Telescopic Branch Cutter: The Best on the Market and Buying Guide

Telescopic loppers are used to cut tall branches from the ground

Telescopic loppers are used to cut high branches from the ground

As beautiful and relaxing as it may be to enjoy a neat and tidy garden, it requires a lot of dedication. Apart from watering and mowing the lawn, you also have to take care of the individual plants, even the trees. It is advisable to cut small branches of these large plants with some regularity. This can be quite an annoying job, as not all of them are easily accessible. In order to facilitate this task, the telescopic branch cutter was designed.

But what is this tool? These are scissors specially designed to cut small branches, hence its name “branch cutter.” But the telescopic models provide a huge advantage over the basic ones: The arms are extendable, which allows reaching areas further from the ground. In this way we can avoid the use of stairs, which means less effort and less risk for us.

? The best telescopic branch cutter?

There are many telescopic loaders currently on the market. However, we highlight this Gardena TeleCut 520-679 model for the good evaluations it has from buyers. It is a compact telescopic lopper designed for young shoots and fresh wood with a diameter of up to 42 millimeters. It is a light tool whose lever arms can be adjusted, facilitating the cutting of branches at a greater distance. As for the material, it is made of metal.


Thanks to the low weight of this telescopic lopper, it is very easy to handle. The blades are well sharpened, providing great cutting efficiency. In addition, the lever arms are extendable, so branches further from the ground can be reached without using a ladder.


On the other hand, this telescopic branch cutter it has a slightly higher price than other similar models when, according to some buyers, the quality of the blade is the same.

Selection of the best telescopic lopper

If the previous model has not convinced you, do not worry, there are many more telescopic cutters on the market. Next we are going to comment on the six best ones.

Telescopic Branch Scissors and YATO Pruning Shears

To start with, we have this Yato model. The scissors are capable of cutting branches up to 35 millimeters. They are equipped with ergonomic handles that facilitate work. As for the handles, they extend telescopically. Thus they can be increased from 630 millimeters in length to 960 millimeters, expanding its use. In addition, this telescopic branch cutter kit includes two pruning shears that can cut branches up to 15 millimeters.

MAXPOWER Telescopic Branch Scissors

Another telescopic lopper to highlight is this Maxpower model. It works like a lever and can cut branches up to 55 millimeters. As for the handles, they have a total of five gears that are adjusted by means of a click button. Thus they can be extended with five different lengths that they range between 700 millimeters and 1020 millimeters. From this wood we can avoid the use of stairs. In addition, the handles are ergonomic, thus facilitating the use of this tool. The top blade is made of steel and has a smooth, durable cut.

GRÜNTEK Telescopic Branch Scissors

We continue with this telescopic lopper from Grüntek. It is capable of cutting dry wood up to 48 millimeters and fresh green up to 51 millimeters. Regarding the handles, the length of the same can be adjusted between 685 millimeters and 1050 millimeters. The blade of this model is 78 millimeters and is made of steel. What’s more, its design offers a precise and efficient cut.

AIRAJ, Telescopic Professional Pruning Shears

This telescopic branch cutter from Airaj could not be missing from our list either. The material of which the blade of this model is made is SK-5 steel that provides long life and resistance to rust. Even after prolonged use, the blade remains sharp. The telescopic rod made of aluminum has a total of six telescopic sections that are fixed by means of a locking button. Its length varies between 71 and 101 centimeters. In addition, it has a lever system that increases the force applied to the blades, considerably facilitating the work. This telescopic lopper is capable of cutting branches up to two inches thick.

GARDENA Combisystem 298-20

We continue with this Gardena Combisystem 298-20 model. It has a double lever transmission and a quintuple roller transmission, which will allow us to save a lot of force during work. In addition, it is easy to use and does not harm plants thanks to the reinforced blades and covered with non-stick. They make clean and smooth cuts. The handle of this telescopic lopper allows you to remove the highest branches without the need for a ladder.

Amazy Iceberk Telescopic Pruner (1,80 – 5,40 Meters) + Saw

We end up with an Amazy Iceberk model. This telescopic lopper is between 1,8 and 5,40 meters long. The telescopic rod is made of aluminum and has an integrated locking system with which we can fix it at the height we want. It should also be noted that the scissor blades are made of robust steel and are capable of cutting branches up to 3,6 centimeters thick. This pack also includes a tree saw. This can be attached to the extension pole.

Telescopic Lopper Buying Guide

Before buying a telescopic lopper, there are a few things we should consider. We will comment on them below.


Obviously, What will interest us most about this tool is the length it can reach. If we have taller trees, we must look for a longer telescopic lopper than when we only have shrubs or short trees.

Quality and price

Most models of telescopic loppers cost between € 20 and € 50. The most expensive justify their price with the length of the handles and the quality of the bladeswhich is very important for the life of the tool.

What is a telescopic lopper for?

With the telescopic lopper we can avoid the use of stairs in the garden

With the telescopic lopper we can avoid the use of stairs in the garden

With the telescopic lopper we can cut small branches that sprout both in trees and shrubs. This is usually done for aesthetic or plant health reasons. The advantage of these models over basic branch cutters is that we can access more distant branches, which means less effort for us and in many cases we do not need a ladder.

Where to buy

Today we can buy telescopic loaders online or in physical stores. We will discuss some examples below.

The Amazon

The Amazon online sales platform is a comfortable option and if we want to acquire a telescopic lopper without leaving home. We can find a wide variety of models and delivery is usually fast.

Leroy Merlin

We can also buy telescopic loppers in some physical establishments that offer gardening products, such as the Leroy Merlin. The advantage of these stores is that we can be advised by professionals.

With this information we already have everything we need to buy a telescopic lopper. We can only get down to work.

Telescopic Branch Cutter: The Best on the Market and Buying Guide

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