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garden maintenance tips

The garden requires various maintenance tasks that must be done on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes people who have a garden do not know very well what these tasks are in order to keep the garden in good condition. We are going to give you many tips for the garden maintenance that can help you to have it well decorated and healthy.

In this article we are going to tell you what are the best tips for garden maintenance.

Tips for garden maintenance

garden maintenance

garden maintenance

Light and irrigation

If water is important, so is light. Have a good control of the lights and shadows that appear in your garden and farm to protect the plants and flowers that do not require a lot of light or heat to damage them. Look for spaces with the most sun exposure for other plants that need constant sunlight to look their most beautiful and active.

Obviously, it doesn’t have to be less important. Clearly, water is essential to keep our gardens looking bright, healthy and green. Don’t forget to water. You can rent the installation of an efficient irrigation system and do not forget to program and maintain it. Water is life, and in summer you have to worry about watering every day, sometimes when the sun doesn’t give much.

Keep the land free of weeds

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Pay close attention to the condition of your garden to avoid overgrown weeds. There are many products, such as herbicides, that they can be of great help in controlling unwanted plants and weeds. Gardens require regular care and maintenance to look their best, and part of the responsibility of requiring supervision is the growth of these weeds.

It is convenient to choose the plants that we want to plant and plant them at the right time. If you don’t have time to take care of them, choose plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance and the right flowers for each season of the year. As well you can choose the plants you want to grow depending on the characteristics of the garden (type of soil, irrigation, irradiated sunlight…).

Fertilizer and pest control

Fertilizers complete the basic trio of plants or trees that grow with water and light.. Enriches the soil and provides nutrients to your plants and flowers to ensure they have everything they need to grow strong and colorful. Choose organic fertilizers and prepare the soil for cultivation.

As important as controlling the appearance of weeds is to be attentive to pests. Insecticides and fungicides are often essential to protect or cure our pests and flowers. Pay attention and make sure your vegetation is healthy before it is too late.

Pruning and lawn

It is important to prune trees or plants at the right time. Each fruit or plant has a time to prune. Worry about knowing the best time to prune each plantation, and knowing the most effective techniques to prune bushes, plants or trees.

Taking care of your lawn is a job that requires perseverance and fulfills multiple points on this list. Cleaning weeds, programming irrigation, taking into account the light and having enough material to cut the lawn are essential tasks. Have a lawn in good condition is more than half the appearance of a gardenand it is very easy to keep it short and neat.

Tools for garden maintenance

Gardening tools are essential to take care of your green space. There is a range of basic tools for any care, such as pruning shears, shovels, rakes or garden sweepers. Invest in a hedge trimmer, lawnmower or blower and everything will be easier and faster. Taking care of the material and knowing how to use it involves a lot of work.

If you can afford it and don’t have much time to dedicate to your garden, do not hesitate to hire the services of a professional gardener to take care of and maintain your green space. They know how to control all of the above point by point to keep grass short and green, aggressively water, clean and mow, and control pests and weeds. You will not need or have tools since they have all the materials and machinery.

Other tips for garden maintenance

brush cutter

brush cutter

Gardens with automatic irrigation need to check from time to time if the flow of the dripper is correct or if it is clogged. In the irrigation head it is also necessary to clean the filter and check that everything is correctly automated.

Emitters can become clogged each season due to buildup of soil, organic matter, or sand. They can be cleaned by injecting nitric acid into the pipes to remove carbonate deposits, or they can be cleaned one by one with the help of a thin wire.

Garden furniture should always be in good condition and every year it is normal that we have to do some review of pergola furniture, chairs, table or pool. Being located outdoors, the sun’s rays lose the aesthetic quality of the paintings, forcing them to be renewed every few years. A practical tip is to buy only furniture and garden items whose materials are weather resistantespecially to sudden changes in sunlight and temperature.

If you decide to grow grass in your garden, annual maintenance and upkeep will be required. Once winter is over and temperatures are favorable, replanting is usually done in areas of lower density.

Also, in the spring, grasses tend to grow rapidly, using up a lot of nutrients and requiring more and more water. Therefore, it is normal that you have to cut and mow frequently. To perform this task in the garden, you can use a mechanical brushcutter or a gasoline lawnmower.

It is also common to plant new species in the garden when spring arrives, either to replace plants that have finished their cycle or because we have free space to occupy. In any case, The planting of trees or shrubs requires prior soil preparation, the addition of organic matter, extensive initial irrigation and adaptation of the crop.

As you can see, there are various garden maintenance tasks that must be performed frequently to keep it in good condition. I hope these garden maintenance tips help you.

Tips for garden maintenance | Gardening On

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