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The cultivation table can be made of wood or plastic.

Surely you have ever thought about having a garden at home but you don’t have enough space to do it. For this there are the cultivation tables. An urban garden offers many advantages that we can benefit from, but it also requires some guidelines and materials to carry it out. It is also important that, when building your own home garden, you do not abandon it since it needs care and continuous maintenance.

If you are thinking of making a home garden but you do not have space, we bring you the solution: cultivation tables. In this post you will learn to know what the cultivation table is, how to build it with minimal materials and to keep it in good condition at all times. Do you want to learn more about them?

Top 1. The best cultivation table

GARDIUN KIS12978 – Nature Grove IV Metal Urban Garden


  • It is the perfect size to grow both vegetables and aromatic plants.
  • It weighs only 3 kilos, so it is very easy to move it around.
  • Supports up to 10 kilos. This means that you will not have to worry about anything.
  • It is made of galvanized steel and painted with antirust paint.
  • The structure is sturdy, and has four legs that are attached with screws (included).


  • The edges of the legs must be protected if there are children, as they are sharp.
  • The price can be high compared to other models.

Better grow tables

Eda Plastics Container for urban garden

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but are looking for a quality table, this is ideal. It is made of dark gray UV resistant plastic and measures 76 x 38,5 x 68 centimeters. It weighs only 300 grams, so it is very easy to move if necessary.

double Decorative Wooden Terrace

This grow table measures 39 x 40 x 61 centimeters, and is made of pine wood. It is perfect for growing two or three horticultural plants for example. It takes up little space, so it is possible to have it on a small balcony or on a terrace.

PLANTAWA Cultivation Table

It is a wooden table that includes a geotextile mesh with which you can protect it from moisture and also prevent water from being lost. It measures 80 x 78 x 50 centimeters, and includes a tray in which to put the growing tools you need.

blumfeldt Altiplano Cubic planter

The cultivation table that we recommend from Blumfeldt is made of pine wood. It measures 150 x 100 x 50 centimeters, and has an approximate weight of 16 kilos. Everything you need for assembly is included, and you can also grow many different plants in it.

HABAU – Outdoor House for High Soil Crops

If you are looking for a good size wooden grow table, this one from HABAU is perfect for you. It measures 119 x 57 x 90 centimeters, weighs 16 kilos and has a plastic inside for protection. In addition, it can be used as a support for a small greenhouse.

KHOMO GEAR Urban Garden Elevated Galvanized Cart (130e)

This is a fantastic galvanized steel grow table that has two rear wheels and a lower tray in which you can place pots, and / or small garden tools. Its dimensions are as follows: 93.8 x 45.2 x 7.2 centimeters and it weighs 9.64 kilos.

Grow table buying guide

If you want to know how to choose a cultivation table, we recommend taking into account what we are going to tell you now:


The grow tables can be made of wood, galvanized steel or plastic. Depending on the material, its price will be higher or lower. For example, plastic ones are considerably cheaper than wooden ones. But you have to think that both plastic and steel absorb heat a lotand that can cause the roots of the plants to burn in summer if the degree of insolation is high.


To plant a few plants it will not be necessary to buy a cultivation table that is more than one meter long. Although if you choose to have a few more, and if you have enough space, it will be better to choose a larger one.

Price range

The price will depend mainly on the material, but also on its dimensions. If you are looking for an inexpensive and not very large table, without a doubt it is best to opt for the plastic ones.

What are grow tables and what are they for?

The cultivation tables, as their name suggests, are tables built where all the vegetables are grown and cared for. It offers several advantages such as not having to bend over or being able to perform maintenance tasks without so much effort. It also offers us the benefits of the urban garden in a small space. Being elevated, the maneuvers are much easier to carry out.

Grow tables come in different sizes, so you can find the most suitable grow table for the space you have available. You may buy the grow table with tray and dividers already prefabricated and adjust them as best suits you.

What can be planted on a grow table?

