How to stop a plant from growing

The pothos is a plant that does not occupy much

We often buy plants that we thought would not grow very large, but that over time we have realized that we were wrong. The most typical case is to cultivate for example a Palo de agua so well that there comes a time when its leaves touch the ceiling. To do?

Well, it is best to try to slow down its growth as much as possible. For that, we are going to explain how to stop a plant from growing.

Tips to prevent a plant from growing too large

There are plants that do not grow much

There are plants that do not grow much

If you have some plants at home or in the yard that are growing much more than you planned, you need to take some measures to continue enjoying them as before.

Put it in the right place

Has it ever happened to you that you have had a plant that has started to grow a lot, for example towards the window? This is something that happens when it is in an area where there is not enough light for it, or when there is a more powerful light source than it normally has. Because It is very necessary to put it in the right place, with the appropriate light, and if it is near a window, the pot must be rotated 180º daily so that all parts of the plant receive the same amount of light.. In this way, you will ensure that it grows well, without becoming etiolated, that is, without its stems growing lengthening and weakening.

Do not pay

A plant needs water and food (compost) in order to grow and develop well. But when we have one that has grown too large or that it will, the best thing will be not to pay it, or not to give it food so often. Thus, if we used to supply her with fertilizer every 15 days from spring to late summer, what we will do is decrease the frequency and start feeding her once every 2-3 months. Also, for our purpose, the ideal is to use slow release fertilizers, since if chemical or highly concentrated fertilizers are used, the plant will grow faster.

Transplant only when urgent

You cannot have a plant in the same pot throughout its life, and even less if it is not paid. There is no way to stop its growth and keep it alive at the same time. Therefore, transplantation continues to be a task that we must carry out, but We will only do it when we see roots coming out of the drainage holes, or when it has already been in the same container for several years. This pot has to be a few centimeters wider and deeper than the previous one, and it is also important that it has holes in its base.


Pruning is a very important job to control the growth of a plant. Except for the palm trees, which cannot be pruned (just remove the dry, diseased or weak leaves), the rest must have a hairdressing session from time to time. A) Yes, to lower the height what we must do is cut the main branch. Thus, during that year it will take out lower branches, and from the next we will only have to trim them. Now to get it right You must take into account the characteristics of each specific plant, as well as its needs.

How to make a palm tree stop growing?

Palm trees grow fastpalm trees grow fast

Image – Wikimedia / Pluume321

Palm trees are herbaceous plants (megaphorbias) that grow for decades from a single growth guide (the center of the crown of leaves). For this reason They cannot be pruned like trees, since once that guide is removed or damaged, the plant dies.

Another problem arises when they are kept in the same pot for years and years. The roots eventually run out of space, but also lack nutrients, so that the palm tree weakens and eventually also dies.

Therefore, If you want it to stop growing and stay healthy, the best thing to do is to look for small palm species from the beginning. Sorry to be so blunt, but unfortunately it is impossible to have, for example, a feathery coconut in a pot for years and always keep it healthy; or have a canary palm tree in the garden but with the roots pruned.

Be careful, you can do things to slow down its growth: things like watering and / or fertilizing only when strictly necessary, and avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers are very useful measures to make a palm grow more slowly.

How to make a tree not grow any more?

Trees tend to grow several feet tall. It is in their nature. But fortunately, there are things that can be done so that they do not grow too large. For example, the most important task to carry out is pruning. At the end of winter you have to cut the branches that are badthat is, those that are broken, those that have dried, and / or those that are very sick.

However throughout the year it is also interesting to do a maintenance pruningespecially if they are grown in pots. This pruning consists of reducing the length of its green branches if you see that they are getting too long.

In addition, avoid fertilizing them with nitrogen-rich fertilizerssince otherwise the opposite effect will be achieved to that desired; that is, they will grow faster and with more vigor.

How to choose the plants so as not to have space problems?

Potted buxus

buxus in pots

Although steps can be taken to control plant growth, The most advisable thing to do is always choose those that do not grow much, since this way you will avoid many headaches. Therefore, if the place where you are going to have it is small, look for species that grow little, like any aromatic (lavender, rosemary, thyme), bulbous (tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, etc.), or even small succulents (Lithops, Rebutia, Argyroderma, among others).

For indoors, you should look at those that are herbaceous especially. For example, the calathea or the elephant ear are plants that, although they can reach a meter in height more or less, looking great in large rooms such as the living room, they do not really need much space to develop well. On the other hand, a dracena or a yucca are shrubs that can easily exceed 3 meters, and palm trees are not very suitable for the same reason, except for most of the Chamaedorea.

We hope it has been useful to you .

How to stop a plant from growing

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