Types of lemon trees: 9 examples of the most popular

There are different types of lemon trees

Among the most popular fruit trees is without a doubt the lemon tree. This is because it is relatively easy to grow and gives us acidic and tasty fruits that are ideal for many culinary recipes, for baking and for making lemonade. Also, lemons are used on many occasions as a home remedy for various things. So, it doesn’t hurt to grow them and have them on hand when we need them. Nevertheless, Choosing between all the types of lemon trees that exist today is not easy, since each one has its own characteristics and particularities.

If you are considering purchasing one of these fruit trees, I recommend that you continue reading. In this article we will talk about nine different types of lemon trees so that you can get an idea of ​​what they are and how they differ.

What types of lemon trees are there?

The types of dwarf lemon trees are used mainly for decoration.

The types of dwarf lemon trees are used mainly for decoration.

As with many vegetables, lemon trees also have different varieties. Next we will comment the nine most popular today.


Let’s start by talking a bit about the Meyer variety, which is native to China. It owes its name to the man who first imported this lemon tree into the United States, named Frank Meyer. Actually it is a hybrid vegetable that has some mandarin, some orange and some lemon. For this reason, its fruits tend to be less acidic and more juicy and rounded. In addition, they house abundant seeds inside and have a mild aroma. It should be noted that the Meyer variety is much more resistant to cold than other types of lemon trees.


The next variety to highlight is called Lisbon and it is cultivated mainly in the United States (mainly in the desert areas belonging to Arizona) and in Australia. The fruits that this tree bears are highly prized and are considered to be of high quality. They are very acidic and have a high level of juice. As for the lemon tree, it has many thorns and usually produces many lemons, which differ by having a very rough skin.


Let’s continue with the Verna lemon tree, which is very popular in Spain. This country grows more than 600 tons of this variety each year, with Alicante and Murcia being the largest producers. It is characterized mainly by having two blooms through which lemons with different characteristics arise:

  1. Those of harvest: They are collected in spring.
  2. The verdelli: They are collected at the end of summer. They tend to have smoother and finer skin.

What both types of lemons do have in common is that They are large in size, have a tender pulp and have a lot of juice.


Another of the most popular types of lemon trees is the Eureka, also known as four seasons lemon tree. It originates from California, which today is also one of the most important products of this variety, along with other countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Israel and Australia. It is not clear how it originated, but they say it was from a seed belonging to the variety known as moon lemon tree.

The lemons produced by the Eureka lemon tree are medium in size and have an elliptical shape with a neck. As for its flavor, they tend to be very acidic and have a high level of juice. Among the most outstanding advantages of this fruit tree is its ability to bear fruit throughout the year, which is why they are very common in supermarkets around the world.

prima fiori

Lemon trees are one of the most popular fruit trees

Lemon trees are one of the most popular fruit trees

Also known as fine lemon, the Primofiori lemon tree is another of the most notable types of lemon trees in Spain, and the earliest in terms of production. The blooms of this variety are very intense and It gives oval fruits with smooth skin and medium size. In addition, these lemons are characterized by having a remarkable acidity and a lot of juice.


Let’s continue with the variety called Yuzu. This is one of the most cultivated types of lemon trees in Japan and China for centuries. The fruits it produces They have an aroma that is halfway between white grape and Meyer lemon. So it is not surprising that it is a hybrid created from the kaffir lime and the acid mandarin ichan papea. It should be noted that the Yuzu lemon tree is one of the citrus fruits that is most resistant to cold.

Variegated Pink

Among the somewhat rarer types of lemon trees, the Variegated Pink stands out. It is a variety of Eureka or Lisbon that is easily distinguished by the curious multicolored pattern that its leaves have. Its fruits are also easy to differentiate, since both its juice and its pulp have orange and pink tones.


The Ponderosa lemon tree is another of the varieties that is most resistant to frost and cold, which is why it is ideal for growing in areas where temperatures are usually rather low. The fruits of this vegetable have an elongated shape and have a fairly thin skin. As for its flavor, it is very similar to citron-lemon hybrids.


Finally we have to highlight the lemon Bush. This variety has been naturalized, reason for which we can find it in the wild in various areas belonging to Australia. This type of lemon tree has great rusticity and resistance. In addition, its lemons are among the most appreciated at a culinary level, since their skin is very fine and aromatic.

Other Popular Types of Lemon Trees

Although it is true that we have already talked a bit about the most popular types of lemon trees, there are many more varieties, some rarer than others, such as dwarf citrus, which is part of the types of lemon trees considered dwarf. The fruits of these can be consumed, but they are mostly used for decorative purposes. Apart from those mentioned so far, these varieties are also quite popular:

The dwarf lemon tree requires various careThe dwarf lemon tree requires several care

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As you can see, there are many different types of lemon trees. When choosing one, it is best to choose the one that best suits the climate of our area and other environmental factors.

Types of lemon trees: 9 examples of the most popular

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