Buying guide for a terrace fogger

Buying guide for a patio fogger

Do you have a terrace and you cannot use it in summer due to the heat? Perhaps some plants in the garden that die when the summer arrives if the temperature is too high? Then what you need is a terrace fogger.

Wait, don’t you know how to buy it or what to consider when choosing one? Do not worry, we clarify all the important points.

Top 1. The best fogger for terrace


  • Installs in less than 10 minutes.
  • Save 70% water.
  • Made of polyurethane.


  • The drops make you wet.
  • The nozzles release water even when closed.
  • Parts may be missing or not working.

Selection of foggers for terrace

In addition to the one we consider the best, here we leave you other options to consider. Look at them.

Landrip Outdoor Water Misting Kit(8M)

It is a small system, for not too large terraces and with powerful cooling. It is easy to install thanks to the clips and come pre-assembled. It is only used with cold water and with a hose, not for auxiliary pump.

CINEMON Foggers for Outdoor Terraces 20M

Very easy to set up, just follow the instructions to get a pleasant fog that lowers the temperature and maintains humidity.

Hydrogarden Kit Nebulizers for Terrace

With a total of 18m, this misting kit is easy to install and offers a perfect cooling system in summer.

CARER SPARK Outdoor Misting Cooling System (20m) with Faucet

To use it in multiple places, from umbrellas to greenhouses, orchards, etc. It is easy to assemble thanks to its adjustability. It has mist irrigation.

XDDIAS Garden Nebulizer Kit

Easy to install as you only have to connect it to a water tap, you can save 70%. It has everything you need to cover an area of ​​24 meters.

Buying guide for a terrace fogger

There is no doubt that a terrace fogger is not only beneficial for plants, but also for people because the temperatures in that area are lowered. But, when buying it, sometimes you can make a mistake and either not have enough for the terrace, or be too much.

How about you take a look at the keys you should keep in mind?


The first important factor when buying a terrace fogger is the size. It is important that buy one according to the size where you want to use it. If you buy it too small it will not do the function it should; and if it is too big in the end it can negatively affect it.

There will always be time to expand it if your terrace gets bigger or you need more, but it is better to choose one based on size.


There are many nebulizers on the market. But what you may not know is that there are several types.

One of the first classifications taken into account is based on the size of the droplets it releases. Thus, we can find:

  • low pressure nebulizers, which are the ones used in terraces, gardens, greenhouses, etc. and that work at 3,5 bars. What they do is spray small drops of water to maintain moisture and hydration (and lower the temperature).
  • high pressureindicated for professional use and installed in public facilities. In this case they work from 70 bars. These professionals are the ones that have a special characteristic and that is that they disperse the water in droplets smaller than 50 microns, which means that they do not get wet.

Another classification is more system based, finding you with:

  • misting fans, that has a water tank that makes it move to the fan and the blades distribute it.
  • misting kits, easy to install and where again we find the previous classification.


A terrace fogger is made up of many different parts, from tubes to parts that can be made of plastic or PVC, as well as programmers, etc. So you have many materials in the same product.

Price range

Regarding the price, it is obvious that, the bigger and better quality, the more expensive it will be. The nebulizers on the market have a wide price range, being able to find from 20 euros (the most basic and simple) to more than 700 euros (the specialized ones). In the case of professionals, the price can skyrocket to more than a thousand euros.

How does a water fogger work?

The operation of a terrace fogger is very simple. serves for improve humidity in dry environments and with high temperatures, managing to lower the temperature of that area.

To do this, the system, which can even be connected to a water tap, is placed above the terrace so that it disperses small drops of water which, when they evaporate, reduce the temperature and create a wet feeling. In this way, the body cools down.

What pressure do nebulizers need?

terrace fogger

terrace nebulizer

As we have mentioned before, depending on the use that you are going to give the nebulizer, you must control the pressure with which they work.

If it is for home use, that is, For your garden, terrace or greenhouse, a minimum of 3,5 bars is more than enough. But if it is for professional use, perhaps for a bar terrace or similar, then you will need the systems to work at a minimum of 70 bars.

Where to buy?

Now that you have clear aspects that are important when buying a terrace fogger, it is time to take the step and choose one. However, there are many stores where they are sold, so we recommend a few.

The Amazon

Amazon, due to the advantages it offers with online shopping, is one of the first options that we usually look at when buying.

It is true that does not offer many products, as could be another category, but still has some models which may be what you are looking for.


Actually, as a nebulizer product, it only has one kit. However, yes offers parts for misting, in case you want to build one yourself.


Carrefour online is more like Amazon in that it is now open to third-party sellers. In other words, although you buy from Carrefour, you may actually be buying from other stores.

In this case you also have several models and prices to choose from depending on what you are looking for.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you do have a little more quantity, in terms of complete kits. In addition also sells other types of pieces that can be interesting, either to build it yourself or to expand the one you have (or repair it).

Now that you know everything about the terrace fogger, would you dare to put it on yours?

Buying guide for a terrace fogger

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