How to buy a string trimmer

How to buy a grass trimmer

If you have a small, medium or large garden, one of the usual machines will be a lawn mower. But corners and edge areas are not cropped well. For that part you need a trimmer.

Do you want to know what you should look for when buying one? Or which are the best on the market? We tell you everything in this article.

Top 1. The best trimmer


  • Powerful engine.
  • For small and medium gardens.
  • Cuts at different heights.


  • The filament breaks very easily.
  • Complicated assembly.
  • It can not be used for a long time.

Selection of garden trimmers

Discover a selection of trimmers with which to improve the appearance of your garden.

BLACK+DECKER Electric String Trimmer

It has a 30cm cutting capacity and rotating head. It is lightweight, with a telescopic handle and adjustable grip. It also has a second grip to hold it with both hands.

BLACK+DECKER BESTE630CM 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

In this case you have three machines in one. On the one hand, It is a lawn mower, then a trimmer and finally an edger. It is electric and cable.

Bosch grass trimmer with wheels

Thanks to the wheel it has, it is much more comfortable to use since you don’t have to keep it in the air by holding it yourself. It has a reinforced double thread system, adjustable handle from 80 to 115 cm and is ergonomic.

Sprint Garden String Trimmer

It is a trimmer with 2,5Ah battery and charger included. It has a system whereby more thread is given when it falls short. The cutting height can be changed and the head is tiltable.

Bosch Garden brushcutter

offers you a 3 blade blade, spool for cutting lines and 3 cutting lines. Its results are quite good and thanks to the 950W motor you can use it for a while without problems.

String trimmer buying guide

Have you never bought a trimmer? Do you want to do it now? If you have a small garden where you have planted along the walls, at some point you may find that weeds want to invade that area. And to avoid it, you have trimmers.

But what should you pay attention to? We clarify it for you.


The first, in its size. It is clear that the larger the device, the more ground it will cover and the sooner you will finish. But it also has a number of drawbacks such as the fact that it will weigh more.

Our recommendation is that, depending on the extension you have to work with, choose one that you feel comfortable with, whether it is large, medium or small. Being a more delicate device, especially with the cutting part, precision is better than speed in finishing.


Inside the trimmers the best known is the batterysince it allows you to move freely and be able to work without having to be aware of the cable. But there are also electric and gasoline. The latter are less well known, but they are the most professional (and larger), so for medium and small gardens it would not be necessary.

Each of them has its pros and cons. But in a normal sized garden a battery or electric one would suffice.

Also here You must see the cutting system that it offers you. Most make it with filaments that break easily. Other machines use blades that can be made of plastic or steel. These last longer. But the choice will depend on the area in which you are going to use it.

Price range

A trimmer is not expensive. Quite the contrary. you can easily find from 40 euros. Of course, there are many that exceed 100 euros but above all it is because of the materials that have been used (for example, that instead of filament they use steel blades to cut (like a lawnmower but in miniature).

How is a trimmer used?

Do you have a lawnmower and don’t think a trimmer is necessary? You’re wrong. Although both machines can do the same thing, the truth is that the trimmer helps keep plants at bay so that they do not invade walkways or plant areas.

The use of the trimmer is recommended after the mower, to outline the edges and areas that the other device does not reach. This must be kept “in the air”, without hitting the ground because the filament to be used to cut is very delicate and can break easily. Therefore, you have to keep the machine at a certain distance and go through the same area once or twice to trim those weeds.

Machine it can be held with one hand or with two if it is too heavy. Some of what you do is use straps so that the whole body supports the weight and is easier to handle (especially the larger ones).

Where to buy?

buy trimmers

buy trimmers

Now that you know what you should look for when buying a trimmer and how to use it properly, not only to achieve the objective, but also to keep it perfect for a long time, the last thing left for us to do is recommend stores. And the truth is, being a common garden product, there are many places.

Our recommendations are:

The Amazon

In this store you will find many models, some that you will not have seen in the usual stores. And it is that being open to many stores around the world you can see some very interesting ones that stand out from the usual among trimmers.


Bauhaus is not a store that has too many models to choose from, because the truth is that it does not. You only have a dozen trimmer resultseleven if we remove the spare coil they sell. Even so, they are all very similar models and affordable quality-price.


At Bricomart right now They do not have trimmers online, but it does not mean that, as soon as spring arrives, they do not introduce garden products. Another option is to go to physical stores to see their section. I’m sure they have some models.


In Carrefour something similar to Amazon happens. They have opened their online sales to other vendors, so their catalog has been greatly increased. As for models, you will find above all the usual onesbut one or another will stand out for being different.

Take your time to choose the garden trimmer you need and you will surely keep weeds at bay.

How to buy a string trimmer

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