Garden tent: The best, buying guide, where to put it and buy it

The garden tent must be resistant to water and ultraviolet rays

Although summer is a time of year that many people enjoy for its beautiful sunny days, the beach, the pool, the good weather, etc. excessive heat and constant radiation from the sun’s rays are annoying and even dangerous. However, if we want to enjoy our outdoor space even on the hottest days, a garden tent is a phenomenal idea.

There are many garden tents with different sizes, looks, and prices. But they all fulfill their function: Protect ourselves from the sun. If you want a sunny corner on your terrace or garden, I recommend that you keep reading. We will discuss the best garden tents, what to consider and where to buy them.

? The best garden tent?

The best garden tent according to buyer ratings is this model from Yuebo. While the roof is made of waterproof polyester, the tubular frame is made of aluminum. The construction of this tent is robust and its useful life quite long. It has four side walls, of which two have transparent windows.


There are several advantages that this garden tent presents. Installation is quite simple, as is its opening and closing. It does not require tools and thanks to the possibility of folding it, its transport and storage are very easy. In addition, it is wind resistant and protects against the sun and ultraviolet rays.


It is possible that this garden tent does not fit all pockets. Although it is true that for its price it is very good, there are other simpler ones that fulfill the same functions but at a more affordable price.

Selection of garden tents

Apart from the best garden tent that we have mentioned above, there are many more models on the market. In order to make the choice easier, we are going to discuss some of the best.

Outsunny Tent 3x3x2,45m

We start the list of the best garden tents with this Outsunny model. It is a basic tent whose roof is made of polyester, a material that repels water. As for the tubes of the structure, these are made of white lacquered steel, robust and light. It should be noted that the assembly of this model is very simple and fast and it does not require tools.

Hikole Tent 3 × 3 Folding Gazebo

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We continue with this Hikole garden tent. Like the previous one, assembly is easy and requires no tools. This model 3 x 3 meters and offers shade to an area of ​​one hundred square meters. Inside this tent there can be between six and ten people with a table. In addition, it has a ventilation hole in the upper part that helps the stability of the tent in windy conditions. This package also includes four sidewalls, four ropes, eight nails, a carry bag and four sandbags to further stabilize the tent. The ropes are designed to secure the tent to the maximum and that it does not fly off in high winds.

COBIZI Garden tent 3x3m

Another garden tent to highlight is this Cobizi model. This is a 10 ‘x 10’ fold-out model that can fit between six and eight people. The whole is made of waterproof Oxford cloth with a silver coating that protects from UV rays. What’s more, all sutures are seam sealed to prevent moisture from seeping out. The frame is made of powder coated steel to prevent corrosion and rust.

Goutime Pop-Up Gazebos

We continue with this garden tent from Goutime. This model is easy to unfold and close, ideal for any type of outdoor activity. The frame is made of corrosion resistant steel. In addition, this tent is capable of blocking up to 90% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. As for the walls, They can be easily mounted and removed using the velcro fasteners. This garden tent measures 589,3 centimeters long and 296 centimeters wide. As for the lowest point of this model, it is at a height of 162,5 centimeters.

Outsunny Tent 6 × 3 m Folding in Accordion

Also this Outsunny model deserves a place on our list. As for the assembly of this garden tent, it has an accordion folding system that facilitates and speeds up this process and does not require tools. In addition, it includes a carrying bag. Regarding the structure, it is foldable and is made of robust and light lacquered steel tubes. The roof is made of high quality Oxford cloth Water resistant and has a silver coating that is resistant to weathering, water and UV rays. The measurements of this model are as follows: 5.91 x 2.97 x 2.56 meters.

Outsunny Outdoor Tent with Mosquito Net

Finally, it remains to highlight another garden tent from Outsunny. The side posts are made of black lacquered steel and are powder coated to increase their resistance to both weathering and rust. What’s more, They have a beautiful leaf design that makes this product a highly decorative garden tent. Another feature to highlight is that it has a double toche with a polyester cover, ideal for resisting ultraviolet rays and water. Thanks to its double design, both ventilation and wind resistance are considerably improved. In addition, it has a total of eight holes to drain rainwater. It also includes a mosquito net. As for the measurements of this garden tent, they are the following: 300 x 300 x 265 centimeters (length x width x height).

Garden tent buying guide

If we want to buy a garden tent to be able to enjoy the summer days without fear of the sun’s rays, There are a number of aspects that we must take into account. We will comment on them below.


The first thing that we must be very clear about is the size we want the garden tent to have. For it, we must measure the area in which we want to place it. Some tents are just sized to provide shade for a small table with chairs, while others are designed to hold multiple tables or other objects and furniture. These are usually very large and are more common in events held outdoors, such as weddings.


Also the material from which the garden tent is made is important. It should not only repel ultraviolet rays, but also be waterproof in case it rains. These materials include, for example, polyester. In addition, we must ensure that the carp does not contain components that can rust, as it will be exposed to different weather agents.

Quality and price

The quality of the garden tent depends mainly on the material. Those that are more resistant and robust tend to have a higher price. In addition, its value is also increased by its size.

Where to place a garden tent?

There are many different models of garden tents

There are many different models of garden tents

Generally, garden tents are usually placed to cover the outdoor table or the relaxation corner, usually equipped with a sofa. However, we can also find tents on terraces or uncovered roofs. They are a good option to protect us from the sun in any outdoor area. Another use that is often given to them is when celebrating an outdoor event, such as birthdays or weddings. In these cases they usually cover the tables and / or the dance floors in order to protect the guests from both the sun and possible rain.

Where to buy

Currently there is a great diversity of options when buying any product. We can buy a garden tent both online and in a physical establishment. Next we will talk about some possibilities that we have.

The Amazon

The great online sales platform Amazon cannot be missing from this list. This offers us a wide range of different models of garden tents and more accessories and outdoor furniture. Through the comfort of our home we can acquire everything we need in just one click.

Leroy Merlin

As for physical establishments that offer garden tents, the Leroy Merlin is one of them. They usually have them displayed in their warehouses, which can help us to get a better idea of ​​its size and how it could look in our garden or on the terrace. In addition, seeing them together with other furniture and decorations can inspire us and give us ideas to improve our outdoor environment.

Second hand

Another option we have is to buy a second-hand garden tent. They are usually cheaper but may have some defect or be broken, so we must take a good look at them before buying.

A garden tent can be an effective and relatively cheap solution if we want protection against the sun’s rays in our outer space. Thanks to it we can enjoy beautiful meals outdoors or celebrate large parties such as weddings or birthdays.

Garden tent: The best, buying guide, where to put it and buy it

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