Electric Shepherd: The best, buying guide and where to buy it

The electric shepherd helps protect the grounds

Many people have trouble keeping their grounds safe from intruding animals. These can eat our crop, step on it or destroy it. Also for farmers, the appearance of certain animals near their livestock can be problematic. They can drive you away or even kill you. But these setbacks have a very simple solution thanks to the electric shepherd.

With this device We can electrify fences and fences in order to prevent other animals from entering our land. In this article we are going to talk about the best electric shepherds and how to acquire them.

? The best electric shepherd?

Due to the good evaluations of the buyers, this electric shepherd from Llampec is the most remarkable. It has a maximum pulse energy of 6.000 mJuls, while the peak voltage corresponds to 9.500 watts. The total range is forty kilometers. In terms of dimensions, it has a height of 361 millimeters, a width of 300 millimeters and a depth of 236 millimeters. The weight of this electric shepherd corresponds to 2,19 kilos.


The most important advantage that this electric shepherd offers us is the solar energy plate. Thanks to it, it can be recharged automatically by the light emitted by the sun, allowing us to save energy.


Despite its price, this electric shepherd model is very good. However, we must bear in mind that battery is not included.

Selection of the best electric shepherds

In case our top one has not convinced you in terms of electric shepherds, nothing happens. There are many more models on the market. Next we are going to comment on a selection of the six best.

T-Mech Pastor Electric Battery 12v

We started with an electric shepherd from T-Mech. This model has a height of 187 millimeters, a width of 114 millimeters and a depth of 53 millimeters. In addition, it has a powerful 10.000 volt electric fence feeder and a joule. This package includes a battery cable, grounding posts, and a ground wire. As for the current, its maximum is 2.000mA. Covers a total of ten kilometers and it is waterproof.

Electric Shepherd Red EL200 2 Jul

Second we have an Xstop model. It is a resistant electric shepherd for both domestic and professional use. It is connected to the 220 to 239 volt network and its maximum impulse energy corresponds to two joules. Regarding fencing, the maximum coverage is 2,49 kilometers. This electric shepherd weighs 215 kilos and its dimensions are as follows: 245 × 95 × XNUMX millimeters.

Llampec Pas000001 – Pastor A Red.Mod.01 Guarda Can 230V

We continue with a Llampec model. This electric shepherd connects to a 230 volt network and is designed to electrify gates. The maximum pulse energy is 4.500 mJuls while the peak pulse voltage corresponds to 9.000 watts. Furthermore, this model It has a surge protection.

Llampec Pas000011 – Pastor A Red.Mod.11 Super 230V

Another electric shepherd to highlight is this easy-to-use Llampec model. The connection must be carried out with a 230 volt network and consumes 4 watts. While its maximum pulse energy is 7.000 mJul, its peak pulse voltage is 10.000 volts. The maximum range of this electric shepherd is 65 kilometers. In addition, this model has a surge protector in the electrical network. In terms of weight, this is around 1.711 grams. The dimensions of this model are as follows: 181 x 185 x 284 millimeters (height x width x depth).

Llampec Pas0000B4 – 4V External Battery Pastor B12

We continue with another electric pastor from Llampec. This works with any twelve volt battery, regardless of the intensity it has. Furthermore, its maximum pulse energy is 3.000 mJuls and its peak pulse voltage is 9.500 volts. When the red light, which is the pulse indicator, is illuminated, this machine gives a voltage pulse to the fence. However, it also allows you to verify the operation of the electrifier. The maximum range of this model is fifteen kilometers.

Llampec Pas000004 – Rechargeable Pastor Mod.04

Finally, a Llampec model remains to be highlighted again. This has dimensions of 19 x 29 x 27 centimeters and a weight of 4,5 kilos. This electric shepherd includes a mains lead, a ground spike, outlet leads, and an electric fence sign. In addition, it can be used with battery or plugged into the network. In total it lasts six days without recharges. This model is designed especially for large animals, such as horses or cows.

Electric Shepherd Buying Guide

Before acquiring an electric shepherd, there are a number of aspects that we should take into account and that we are going to comment on below.


First we must be clear about what type of electric shepherd we need. This depends on the voltage and the energy we want to use. Now we will see a list of the most common types:

  • Shepherds powered by a nine-volt battery.
  • Twelve volt battery.
  • Battery-powered shepherds with solar panel.
  • To the electrical network.


Regarding the terrain, there are several points that we must take into account:

  • Fencing dimensions: The larger the area, the more power will be required.
  • The type of terrain: Dry, sandy terrain requires more power and better installation than wet terrain.
  • The vegetation: It can obstruct the electrical current.

What is an electric fence?

The goal of the electric shepherd is to prevent other animals from entering the field

The objective of the electric shepherd is to prevent other animals from entering the land

When we talk about an electric shepherd, We refer to a technical solution in terms of the maintenance and protection of crops and livestock through fencing or electrified fencing. The goal is to prevent other wild animals from entering and killing livestock or destroying plants. To do this, it generates high-voltage pulses between its two output terminals, the ground and an electric fence. They are very brief shocks that cause unpleasant pain in the animal, but without causing any physical damage.

Where to buy

Today we can find electric shepherds both on the internet and in specific physical establishments. We will discuss some of our options below.

The Amazon

The great online sales platform, Amazon, offers several models of electric shepherds. In addition, we can find fences and more necessary accessories.

Second hand

We always have the option of buying a second-hand electric shepherd, but it is advisable to verify that it works correctly, since we do not have any type of guarantee.

Electric shepherds are an effective way to protect the terrain from intruding animals without doing them too much damage. Animals, having memory, do not come near the fence again.

Electric Shepherd: The best, buying guide and where to buy it

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