How to protect plants from cold and frost?

Although there are many plants that resist cold and frost, the truth is that even they need some protection during their youth and, also, during their first winter in our garden, patio or balcony. Knowing the rusticity of the species we want is very important, but it is highly recommended to bear in mind that […]

Here you will know how to fight medlar diseases. Take note

The medlar is a plant of great value throughout the world and this has to do with the fact that its fruits are edible, although they are also used ornamentally, that is why we can see it in all kinds of gardens, parks and walks. Although it is very resistant, it is important to know […]

Characteristics, properties and cultivation of wonder lettuce

One of the best known types of lettuce that can be consumed throughout the year is the wonder lettuce. Its scientific name is sativa lettuce. It can be consumed throughout the year thanks to the fact that there are some varieties of this lettuce known as 4-season wonder lettuce which is harvested during the months […]

Dyeing plants: What are they, color extraction and flower examples

Have you ever wondered how you get so many colors in fabrics? Although synthetic dyes are used today, the human being began using flowers to give color to the fabrics. Currently, a wide range of so-called dyeing plants are still used at a domestic and ecological level: Plants suitable for dyeing fabrics. If you are […]

Carraspique (Iberis sempervirens), a plant for beginners

Having a potted plant and getting it to produce a large number of flowers each year may seem like a somewhat difficult goal to achieve at first, but the reality is that there are many species that can brighten our day. One of them is the evergreen iberisa perennial that does not grow much, and […]

How to prevent soil erosion

Soil erosion is one of the biggest and most serious problems that anyone who wants to cultivate their garden and / or have a garden can encounter. When a land has been so badly treated, either by the wind, the strong insolation or by the action of the human being, it needs time and, above […]

When to transplant an olive tree

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Nephron The olive tree is an evergreen fruit tree that is very popular in gardens. It is one of those that best resists drought and heat, and also one of the few that does not need to be cold during the winter to produce a large quantity of fruits. However, […]

Find out what it is and how to eliminate corrugated mealybug easily

The corrugated mealybug takes over our citrus trees and other plants. Possibly at first glance you do not realizebut if you look in detail, you will see how these small insects take over its leaves, deteriorating them and affecting the integrity of the tree and its fruits. What is corrugated mealybug? To stop it we […]

10 frost resistant rockery plants

Rockeries are one of the decorative elements that are best in gardens, especially in those that are in places where the climate is warm. But although we are more used to seeing them in, for example, the Mediterranean region where the frosts are quite mild, that does not mean that we cannot enjoy them in […]

What are angiosperm plants? | Gardening On

Gazania freezes Angiosperm plants are the largest group in the Plant Kingdom. They have managed to colonize practically the entire globe, and all thanks to their adaptability. They are the most cultivated in gardens, and it is that … who does not like flowers? Let’s learn more about these fantastic plants: their origin, what makes […]

What is kiryuzuna and what is it used for?

Image – When you start in the world of bonsai there are a few words that will simply sound very strange to you, especially those that refer to substrates. Although now that you are starting it is likely that more than once mobs will be recommended to you, the reality is that there are […]

Where do plants get energy from?

When we grow plants sometimes we find ourselves in the situation that they are weak, lack of energy. But what does this really mean? These beings to stay alive do something that no animal is capable of: transform sunlight into foodonly with water and air; However, when they are bad, their vital functions slow down, […]

Characteristics, habitat and care of the Geranium molle

Today we are going to talk about a type of geranium that is little used in the field of gardening because it does not have much beauty, but it can have certain uses, especially as a background grass. Its about geranium molle. It is also known by other common names such as spring geranium, brad, […]

What is mole cricket and how do you fight it?

Plants can be affected by a wide variety of insects that can seriously harm them. Although some of the most dangerous are easily prevented by keeping them well cared for, unfortunately there are others that will cause us some headaches, such as mole cricket. The onion scorpion, its other popular name, is a very good […]

How to make a repellent for rabbits?

Rabbits are rodents that can like a lot or they can not like anything at all. In many parts of the world they are a pest, since they multiply very much and very fast, and they have many young which grow quickly. Being herbivorous animals, they can cause significant damage to the garden. How to […]

Magnolia diseases: The most common and how to cure them

The magnolia is one of the most popular trees to have in the garden. It is not surprising, as it is famous for being very resistant and creating beautiful flowers. Nevertheless, there are some magnolia diseases that are quite frequent and that we should know about. Knowing in advance what can affect our tree, we […]

Can hydrogen peroxide be used to care for plants?

