Pool Floor Protector Buying Guide

pool floor protector

When spring arrives, and especially summer, it is common for us to start think of a pool to cool off and for those vacation days. However, when you have a garden, protecting the soil is important. For this reason, many choose a floor protector for swimming pool with which the area is not damaged and, at the same time, be more functional.

But how to choose a suitable one? What must be considered? What is the best way to place it? Discover everything you need to know from how to buy one to the best models to choose from.

Top 1. The best pool floor protectors


  • Available in various colors.
  • Floor protection with flexibility.
  • No contaminants or BPA.


  • Marks remain.
  • It becomes flimsy in marked areas.

Selection of pool floor protectors

Here you have a selection of pool floor protectors that you can choose from. Take a look at them, maybe and you will have the model that best suits your needs.

Pool Floor Cloth, Round Shape

It is a tapestry for the floor, although it can also be serve to cover the pool, ideal for 280cm pools.

It is of high quality and durable, easy to install and easy to store.

BodenMax EVA Foam Floor Puzzle Mat

Although it is advertised for a gym, it can also be used for a swimming pool. It simulates a wood, although in reality it is quality EVA rubber. It covers 0,81m2 so if you want to put more you would have to buy more quantity. In addition, it has other colors. The thickness is only 1cm.

Bestway Flowclear Protective Floor Tile Set

These are 50x50cm tiles, in blue, that cover a approximate extension of 2,25cm. As for the thickness, it is 0,4cm. It is made of polyethylene.

Aktive floor protector for grass-effect swimming pools

With 50x50cm pieces you have a floor protector in the shape of a realistic grass print. Obviously It shows that it is not real, but it offers a more appropriate decoration for the garden.

Gre MPROV610 – Raised Pool Protective Blanket

Made of plastic and in white, it measures 60x45x35cm. It is ideal for above ground pools and is made of polyester. does not slip It comes in 3 pieces.

Buying guide for a pool floor protector

In most cases, above ground pools do not come with a pool floor protector, but must be purchased separately. Many ignore this detail, but it can make your pool more protected, as well as having other benefits such as prevent the appearance of fungus or mold; or better lawn care than is below.

But, what should you look for when buying a floor protector for swimming pools? In the following.


The first and most important thing is the size, that is, in the extension of that protective floor. If you buy one that is too small, it will not serve you as much as if you put a larger one. In general, you should bear in mind that the floor should protrude a few centimeters from what would be the pool, so that you can step on it and the garden floor is protected.

For example, imagine that there are splashes of water. This contains chlorine and if it reaches the lawn it can cause it to be lost. That is why it is better to buy a larger area (without going overboard).


Composite, wood, plastic… The truth is that there are many kinds of pool floor protector materials. The most normal thing is that we think of plastic tapestries, but in reality there are more options on the market.

The best stuff? It will depend on your budget, where you are going to place the pool and the pool itself. For example, if it is one of the inflatable and removable ones, a tapestry will not protect it from being punctured, but wood will, and it could also help to ventilate the lower part, avoiding mold. But if you use tiles, they will “kill” any grass under them, although they may help keep you from slipping when you get out of the pool (or the floor is wet).


As for the color, the truth is that It will depend on the tastes of each one. Most of the time they are bought in blue, but we can also find them in other colors, such as brown, grey, black…

Price range

As for the price, it will depend on all the above factors, but if you want a quality one will be worth more than 50 euros. You can find from 10 euros (the tapestries) to more than 200 euros (wood or to cover large extensions).

What to put on the ground under a pool?

One of the main problems when putting a pool in the garden is that it will occupy a part of it. If it is placed on an empty floor, there would be no problem, but if it is placed right where we have the grass, the last thing we want is for it to be damaged.

Therefore, When placing a pool floor protector you must take into account the following:

  • make it breathable, that is, that allows mold and fungi that can appear due to humidity not to be a problem.
  • be puncture resistant, ideal for inflatable pools or those that are more fragile. This way you will avoid problems.
  • With thickness and touch. Keep in mind, as we have told you before, that there is going to be more surface covered by that protector. If it is not pleasant to step on, it can make us feel uncomfortable. Try not to have wrinkles or stick to the soles of the feet.

What soil to put for a removable pool?

In the case of a removable pool, the main problem we face is, without a doubt, punctures. Therefore, to avoid it, Not only do you have the usual pool floor protector (be it a tapestry or carpet) but there are other options:

  • Of composite in slats.
  • In wood.
  • Tiles
  • Rubber floors.
  • Resin floors.

Each of them has its pros and cons, but they are much more suitable options than typical tapestries because they are thicker and protect from punctures. Of course, you must be careful because some could affect the garden (if you place it on top of grass or similar).

Where to buy?

buy pool floor protector

buy pool floor protector

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what to buy, you need to know where to buy a quality pool floor protector. For this, here we leave you some stores that you can look at.

The Amazon

Amazon has the advantage that its catalog is very extensive, and not only do you find tapestry flooring, but it also gives you other options. As for the budget, you can find cheap ones if you buy with time.


Something similar to Amazon happens here, because in addition to buying Carrefour products, they also sell you from third parties, so their catalog is broader.

As for the Their prices are similar to those you find in other stores.


As a floor protector for swimming pools we have not found anything, but that does not mean that they do not have them. In this case you have to go to outdoor floors, for terraces and gardensand you will find some options. They do not have (at least for now) the classic tapestry, but they do have other ways of placing protection.

Leroy Merlin

In the pool accessories part, you can find some models of pool floor protectors, from those made with hard eva rubber to polyester blankets. The prices depend above all on the size of each one of them.

Do you already have a better idea to buy a pool floor protector?

Pool Floor Protector Buying Guide

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