It will depend a lot on the dimensions it has. But overall small garden plants are grown like tomatoes, lettuce, and the like. They are also very interesting to have aromatic plants such as basil, mint or spearmint, and even small flowers such as gazanias, zinnias, chrysanthemums or carnations.

Now, it is not advisable to plant any plant that is large or that is going to besuch as trees or palm trees. But it can be used to germinate your seeds.

Requirements needed to build a homemade grow table

For your cultivation table to be built and meet the objectives that are set, it needs some conditions:

The first is the light. This is essential to making any vegetable thrive. If the area where we place the grow table is not within reach of sunlight, our crops will not be able to grow. Ideally, place them in an area where you can take advantage of the maximum hours of sunlight. If your balcony or terrace does not have many hours of sun, you will have to use species that do not require so much light and their production will be less. Still, you can thrive. Eggplants, tomatoes and peppers are crops that need a lot of light. But on the other hand, lettuce or onions do not need as much. You can play with the type of cultivation, depending on where you place the cultivation table (s).

The substrate you must choose is very important since it is the element that will give the vegetables that you have grown the necessary nutrients for them to grow. There are different types of substrates: the universal, peat, compost, coconut fiber …if you combine different types of substrates, you will get better results.

Compost is necessary to increase the amount of nutrients in the substrate and make your crops grow healthier and stronger. Vermicompost is one of the best fertilizers and you can find it at any garden store.

Irrigation. It is important to know when to water and in what quantity. If you are new to the world of the urban garden, it is better to water manually. As you master the water needs of each crop, you can choose to drip irrigation.

Plants. To start at your grow table, you can either buy the seeds and germinate them from scratch (albeit a slower process) or buy the sprouts already grown and plant them (this will reduce the growing time of the crops). With this section you should learn what type of plants should be grown at each time of the year. If you have children, they can learn as a family about the life cycle of vegetables and bring them closer to nature.

How to build a grow table?

The first thing is to have prepared your pallets of tacos. You take the top board out of the pallet. Then remove one board from the upper part and two from the part of the blocks on the two levels of the pallet.

Next, we place the pieces obtained by the pallet vertically and one horizontally, making a bridge. We screw the three surfaces and separate the studs from the missing boards. We use the simple tables that we are missing to finish building the grow table.

Grow table maintenance

The maintenance you need the cultivation table is minimal. You just have to take proper care of the crops as if it were a normal garden. In order not to weaken the strength of the pallet, it is important that it not get too wet so that the wood does not bulge and weaken.

There are other types of grow tables based on hydroponic crops. If we build a growing table of this type, we will need a water recirculation system, mixing tanks and a special substrate. This will make our grow table need an electrical connection for its operation.

Garden at home and its benefits

The grow table allows you to have plants

The table of culture allows to have plants

Urban gardens are more fashionable than ever since their benefits are multiple. Faced with the economic crisis, we realize that we can do many things on our own to save some money and gain health. Normally, the crops treated in urban gardens do not carry so many chemicals that are detrimental to long-term health.

Among the benefits that urban gardens give us we find:

Therefore, if you think about making an urban garden and you do not have space on your terrace, you can resort to the construction of cultivation tables.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy a grow table, you can do it in any of these places:

The Amazon

In Amazon you will find many models of grow tables: large, small, wooden, plastic … You just have to choose the one you like the most, or compare your favorites, to get the best one.

Brico Depot

In Bricodepot they have an interesting catalog of cultivation tables, at different prices. In addition, you have the option of picking it up in the store, or buying it from the web and waiting for it to be delivered to your home.

Leroy Merlin

At the Leroy Merlin they sell grow tables, both in physical stores and online. So if you feel like it, don’t hesitate to choose the one you like and start enjoying it.


In Lidl’s physical stores they sometimes sell good quality grow tables, but if you want to buy it, it is preferable to visit their online store.

I hope that with this information you can venture into the world of the garden at home even if you have little space.

Grow Table Buying Guide | Gardening On

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