It may seem somewhat curious that a product that we normally use to clean and disinfect wounds so that they heal quickly and well has some use in gardening. But yes, it can also help us to take care of our plants effectively. But when and how to use it? If you want to know […]

Trees for an oriental garden

Oriental gardens description Gardens in the oriental style (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) are among the most beautiful in the world, due to the fact that they have harmoniously combined elements necessary to create an atmosphere of absolute peace, balance and incredible beauty in different seasons. The philosophical and religious tradition of the East developed the contemplation […]

Verna lemon: Discover its characteristics and care

The verna lemon is among the most appreciated varieties when preparing juice, because it consists of a large lemon from which it is possible to extract around 30-40% juice. In addition, stands out for being the variety that is usually harvested immediately after the fine lemonand because with the passage of time it achieves greater […]

Why is soil important for plants

The earth. The ground we step on when we go to the garden is the source of life in it. Without it, there would be no plants, for they cannot grow on asphalt or on the walls of buildings, or even on roofs. They contribute oxygen to the atmosphere and, as a consequence, allow us […]

Pink peonies.” 2019

Content: pink herbaceous peonies pink tree peonies Peonies differ from other garden plants in that they are beautiful not only when their flowers are fully opened, but also when they are in bud. They pair well with roses, irises, lupins, geraniums and delphiniums. These plants can live up to 100 years and still produce flowers. […]

How to use rooting hormones?

Image – Flickr / Keith Simmons Would you like to obtain new plants by cuttings in a simple way and have guarantees of success? Then I recommend that you acquire rooting hormoneswhich you can find in nurseries and garden stores. Whether in powder or liquid, used correctly they can be very helpful. Thus, your cutting […]

This is the best homemade insecticide that exists

What is the best homemade insecticide that exists? When we have some plants, the difficult thing is to keep them healthy, without pests, throughout their lives, since they are the food of many insects: some very easy to see, such as grasshoppers, and other smaller ones, such as aphids or red spiders. What’s more, organic […]

What pest makes holes in the leaves of plants?

The leaves are usually very tender, as well as palatable, especially to a wide variety of insects and other animals. For this reason, sometimes we come across some holes, something that undoubtedly worries us and draws our attention. And of course, if we take all this into account, we can get an idea of ​​how […]

Lilac: the best varieties and cultivation

There is a beautiful omen: a lilac in the garden is for luck. Perhaps that is why it was often planted in gardens, in front gardens, to admire the delicate purple or white tassels of flowers and to inhale their delicate aroma. Lilac was a symbol of spring, spring holidays and a good grade on […]

Lithodora diffusa: characteristics, cultivation and care

Today we are going to talk about a type of plant that, although it has a small size, is used for gardening. It’s about the Lithodora diffusion. It has the common name of Carrasquilla azul and grass of the seven sangrías. The genus to which it belongs has about 20 species and all of them […]

When and how to make olive cuttings?

Image – Wikimedia / H. Zell The olive tree is a wonderful tree: it gives good shade once it matures, and as it ages its trunk becomes wide, with cracks. All this makes its ornamental value very high, since it is also easy to maintain as it resists drought better than many other species. And, […]

Tuberose (poliantes) – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

The origin of tuberose (polyanthesus) This fragrant plant comes from Mexico. Outside of central and southern Mexico, tuberose is no longer found in the wild. The Aztecs flavored an alcoholic drink, “chocolatl”, dedicated to the gods. This flower came to Spain in the 16th century among the trophies of Hernán Cortés, who conquered the Aztec […]

How to buy outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions are not only used to decoratebut to be more comfortable when sitting. But choosing them is sometimes not easy because we tend to choose based on our tastes and not the best to be outdoors. Therefore, here you will know how to buy outdoor cushionswhat you should pay more attention to and some […]

How to make a flamboyant bonsai

Image – Blond Bonsai Would you like to have a flamboyant but you don’t have enough space for it to develop well? Well, I have the perfect solution for you: work it like bonsai. I’m not going to fool you: it is not a particularly popular tree in this world of miniature trees, but… it […]

Advantages of bee-pollinated and self-pollinated cucumbers

Types of bee pollinated cucumbers and their benefits Among bee-pollinated cucumbers, 3 groups are distinguished – bush, gherkins and hybrids. bush cucumbers Many varieties of cucumbers form fruits on hanging long stems. Planting such varieties is advisable in areas with a limited area, for example, in greenhouses. When grown outdoors, it is better to use […]

How to know if my zamioculcas is sick?

