The 8 best apps to identify plants

Identifying plants will be easy with these apps

Technology has entered the world of gardening with force. Before, we used mobile phones only to call when there was an emergency, but now we use them for everything, even to take photos of our beloved crops and then share them on social networks, often with people who share our hobby. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … have become incredible places where we can learn more about the plants we have at home and / or around us. But why not make things a little easier?

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you will be able to know the name of what you take care of with such care. You just have to download one of the apps to identify plants that we recommend below.

Best apps to identify plants

Knowing the name of a plant is very important, since thanks to that you can research about it. Thus, a person who buys, for example, a Phalaenopsis orchid, and knows that it is called that (Phalaenopsis), can find out that it is a tropical plant (that is, sensitive to cold) with aerial roots, that they carry out photosynthesis and that that is why they must be planted in transparent plastic pots. In addition, you will be able to find out that it has to be watered with rainwater, or failing that with the purest possible one, and that when doing so, these roots will turn green.

If you don’t know what its genus and / or species is, you could risk losing it. That is why books, and now more Internet, have helped us and help us discover all the secrets of any species of plant that is grown. But not only that, but Nowadays, knowing the identity of a plant is something that we have at our fingertips.literally. So, without further ado, let’s see what are the best applications to identify plants.


Do you like to go hiking in the mountains? Then this application will be very useful to you to identify trees. Based on scientific research from the Royal Botanical Garden (CSIC), it is today the most popular app, and with good reason:

  • It has 122 files that describe 143 described species of native trees and of those that have become feral in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, each with a brief description and one or more photographs,
  • includes one guided and open search so you can identify the plant intuitively,
  • and if it was not enough includes more than 370 illustrations that serve to better identify the species, and a glossary with about 90 terms.

It is totally free. You have it available both for Android and iOS.

If you are in the Canary Islands, you have ArbolApp Canarias, with 92 species of trees from that wonderful archipelago described in 84 files. It is also available for Android e iOS.

iKnow Trees 2 LITE

Do you want to identify European and North American trees? Now you can with this app, which actually It is a magnificent library full of images (in total, about 2000) and descriptions. It is so complete, that it includes:

  • Sheets of 200 species of trees.
  • Search for species by appearance, fruit and / or habitat.
  • Game to learn to distinguish them.

It’s like having all the information in an encyclopedia on your mobile. The only drawback is that this is a Lite version, which is free, but if you want the full version you will have to pay. Anyway, with the Lite you will be able to enjoy a lot; yes, only it’s in english.

You have it for Android.

LeafSnap – Plant Identification

How many times have you seen a plant that you loved, but couldn’t figure out its gender? This happens a lot when you visit someone’s yard or garden. It is not always easy to identify it, unless you have an application that does the work for you.

Just by taking a photo and uploading it, you will be able to know the scientific name and its main characteristics. Likewise, you will be able to have access to very beautiful images of plants from anywhere in the world, with their description. Also, you should know that:

  • It has a database of thousands of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs.
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence, knowing the species of your plant will only take a few seconds.

And it’s a free plant identifier. It is available for Android e iOS.


This is an application that allows you to identify plants by photos. You simply have to make one of the plant, and thus you will be able to know interesting facts about it: its name, basic characteristics (type of plant: tree, shrub, flower, etc.), if it is perennial or deciduous, its height, and much more :

Is available for Android e iOS.

PlantIn: Plant Identification

Has it ever happened to you that you were not very sure about the plant you have or what you want to buy? This is something that happens often. Luckily, it has an easy solution. With this application to identify their names, surely you will not see yourself in that situation again, and that is that just by taking a photo, you will discover:

  • its name and characteristics;
  • what illness do you have;
  • how to take care of it like a pro.

Even you can create a diary of your plantand thus make sure that you are doing what you need to be perfect.

Is available for Android e iOS.

Plantsss – Ecological Radar

Would you like to recognize the plants around you? Know their names, their characteristics, if they have any use… If so, Plantsss is your application, since it has a wide catalog of plant species. In addition, you can do it quietly while you take a walk in the mountains or visit a garden, and it is the best free plant identifier:

  • You can find plants of all kinds: trees, medicinal, aromatic, etc.
  • Know what your basic needs aresuch as the climate in which it lives best, whether it has to be pruned or not; and even tells you very curious facts, such as its method of reproduction.

Of course, you have to know that works with GPS. It is available for Android e iOS.

plant snap

Can you imagine having hundreds of thousands of tokens of plants and mushrooms on your smartphone? Although it may seem impossible, in reality it is not so. This is an application with which you will find out what name the crops you have have, in an easy, fast and fun way.

Their characteristics are:

  • Identify the plant by image. Make it as clear as possible, and the app’s database will show you all the information about it.
  • You have described more than 600.000 species of trees, cacti, succulents, mushrooms, and much more. You will even know some curiosities about them.
  • Find identified plants anywhere in the world. With the Explore function, you will know what species are anywhere (don’t worry, the photos are anonymous).
  • Create your plant collection and see the images wherever and whenever you want.

Available for Android e iOS, is a free app.

What is the best app to recognize plants?

It is a bit difficult to give an answer, since it will depend a lot on what type of plant we want to identify, on our tastes, and even on whether we have an Android or iOS device. But if there is an app that I cannot stop recommending, it is PlantNet.

This is a very interesting app, since you only have to take a photo of a part of the plant or upload it from the gallery. Later, shows you a series of images of the more than 4000 species of plants already identified so you can know the name of yours. It was developed by various teams of scientists, such as CIRAD, INRA and the Tela Botánica network.

The only thing is that for it to really serve you it is important that the images are as sharp as possible. Likewise, it is possible that if it is a very rare plant you will have trouble knowing its name.

It’s free, and you have it for Android e iOS.

We hope they serve you.

The 8 best apps to identify plants

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