What is the best time to cut down trees and how to do it

felling of trees in forests

cut down trees it is a task that must be done at the most appropriate time so that it can grant positive and not negative effects. For this reason, it is important to take care of the technique and the time of year in which we carry out the felling or pruning of trees to benefit from all its advantages.

Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you what is the best time to cut down trees and how you should do it.

cut down trees

tree pruning

tree pruning

Pruning is the process of trimming a tree or shrub. With proper pruning, pruning can increase fruit yield; therefore, it is a common agricultural practice. In forestry production it is used to obtain straighter stems and fewer shoots, therefore of higher quality.

Winter is the best time to prune trees if necessaryas they shed less sap when resting. This is a simple operation, but you need to know where and how to cut. When in doubt, it is best to consult a garden center before carrying out operations on specimens that have irreversible consequences.

Pruning consists of the total or partial elimination of dry, poorly oriented or dead branches. A good pruning of the tree significantly improves the health of the tree and prevents diseases that can negatively affect it. Significant growth can occur if not pruned properly. This is because the tree spends a lot of energy trying to grow new branches at the edge of the stump.

The best time to cut down trees

cut down trees

cut down trees

Generally speaking, the best time to fell trees is late winter because the tree is leafless, allowing a better view of the branches. Growth is not affected as no sap production is required since it is in full growth stage (spring and summer). Depending on the objectives achieved (flowering, fruit production in shade, volume), each plant will require one or more pruning. Pruning is most convenient when plants are in vegetative dormancy.

Usually, in most cases, it should be done in winter, or, depending on the weather, at the end of winter, when the danger of significant frosts that could damage the plants has passed. Certain plants that bloom in winter should be pruned during the summer vegetative break. Ornamental trees and shrubs that flower in spring are usually pruned after flowering, not in winter.

How to do it

cut down trees with chainsaw

cut down trees with chainsaw

The felling begins with a cut on the underside, almost half its diameter, about 20-30 cm from the trunk from which it originated, about 10 cm further outa new cut is made from above to separate the branches, which due to their own weight are broken without losing the bark. When cutting, remove the remaining stump. Generally speaking, it can be said that the best time to prune fruit trees is when the first leaves have not yet appeared but are about to, or when the fruit is picked. In this way, wounds created by pruning can heal quickly, reducing the risk of fungal or viral infections.

What should be done in these cases is to prune the invasive branches, in our case, those of the mimosa. What you should do in these cases is prune the invasive branches, in our case, the spiky magnolias. For this work we will have to cut thick branches, we will use a chainsaw and take the necessary security measures, wear goggles and gloves. Everyone knows the great benefits that trees provide, especially if they receive the necessary care.

They protect us from the heat due to the shade they create, and they increase the humidity of the air, which reduces the temperature. Pruning should be done when the tree is growing and there is little sap flow. Improper or untimely pruning can lead to fungal infections that can cause trees to rot. On the other hand, leaving branches next to the cut allows the sap does not abruptly interrupt its ascending path.

For the tree to begin to heal, the wound must be clean and free of tears. For this, it is necessary to use sharp tools and cut in the right place. Exactly at the point of junction with the parent branch, or at the intersection of two branches, a “y” is formed. Make sure they are not flush with the trunk.

Humidity favors rotting and fungal attack. In addition, the neck (the area at the base of the branch) must be respected when making the cut, since the cells that help wound healing are concentrated there.


Proper pruning can help control the size of the plant in the garden and keep the trees always green and in the correct proportions, since unnecessary branches and unwanted structures that can detract from the good appearance of the plant are eliminated. achieve a very harmonious way to achieve a beautiful garden, therefore, for proper pruning, we recommend you follow these suggestions:

All dead trees and branches should be removed to make your garden safe in winter, snow or wind. It is also recommended to prune brittle branches that have fallen on houses, parking lots, and sidewalks, and carefully monitor that fallen branches do not cause injury to third parties or damage to private property. It is beneficial to trim any branches that might interfere with street lights, traffic signals, and overhead power lines.

The tools for pruning or felling trees are the work tools that allow you to make an adequate cut, so it is best to prune with the necessary and sufficient tools. These tools are now highly valued on the market and, fortunately, companies that provide gardening and tree trimming services they have these tools and they know how to use them correctly.

Pruners are the most versatile. A good pair can cut branches up to 2 inches in diameter. Scissors are tools similar to pruning shears, and their long handles provide the treatment needed to cut branches up to 1,5 inches in diameter. There are scissors to trim hedges, and they are designed specifically for this type of plants.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about what is the best time to cut down trees and how you should do it.

What is the best time to cut down trees and how to do it

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