Alstroemeria in your garden … – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest


  • what is alstroemeria
  • how to grow alstroemerias
  • reproduction of alstroemeria

What is alstroemeria

Alstroemeria – perennial herbaceous plant. Her flowers have a high decorative effect, have bright colors and airy petals. Bushes bloom profusely and for a long time, throughout the summer.

Alstroemeria looks spectacular in a single planting, in container and pot plantings. Cut flowers stand for a long time in a vase with water.

How to grow alstroemerias

How to care for alstroemeria? Alstroemeria blooms profusely only in sunny areas, but it is desirable that at noon the sun’s rays do not burn it.

soil prefers loose, well-drained and slightly acidic. Needs to regular wateringdo not allow the soil to dry out. In drought and heat, water the plants early in the morning and late in the evening.

Alstroemeria likes top dressing. In the spring, as soon as the plants begin to grow, feed it with organic fertilizer. Pour a layer of humus or compost around the bushes (mulch the bushes).

In summer feed complex mineral fertilizer. To flowering was continuous, remove faded flowers in time. When flowering ends, in autumn, cut the stems (this applies only to tall varieties), leaving 10 cm at the soil level.

Alstroemeria bushes for the winter need shelter. After the first frost, cover the plants with spruce branches or dry foliage, top with foil and earth. Alstroemeria should winter in dryness.

Alstroemeria how to save. In areas with severe frosts, for the winter dig up the bushes. Be sure to dig up the bushes along with an earthen clod, place them in boxes and cover with earth. Store boxes until spring in the basement, or in another cool, dark and frost-free place. When working with alstroemeria, be careful, as the juice of its leaves can cause skin irritation.

Reproduction of alstroemeria

How does Alstroemeria reproduce? The easiest and most reliable method of reproduction is the division of rhizomes. Sometimes Alstroemeria is also propagated by seeds. You can divide the bushes in spring or autumn.

Mother bush, with a sharp, clean knife divide into sections. Sprinkle the cuts with crushed charcoal. Dig holes and add manure or compost to them.

Plant plants at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Planting depth is approximately 20 cm. After planting, water well and mulch. Alstroemeria transplant suffers painfully and blooms profusely only in the second year.

If you managed to purchase alstroemeria seeds, sow them into seedling boxes in the month of April. Sow in loose soil. Cover boxes with crops with glass or film.

Seeds germinate within a month. In open ground plant seedlings in May, after the threat of a return of late frosts. Such plants bloom in the second year after sowing.

When alstroemerias bloom. You will see the first flowers 10-15 June, less often – at the end of June. Usually flowering is bright, lush and very plentiful. Alstroemeria was also loved for the duration of flowering, because two months to enjoy flowers is a very long period.

A beautiful flower that pleases gardeners almost all summer. And only at the very end of August alstroemeria will begin to fade.

Alstroemeria where to buy bulbs. Choose alstroemeria bulbs in online stores, because they are stored there correctly, selecting the healthiest and best ones.

A good selection of varieties and colors can be bought in the store Floriom.

Published: 04.11.2016

Alstroemeria in your garden … – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

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