Campsis – an unpretentious liana for your garden … – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest


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Amazing creeper

It is also called tekomafast growing deciduous vine. Its shoots are capable of conquering great heights; they can climb up to a height of 15 cm along a support. flowers of this plant, large red or orange gramophones, are known to all inhabitants of the south.

campsis flower will become an amazing, rare and very original plant for every garden. But in our colder regions, this plant is still exotic.

Liana blooms from June – July until the first frosts.

In nature there is two kinds: large-flowered (Campsis grandiflora), which naturally grows in China, and Kampsis rooting (Campsis radicans), which came to us from North America.

Planting and caring for vines

How to grow campsis in your garden? Every year it is gaining more and more popularity, thanks to its high decorativeness and unpretentiousness.

Campsis care. Sunny place, strong support and not very frosty winter – that’s it. all conditionsthat the flower needs. To soil Does not set requirements, but it is desirable that it is not acidic and too wet.

The plant tolerates drought easily. But in order for the bush to retain its decorative effect and bloom profusely, it must be watered regularly.

Like all creepers, a flower does not love overheating of the root zone. Therefore, mulch the soil around the bush or plant several low-growing perennials at the roots, with similar growing conditions. Such plants will not only shade the roots, but also cover the bare part of the shoots, which do not look very attractive.

To prolong floweringremove faded flowers regularly. And also cut the flower-bearing shoots, into 3 – 4 eyes. Such regular pruning will make the bush more decorative.

Campsis in autumn. Liana withstands short-term frosts down to -20 ° C. But if in your region frosts last for a long time, then for the winter be sure to cover the bushes. To do this, before frost, you need to remove the shoots from the supports, and tilt them to the ground. Lay a thick layer of spruce branches on top, agrofiber or film on top of it.

Grows very fastand therefore needs regular pruning. Cut bushes – vines every year, in the spring, before bud break. Cut hard, leaving only perennial lignified shoots (bush skeleton).

Do not be afraid that this will harm the plant. Such pruning stimulates the formation of new annual shoots, on which flower stalks are formed. The root system is quite aggressive. It gives a lot of root shoots, which can destroy even stone paths. Therefore, it is recommended to protect the root system to a depth of 80 cm.

In top dressing does not need. But if you pamper him with nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer at least once a season, he will thank you for more lush and long flowering.

Kampsis landing. Planting this plant is a pleasure, because it does not require special care and certain conditions. Choose a warm place, preferably sunny, soil can be any, better not sour. Ideal soil – this is the top layer of earth mixed with compost and fertilizer.

The cutting is lowered into the pit, add earth with compost, water and mulch the earth. Necessarily set up support!

Campsis breeding. As mentioned above, the plant forms many root growth. And the easiest and fastest way to propagate is to plant this growth.

spring these shoots cut off from the mother plant, along with the root, and plant in the right place. The flower is easy to propagate and

drains. Tilt the shoot that grows closer to the soil towards the ground. Fix it in a horizontal position and sprinkle with earth, the soil must be moist all the time.

Fit and method cuttings. In the summer, in June-July, cut the cuttings and plant them in the garden in a shady place. Water well and mulch the soil with cuttings.

Tekoma – This is a magnificent, profusely flowering vine. It will quickly and effectively cover unsightly old walls, envelop pergolas and arbors, and create a mysterious atmosphere in your garden.

Campsis photo

Kampsis rooting yellow:

Campsis grandiflora (Campsis grandiflora):

Published: 11.11.2016

Campsis – an unpretentious liana for your garden … – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

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