Helical mower: The best models and buying guide

The helical lawnmower provides a lot of precision when cutting the grass

If you have ever wondered how some people manage to have such a beautiful lawn, with precise and very low cuts, the answer is very simple. They will most likely use a helical mower. It is a lawn mower that uses a very precise and high quality type of cut.

In this article we are going to talk about the best helical mowers, aspects to consider and where to buy them. Therefore, if you are looking for the best way to take care of your lawn and make your garden look neat, I recommend that you continue reading.

? The best helical mower?

The most notable helical mower is the Gardena 400 C Comfort model thanks to its good customer reviews. This machine is made of plastic and its dimensions correspond to 57 x 39 x 31 centimeters (length x width x depth). As for the cutting width, this is 40 centimeters. The minimum cutting height is 12 millimeters while the maximum is 42 millimeters. Regarding the capacity of the work area, this is 250 square meters.


Among the advantages of this helical mower are its easy use and low noise. In addition, it is very practical to be able to adjust the height of the cut. In this way, we can adapt the height of the lawn to our liking.


The high price This helical mower can be a big disadvantage for some people. Although it is a model whose value for money is very good, there are other cheaper ones on the market.

Selection of the best helical mowers

Apart from our top one, there are also many more models on the market. We are going to discuss a selection of the best helical mowers below.

DELTAFOX manual lawn mower – Helical lawn mower with height adjustment

We start with this model from Deltafox. It is a manual helical mower whose blade cylinder does not require any maintenance. It is made of special steel and offers very precise cuts, similar to those of scissors. Thanks to its wide cutting width, which corresponds to 350 millimeters, and the knife-holder cylinder that has a total of five curved knives, the use of this machine is very simple, silent and respectful with the environment. In addition, it is possible to adjust the cutting height and, as a consequence, the height of our lawn. This gradual adjustment is between 14 and 47 millimeters. It should also be noted that this helical mower includes a collection bag with a capacity of 18 liters. This is used to collect and transport all the cut grass.

GARDENA 4027-20 – 330 Classic Helical Lawn Mower

Another notable model is the Gardena 330 Classic. Thanks to the cutting cylinder and the lower blade made of high-quality reinforced steel, the lawn mowing is extremely precise. The cutting surface reaches up to 150 square meters, ideal for small gardens. In addition, handling is quite easy due to the frictionless cutting technique. In this way, This helical mower is easy to push and especially quiet. Another advantage of this model is that it requires little storage space, since the handlebar can be folded, allowing it to be more compact. It is also easy to clean, as the cutting cylinder is non-stick. Thus, the wet grass does not stick.

AL-KO Razor Cut 38.1 HM Comfort Helical Cut Manual Lawn Mower

We continue with the Razor Cut 38.1 HM Comfort model from AL-KO. This manual helical mower has a light and robust casing. In addition, it has a total of five high-quality blades that provide a very precise cut. It should also be noted that this machine is very quiet and emission-free. As for cutting technology, this is very important. Using the helical cutting technique, the cutting of the grass threads is sharp, similar to the use of scissors. As in these cases the blades do not come into contact with each other, the lawn is taken care of to the maximum. Compared to this AL-KO model, it is very manageable and smooth in the cut.

Relaxdays, Red and Black Manual and Cordless Lawn Mower

In fourth place we have this Relaxdays model. It is a very comfortable and practical manual and cordless helical mower to cut the grass in our garden. It is quiet and does not require any battery or cable. It includes a collection basket into which you insert cut grass and which is easy to connect and empty. The cutting height is adjustable, allowing us to leave the grass at a height that is beautiful. We can choose between 15, 20 and 35 millimeters. In addition, this helical mower has a roller with five blades, a foam rubber handle and large, protective wheels.

Fiskars Manual Lawn Mower, Frictionless Cutting System

Finally we are going to highlight a Fiskars model. This manual helical mower offers a precise and clean cut, leaving our garden looking very beautiful and well-kept. In addition, it is silent, so we can use it even on Sundays and holidays. The cutting height is adjustable and ranges from four to ten centimeters. The ergonomic and height-adjustable handlebar has a non-slip rubber cover to make work more comfortable. It should also be noted that it has four wheels that facilitate its use and provide greater stability even on uneven terrain. Another feature to highlight is that this helical mower respects the environment, since it is manual, silent and does not require electricity or fuel. The cutting system is frictionless between the counter blade and the helical blades. These are made of robust Finnish design steel, thus extending their service life.

Helical Mower Buying Guide

Now that we have seen a small selection of the best helical mowers, we are going to comment on some aspects that we must take into account before buying one of these machines.


Basically we must be clear about the type of helical mower that best suits our needs. There are the following:

  • Manual helical mower without motor: It is the quietest, ideal for areas where we do not want to disturb. It is designed for small gardens of no more than 100 square meters.
  • Helical push mower: By having an engine, it offers greater performance in less time. However, it does not have drive wheels so it is necessary to push the machine.
  • Self-propelled helical mower: This one does have driving wheels, thus facilitating our work.

Price range

Obviously, the price is also decisive when choosing a helical mower. His is choose one that suits your pocket. If we see that the new models are too expensive, we can choose to buy a second-hand one.

What is a helical mower?

The helical mower uses the best cutting technique on the market

The helical mower uses the best cutting technique on the market

The helical mower is a machine that is used to cut the grass at such low heights that rotary mowers are not capable of doing. At the moment, the helical cut is the one that provides the highest quality of all the types that are in the market. The operation is similar to cutting scissors. Where it is very common to find this type of cut is on soccer and golf fields. As for the technique, a reel is used that cuts the grass by turning very precisely. However, due to the high quality that helical cutting provides, the machines are more expensive. Also, the blades must be sharpened by a professional.

Where to buy

Today we can buy a helical mower both online and in physical stores. In addition, we can choose new or second-hand models. Next we are going to comment on some of our possibilities.

The Amazon

In the great online sales platform, Amazon, we can find everything. They have a wide range of gardening products and accessories. It is a very convenient and quick option to buy a helical mower.


Gardena is a great company dedicated to gardening. They have distributors throughout the Spanish territory that sell their products, among which are also helical lawnmowers. The great advantage of going to a physical establishment is that we can let ourselves be advised by professionals.

Leroy Merlin

Another option we have is to go directly to a store that already sells retail gardening products, such as the Leroy Merlin, among others. In their stores They have several models of helical lawnmowers on display. In addition, walking through your store we can come up with ideas to decorate our garden.

Second hand

If we are looking for something really cheap, a second hand helical mower will be the best option. However, we must always bear in mind that there is no guarantee when we buy used products.

In conclusion we can say that the helical mower is an excellent option for our garden. Thanks to it, we can enjoy the best type of grass cutting that currently exists on the market and make the lawn in our garden look beautiful and well-kept. As we probably spend a lot of time on it, at least now during the summer, it is highly recommended to buy one of these machines.

Helical mower: The best models and buying guide

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