable to put a tutor on it to help it grow straight.

Planted saplingplanted sapling

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And so, we will only have to enjoy our tree .

Discover how to plant a tree step by step

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