How to have an avocado bonsai: recommendations and steps

avocado bonsai

avocado bonsai

If you are one of those who consume avocados, surely you have tried to grow an avocado tree from the bone of one. Although the process is slow, and not everyone succeeds, when you do, you’re happy. But if you are also a bonsai lover, you may have doubts about whether you can create an avocado bonsai.

Therefore, on this occasion, we are going to focus on this problem and We are going to help you to know if you can create one and, if so, how to do it. Go for it?

Avocado bonsai, is it possible?

various species of bonsai

various species of bonsai

We must start from the basis that it is very rare to see an avocado bonsai. It is true that practically all trees, even shrubs, are capable of turning into bonsai, but what about the avocado?

Taking the Internet as a reference, which is where we have searched for information, we must tell you that yes, it is possible to create a bonsai of this type. It’s not normal, but it can be done.

Now, it is not a job for beginners, since the tree will need very specific care and tasks and that can cause problems (you could even say goodbye to your avocado in a short time. But if you want to try, we will help you as much as possible.

What should you take into account to make an avocado bonsai

avocado tree branches

avocado tree branches

Before giving you the steps or what you should do to get an avocado bonsai, we want to leave you with a list of some considerations that you have to take into account about this type of bonsai. And it is that, the avocado tree, to turn it into a miniature, it is necessary that it go through some “tasks”.

The first one is going to be a leaf reduction. In case you don’t know, the tree itself has quite large leaves, some even gigantic, and this is precisely not what is sought in a bonsai, but that they are small. That is why it will be necessary to cut them so that more and more are born small to a “usual” size in a bonsai.

On the other hand, you must take into account that, once the avocado is born, in general, it is very fast growing, in addition to growing a lot. Therefore, it is normal that you have to cut it every 7-15 days to maintain its size. Obviously, at the beginning you have to let it grow so that the trunk gets fatter, but later it will need good control to prevent it from going “out of control”.

Finally, you should keep in mind that we talk about a fruit tree, which means that: 1) you will have to provide you with lots of nutrients on earth so that it is well cared for; 2) it is necessary that you meet the conditions that the tree needs (especially in case of light and water).

Steps to turn an avocado tree into bonsai

avocado cut in half

avocado cut in half

Now yes. If you have finally decided to turn that avocado that has germinated into a bonsai, we are going to give you the keys to achieve it, or at least, so that you have more possibilities.

First of all, a mistake that is often made is to put in a bonsai pot a plant that has just germinated. This is a big mistake, because the only thing that will be achieved is that the trunk will be very thin and also the plant will not be able to develop the necessary roots.

When you germinate the avocado from the bone, it is important that you let it grow. It has to develop roots. The more the better. That means that you will surely have to leave it for a few months “at its own free will” for it to grow well. Now, what you can do is, when it is about 15 centimeters, start cutting to give more strength to the part of the trunk and, in this way, fatten it up.

The first will be placing the plant in a “training” pot. They are similar to those you use in other plants, that is, wide and tall. The objective is none other than the proper development of the tree, both in roots and in trunk. And here it will spend several months or even years, since it needs to grow before it can be turned into a bonsai. But that, as you have seen before, does not mean that you cannot shape it. In fact, you can use wire to direct the trunk according to the way you want; or start to reduce the leaves, so that it does not grow much (in height but in density), etc.

Normally, in this pot, if you want it to be well, It must take between 1 and 2 years. Once the time has elapsed (and if you have worked with it you will have a lot already done), it is convenient to transfer it to a smaller pot. Not really a short bonsai one, but a more intermediate one. And for that, you will have to undertake one of the most stressful moments that can kill your avocado: root pruning.

You should know that avocado roots are very sensitive. And that means that if you touch them a lot or, as in this case, you go too far with their pruning, it can cause the tree to die.

That is why you have to be very careful and if possible do it very subtly. It is preferable to cut little by little, every x months, than to do it drastically because avocado bonsai may not resist it.

If you get it, in a matter of a few years you would already have it done, and you will be proud especially if it has come from a bone.

What needs do you have?

To finish, we want to leave you here as a summary, the conditions and care that you should provide to your avocado bonsai project for it to develop properly.

  • Location: place it in a warm area, ideal if the temperature does not fall below 12 degrees. It loves the sun, so if you place it in an area where it gets direct, it will be happy.
  • Irrigation: It is what can affect your avocado the most, because it is very sensitive (and it can also make it suffer from fungus or get sick if you go too far). For this reason, on this occasion, it is better to let him get a little thirsty than to overdo it with watering. Always wait for the soil to dry out completely to water it.
  • Pruning: It is convenient to prune it, especially if you want an avocado bonsai, but don’t go too far if it is young. As we told you before, it is preferable that it branch well when it is young and then cut branches rather than interrupt its growth.

Would you dare to make an avocado bonsai?

How to have an avocado bonsai: recommendations and steps

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