Zamioculcas are said to be off-road plants since they are capable of withstanding practically anything. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t get sick. Sometimes, having a sick zamioculcas is common and detecting the symptoms as early as possible can make a difference between saving her or having to say goodbye to her. Therefore, if you […]

How to repel pests with pheromone traps?

Image – Flickr / chausinho The use of compound / chemical insecticides, especially if it is intensive, can cause irreversible damage not only to plants, but also to the environment. That is why it is increasingly advisable to bet on other types of products, which will keep your crops in good shape. There are several, […]

Plant transpiration: What is it, importance, types and factors

Although it is known that plants during the day produce oxygen through photosynthesis and at night they expel carbon dioxide to carry out the process called “respiration”, few know what the transpiration of plants is. It is basically the evaporation of the water that they lose. But why does it happen? What benefits do plants […]

The crunchiest cucumbers and tomatoes

Ingredients 2 cucumbers; 2 ripe tomatoes; 3 cloves of garlic. 2 table. spoons of apple cider vinegar (to taste); 1 teaspoon of sugar; 1/2 teaspoon of salt; 1 table. a spoonful of freshly chopped dill; 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper; 2 table. tablespoons of vegetable oil. Cooking Cooking time: 30 min. Crispy cucumbers and tomatoes […]

Plant aubergines: when and how to do it step by step

When we talk about aubergines, we refer to vegetables originating in the East that are characterized by being very soft and nutritious. As they have a very rich flavor and beneficial properties for our body, it is not surprising that they have spread throughout the world. In addition, there are many recipes in which these […]

What care does the handle need?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / B.navez The tree that I am going to tell you about next is a fruit plant that reaches considerable dimensions. So much so that it reaches a height of about thirty meters with a crown diameter of up to six meters; that is we are facing a perfect tree to […]

Such different herbaceous hibiscus.” 2019

Content: Description Popular varieties of herbaceous hibiscus Herbaceous hibiscus is one of the few garden plants that captivates with large and giant flowers. And every year more and more people choose to plant them in the garden or in pots. Find out what are the most popular varieties of herbaceous hibiscus in Ukraine. Description Hibiscus […]

All about the Phytolacca | Gardening On

Image – Flickr / Teresa Grau Ros The Phytolacca They are a very pretty genus of plants, perfect to have in large gardens or spacious patios, but also to grow in pots. They develop leaves of a magnificent green color, and in addition some species can be consumed after having treated them. Its maintenance is […]

Eucomis. Learn all about this plant

This unusual plant is called pineapple lily, but it is not a relative of lilies. What is it, does it happen, you will be surprised. Meet Eucomis or Eucomis, a relative of our snowdrops, pushkinia, origami, hyacinths and muscari, which have long settled in our gardens. A flower with basal rosettes of lush leaves with […]

What is underground irrigation? Everything you need to know

Irrigation systems have become more and more technical over time until they can be fully controlled remotely and achieve ever-increasing efficiency. One of the items that has aroused the most interest among farmers in recent years is the underground irrigation. It has undeniable advantages over other systems, but it also has some problems that need […]

When to plant lemon tree

The lemon tree is a much loved fruit tree: it produces fruits that, although they cannot be consumed directly, the juice has many uses in the kitchen. With it you can make drinks, ice cream lollies, as well as to sweeten dishes. In addition, it gives very good shade, which is always very interesting, especially […]

Avocado, what is it, fruit or vegetable?

There are many fruits and vegetables that can make us doubt if they are really well framed. The tomato, for example, is considered a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit botanically. But, what about the avocado? What is it, fruit or vegetable? If you consume avocado and we have just created that doubt for […]

Lilies of the valley in a pot. Best offer

May lily of the valley spread Lily of the valley is a spectacular herbaceous perennial, representative of the Asparagus family. The Latin name Convallaria majalis roughly translates as May Lily of the Valley. It grows in areas with a temperate climate. It mainly grows in mixed, deciduous and forests with a lot of pine. Also […]

Bighead worm plague: characteristics, biology and control

As we know, there are numerous frosts that affect our crops, whether in gardens or agriculture. Today we are going to talk about a plague of great importance in fruit trees. Its about big-headed worm. It is an animal that is increasingly increasing its population and danger. In the region of Murcia, Valencian Community, Extremadura […]

Contest The best photo of your amaryllis!

Dear friends! We are announcing a grandiose competition on social networks Instagram and Facebook “The BEST PHOTO OF YOUR AMARYLLIS” with a prize fund of 2000 UAH. Facebook contest Terms of the contest Prize for the first place – 1500 UAH. For the second place – 500 UAH. To participate in the contest, you need […]

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