Bus tour to Keukenhof Park (Spring 2020)!

Do you love flowers as much as we do? Can’t you imagine your life without flowers?

Then we offer you an incredible opportunity to visit Keukenhof – the world’s largest flower park.

We will also visit the huge Royal Holland auction and the Open Day at the Dutch Greenhouses (Kom In da Kas).

Go on a unique journey with like-minded people in the flower field. You will visit all the best locations with the best professional guides.

Join our group and we will give you the most unforgettable trip of your life!

We offer 3 tour programs.

Program №1 to be given: 2.04-8.04.

Program №2 dates: 9.04-15.04, 15.04-21.04.

And also program No. 3 dates: 04.21-04.27.

More detailed information can be found on the website travel.florium.ua.

Detailed description of the tour by day

Day 1

In the city of Lviv, the tourist group is assembled, all documents are checked and preparations are made for departure.

Then we cross the border and go to Krakow.

Sightseeing tour of Krakow

The city of Krakow is the pearl of Poland, where all the royal dynasties had their residences. UNESCO included the historic center of this city in the World Cultural Heritage Fund.

Excursion to the Wawel Castle Complex

Wawel is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture built by the most skilled masters from Western Europe.

The castle is decorated with an incredible collection of works of oriental art.

We will also see blooming magnolias over 100 years old on the territory of the castle.

Day 2

We will visit the majestic Berlin.

Sightseeing tour of Berlin

The beautiful center of Germany.

It impresses with its size and the combination of modern technological solutions with ancient traditions.

All of Berlin is covered with a large number of squares and large green parks.

On the excursion, we will visit all the most famous places of the capital, in particular, we will see the Reichstag building and the elegant Branderbus Gate.

Day 3

This day is dedicated to the capital of the Netherlands – Amsterdam.

Sightseeing tour of the city

An incredible city with a fabulous atmosphere.

Romantic canals, unusual dancing houses, many bridges with their own history — all this will give you unforgettable impressions.

We will walk through the most interesting streets of the city, hear about the secrets of the city’s architectural ensemble.

We will also see a unique floating flower market. It will tell you exactly how to choose tulip bulbs.

It will also be possible to choose additional excursions:

1. A ship on the canals of the capital — a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam on a retro-ship on the Amstel river.

2. The Rijksmuseum is the largest gallery in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It contains art exhibits from antiquity to modern times.

3. Vincent Van Gogh Museum – up to two hundred canvases of the outstanding Dutch impressionist are collected under the roof of the museum.

4. Evening Amsterdam – incredible secrets and locations of the city, which are most interesting for tourists at night.

Day 4

Open day at Kom In da Kas Dutch Greenhouses

This is a really special event for the country.

This is the day when companies engaged in growing flowers open their doors so that everyone can visit them.

We will get acquainted with the cultivation and peculiarities of work in the middle of the greenhouses of the largest companies in the Netherlands. This event is available only on tour dates 02.04 – 08.04.

Zaanse Schans is a museum and park complex

Zaanse Schans is the place where world-famous Dutch cheeses and huge windmills were born. You will learn about the history of cheese making in different eras.

And the most pleasant moment will be the tasting of cheeses. It is here that clogs and wooden shoes are created, which are also considered one of the symbols of the country.

Village of Volendam

Volendam is both ancient history and exquisite landscapes.

In this fishing village, residents still live in traditional wooden houses.

They are also dressed in national costumes. Here you will try real Dutch herring and some other dishes.

The Royal Hague

The Hague is the administrative center of the South Holland region.

It is in this city that the government and the main residence of the royal family of the Netherlands are located.

This is a city of aristocrats.

We will visit the most prominent places of The Hague, in particular we will see the residence of the King of the Netherlands.

This event is available only on the dates of the tour – 04.09 – 04.15 / 04.15 – 04.21 / 04.21 – 04.27.

Day 5

Royal Flora Holland flower auction

This auction is the largest flower auction on the planet. Located near Amsterdam.

It is in this place that huge volumes of fresh flowers and planting material are sold, which are then sent to dozens of countries around the world.

We will be able to see the heart of the flower business.

Entrance and ticket are included in the price of the tour. Duration 2 hours.

Keukenhof park

The most important location of our tour. This is a giant flower park with a total area of ​​39 hectares.

That is why it is often called the “Garden of Europe”.

Incredible avenues of 500 varieties of tulips, hyacinths, muscari and other spring-flowering crops will give you unforgettable impressions.

The kingdom of colors and aromas of the park will be remembered for a lifetime.

Day 6

We will visit Prague.

Sightseeing tour “Prague – the city of legends”

The capital of the Czech Republic is a city with ancient and sophisticated architecture. The city is known for its cathedrals, universities, and historical museums.

Prague Botanical Garden + Fata Morgana Greenhouse

An unforgettable place for all nature lovers. This botanical garden is located on a territory with a total area of ​​50 hectares. It is divided into several viewing areas.

There are 15,000 types of plants growing on the territory of the garden, which were brought from different parts of the globe.

Day 7

Return to Lviv at approximately 20:00.

You can find more detailed information about program #1, program #2, and program #3 of the tour on the website travel.florium.ua.

Published: 18.01.2020

Bus tour to Keukenhof Park (Spring 2020)!

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