Daffodils: how to create a bouquet of distilled flowers – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest


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Beautiful bouquet of daffodils

Characteristic. Narcissus – this is a very elegant, delicate, neat and attractive flower. He was loved by gardeners and florists for his delicate beauty. A bouquet of such flowers cheers up, makes it spring and festive. Narcissus is bulbous plant, genus – Amaryllis. This genus includes about forty kinds narcissus, used in culture up to twenty varieties daffodil. This flower is associated with spring, because already in April he pleases us with his flowers. Flowers can be white, yellow, or even bicolor. Another feature is bright and fragrant scentwhich is a little intoxicating and relaxing. Even the name “narcissus” in translation means – dope, intoxicate.

daffodils can grow in gardens, parks, they will become a chic decoration for any flowerbed or rabatka. They look gentle in a single planting, and can also be interestingly combined with other perennials. Often, daffodils are grown in containers, because they are able to decorate not only the area near the house, but also an apartment and any other room.

Planting and care at home. Daffodils can be an amazing decoration Your houseand we will show you how easy it is to grow this delicate flower at home.

Start with buying bulbs, they can be purchased in the online store, as well as in other flower shops and supermarkets. The bulb must be chosen strong and hard, sprouted bulbs, as well as soft ones, are categorically not suitable. Choose a beautiful pot for planting bulbs. The pot must be deepmandatory condition – the presence of drainage holes. Optimal pot height – 30 centimeters deep and up to twenty in diameter. For miniature varieties you can take smaller pots. Now fill the pot special mixture, the basis of which is peat moss. Now put bulbs in a pot. Main Rule – the bulbs should be at a distance from each other. sharp end bulbs should look up. Adding soil in a pot bulb ends should show up a little. Thereafter watering earth and hide the pot in a dark and cool place. The optimum temperature is up to nine degrees above zero. Cellars, garages and even a refrigerator are ideal. Through 12 weeks you can take out your pot. Now the temperature should be about 10 degrees heat, in this mode the pot will stand for another three days. After that, you can put a pot with sprouted daffodils on the window, the optimum room temperature is up to 18 degrees. Change the position of the pot daily, because daffodils will reach for the light. Your plant will bloom three weeks after cold working, sometimes the first flowers appear after five weeks.

How to create a beautiful bouquet. Graceful cut narcissus flowers require great attention. For fragile stems, tall, glass and crystal are suitable. vases; for small flowers – low vases, saucers. Here several composition options:

  1. Place a few narcissus flowers in a tall crystal vase, add green asparagus;
  2. For white flowers, find a black ceramic saucer. Put a piece of moistened oasis (floristic sponge) in it, place white daffodils, insert a few in the foreground pink primrose flowersarrange in a circle kcal leaves;
  3. In a ceramic brown vase, a bouquet of daffodils looks good with willow branches and leaves;
  4. Cream colored daffodils with leaves fern and black branches larcheslook elegant on a black ceramic plate.
  5. White daffodils look great in transparent vessels filled with moss.

Bouquet of daffodils: photo

Buy You can order a bouquet of daffodils in any flower shop in your city, as well as order it via the Internet. But much nicer create bouquets with your own hands. You can plant daffodils in your dacha, in your garden. near a private house, even under the windows of a residential apartment, as well as grow them at home. In the Florium store you can choose the kind of daffodil that will impress you the most. Range: https://florium.ua/ru/narcissus/

Bouquet of daffodils and irises

Very impressive, bold, even a little bold, but at the same time looks attractive bouquet of irises and daffodils. These two flowers are very harmoniously combined and emphasize the beauty of each other. It is best to use bright yellow daffodils, because they look very contrasting with blue irises. Irises and daffodils without the addition of other herbs and flowers look very concise and a little strictbut bright, catchy and attractive. Every girl and woman will be happy to receive such a bouquet from her beloved man. It is best to present such an elegant bouquet to a self-confident and modern woman. If you want to please your younger sister, close friend or girlfriend, then pay attention to the bouquets, which consist of daffodils, irises, as well as other flowers and herbs. Bouquet can supplement green herbs, berries, cereals, plantain leaves or kcal. Such a bouquet looks airy, original and coquettish. Every young girl will be delighted with such a composition.

Bouquet of daffodils and tulips

daffodils and tulips These are beautiful spring flowers. which give joy, inspire, make the mood light and festive. These two flowers go together beautifully. white daffodils look good with red, pink and crimson tulips. The bouquet is delicate, but bright. yellow daffodils can be combined with light tulip varieties if you want to create a neat and delicate bouquetbut if you give flowers to a bright and brave womanthen you can collect catchy varieties of tulips and combine them with yellow daffodils.
You can show imagination and give
bouquet in a basketsuch a composition is sure to impress with creativity.

If you donate bouquet for no reasonthen do not overdo it with fantasy, it is enough to beautifully combine tulips and daffodils and just tie them with ribbon.

Do you want something more difficult? Add some green herbs or willow branches. Daffodils and tulips are soft and beautiful combinationYou will definitely create a unique and inimitable bouquet with their help!

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Daffodils: how to create a bouquet of distilled flowers – planting, care, photo, how to grow and harvest

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