How to make a pergola on the terrace?

pergola on terrace

Having a pergola on the terrace is not only for the summer. It can also be used in winter and, what is better, it can give a more careful appearance and, at the same time, a corner of privacy, when you want to enjoy the exterior of your home.

But how to make a pergola yourself? Are there multiple types that can be created? What do you need to make one? If right now you are considering putting it on and you have seen in stores that it is too expensive, maybe these ideas that we propose will make a difference and you will be encouraged to do it yourself.

What is a pergola

pergola structure

pergola structure

Before talking about building a pergola on the terrace, you should know for sure what we are talking about.

A pergola is actually a structure that is placed in the gardens as well as on the terraces and that allows us to be protected (not 100%, but an acceptable percentage) from the sun and the rain, even from the cold. This helps us to spend more hours outside the home and enjoy nature at any time of the year.

In addition, it allows you to have a most intimate and cozy corner to enjoy, either alone, or in the company of your loved ones.

The pergolas are formed by a structure that is quite easy to think of. They are usually from wood or metal (which can be aluminum or iron), although some also make them masonry to give more consistency (and because, if you see an area where there is a lot of air, this option is best).

In addition to this structure, it also has a roof that is often made up of cross members so that what is installed (fabric, reed, acrylic, glass…) has a greater consistency.

They can be built independently, but also fixed to the wall. And which is the best? Everything will depend on the space and the use you want to give it. For example, it may be that you want a terrace made with a pergola next to your house, so it is best to fix it to the exterior wall. Or you want one next to the pool (with which it will be independent).

How to make a pergola on the terrace

pergola on the terrace

pergola on the terrace

Focusing on that first option that we have mentioned, we are going to help you to know exactly how to build a pergola on the terrace step by step.

What do you need

It is convenient that you have prepared all the elements that you will need to build it. Namely:

  • Structure. It can be made of wood or aluminum.
  • Coverage system. That can be an awning (fixed or mobile), reed, fabric, sheet metal…
  • Fastening elements. Like screws, glue, etc.
  • Tools In the case of drills, hammers, screwdrivers…

Before buying anything

Although we have told you what you need, before you go to the stores to buy it, keep in mind that you must take measurements of what you want to build. In other words, you must know how much you need of each element so that you do not have excess, nor do you lack.

And what does that imply? The next:

  • You must determine the location Where are you going to put the pergola on the terrace?
  • You must measure space that it will occupy, both in width and height and depth.
  • You make sure you have a place to support the structure (both on the floor and on the wall) and that it is well fixed.

It can also be good for you to make a sketch of how the pergola will look because it will help you a lot to know the materials you will need.

With these measures, which we recommend you take a couple of times, you can now go to the stores to request the items you need.

Generally, you will need two poles (wooden or aluminum), which will be fixed to the ground by means of fittings. Then you will have to put in the top crossbars, that we recommend you put them inclined to prevent water from accumulating in case it rains (and it can create leaks or break the fabric).

It is best to use a beam fixed to the wall on which the different crosspieces rest (this will give the pergola more consistency).

These crossbars can be placed with an elegant finish (on the outside of the pergola) in such a way that, by themselves, they make a beautiful effect.

And what about the ceiling? Some prefer to leave it that way, but if you really want it to protect you, you will have to provide a piece of cloth (thrown over the wood and fixed to it to prevent it from flying away), a plate (keep in mind that in summer it will be hot and in cold winter), or an acrylic (it’s like transparent glass that you can fix between the crossbars and that will protect you while allowing you to see the views above without getting in the way. Of course, in summer, although the heat may not be the problem , yes it will be the sun because you will not have shade while it is day (unless you put it in a shaded area).

Step by step for a pergola on the terrace

pergola with wisteria

pergola con wisteria

Roughly speaking, you already have everything you need to get down to work. But we understand that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Therefore, here we are going to give you the keys so that you do not make mistakes.

Begins first by the beam that you must fix to the wall. That way you can center the pergola and mark the space it will occupy (both on the wall and on the ground).

The next thing you should do is mark the posts that will support the weight of the crossbars you put. You have to measure the distance very well so that they are neither short nor too far away (and they do not serve you).

If you have help, try setting up a crossbar while someone else marks the boundary of the crossbar so you know where to put that post.

Finally, you will have to place the different crossbars and you would have the structure made. Finally, you only have to place the fabric or whatever you want to put as protection on the ceiling and fix it.

As you can see, making a pergola on the terrace is not difficult. Our recommendation is that you make that sketch that will help you, and a lot, to see how it should look and lay the foundations. Later, with the threaded rod screws (which are the strongest to fix the beam and the posts), and barraqueros screws for the wood or aluminum area).

How to make a pergola on the terrace?

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