Benefits of using the walnut shell in the garden and garden

Juglans regia tree nuts

Normally when we eat a nut we usually throw the shell in the trash or in the compost heap, right? But, What if I told you that it can be an excellent fertilizer for plants? Whether they are spread in pots or in the garden, it is easy to get them to have excellent growth and better development.

So, every time you go to eat a nut, don’t throw away the remains. Take advantage of them to take care of your plants. Next you will see what are the benefits of walnut shells in the garden or orchard.

What nutrients do walnut shells bring to the garden?

Whether you have a Walnut (Regal music) of fruiting age as if you like to go to the supermarket to buy nuts, you will not only be able to enjoy their content but also the benefits of the shells, which they are very rich in phosphorus and potassiumtwo of the three essential macronutrients, as well as in sodium, iron, zinc, and somewhat less in manganese, calcium, magnesium and copper.

The shells, whether chopped or spread without manipulating them too much on the substrate or soil, as they decompose they will release these nutrients so that they can be absorbed by the roots of the plants.

How long do you get results?

We have to be aware that walnut shells are natural slow release fertilizersso we will not notice the effects after a few days, but the plant will absorb the nutrients that it needs as the process of decomposition of the shells progresses.

In addition, it must be added that thanks to this fertilizer the soil or substrate will become richer in nutrientswhich will allow the vegetables to have a very good development.

How to take advantage of walnut shells for plants?

Young plant in container

Young plant in container

As walnut shells are completely natural, they can be used in different ways:

Do they have any uses for humans?

The truth is that yes. The walnut shell is very beneficial for the hairas it prevents it from falling out before its time and, in addition, they are a good natural dye. How to take advantage of them?

Well if what you want is prevent fallwhat you have to do is an infusion with the shells and use the resulting liquid to wash dark hair. But if you need a natural dyein that case you must follow this step by step:

  1. First, take some green walnut shells, crush them, and then boil them for half an hour.
  2. Afterward, let it cool until it forms a kind of paste.
  3. Then, with a cotton ball, apply the mixture to dry hair.
  4. Finally, rinse it with water and wash it as you always do.

Following this step by step, you will also be able to dye the gray hair that has come out a dark color.

Did you know that walnut shells could be used to fertilize plants?

Benefits of using the walnut shell in the garden and garden

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