Extendable lattice: The best, buying guide and where to buy it

The extensible lattice is increasingly fashionable

There is less and less for summer to arrive, so it is time to put our gardens or terraces ready to be able to enjoy our outdoor spaces. One of the most recommended options for decorating outside walls or separating corners is by means of an extendable lattice.

When we speak of lattices, we refer to false walls that They are the latest trend right now when it comes to outdoor decoration. Apart from providing more privacy, they help to create very sophisticated spaces. If you want to know more about the extendable lattice and see the best options on the market, keep reading.

? top 1 The best extendable lattice ?

Based on buyer reviews, the top product is this Saturnia 8094150. It is a dark green artificial hedge that includes an extendable wooden lattice. It weighs a total of 2,30 kilos and its dimensions are as follows: 134 x 40 x 3 centimeters.


The most important advantage that this product offers us is its high decorative value. Thanks to the artificial leaves, it gives a natural and cozy touch to any corner. In addition, it has all the advantages of Amazon prime.


If our intention is to acquire a lattice for climbing plants, we can find cheaper ones on the market that do not include an artificial hedge.

Selection of the best extensible lattices

If our top 1 hasn’t convinced you, don’t worry. There are many more extensible lattices on the market of different sizes, designs and prices. Next we will talk about the six best.

Comercial Candela Extensible Plastic Lattice

We start the list with this extensible lattice from Comercial Candela. It is made of strong and durable PVC that withstands the different weather agents without any problem. It is suitable to be fixed on a wall and thus tutor the plants. The slats of this model have a width of 25 millimeters and a depth of 7 millimeters. If the lattice is extended properly, it lets in light. It should also be noted that this model has a one-year warranty.

PAPILLON Extensible Green PVC Lattice

We continue with this model from the manufacturer Papillon. It is a green extensible lattice made of PVC. The strips are two centimeters wide and the total product measurements are 2 × 1 meters. The holes have a maximum size of 20 × 20 centimeters when the lattice is fully open. It is ideal for plants and vines on the terrace or in the garden.

PAPILLON Extensible White PVC Lattice

Again we highlight a Papillon extensible lattice, but this time it is made of white PVC. In addition, its measurements are 4 × 1 meters and the width of the strips is equal to two centimeters. In this case, when we open the lattice to the maximum, the gaps get a size of 18 × 18 centimeters.

Faura 100 X 200 cm – Wicker Extensible Lattice

We continue with the Wicker model from the manufacturer Faura. It has a size of 100 x 200 centimeters and it is ideal to separate parts of the garden or terrace in a comfortable, simple and economical way. This product is very useful when holding climbing plants, thus creating beautiful natural environments for the home.

Cypress extensible lattice

We also want to highlight this extensible lattice from the manufacturer Catral. It is made up of cypress leaves and wicker slats. Thanks to its design, it is ideal for separating parts of the garden in a decorative way, creating natural environments. In addition, it is durable and resistant, it can be perfectly outdoors. It weighs a total of three kilos and its measurements are as follows: 132 x 33 x 6 centimeters.

LOLAhome Natural Extendable Green Laurel Artificial Hedge with Wicker lattice

Finally we will talk a little about this extensible lattice from LOLAhome. It is green and its measurements are 100 × 200 centimeters. At the decorative level, it should be noted that it is covered with bay leaves. With it we can decorate both the separation of spaces and the walls and even create a vertical garden. In addition, this lattice is finished with a special anti-grape treatment, increasing its resistance and durability to various weather conditions.

Buying guide for an extendable lattice

If we want to buy an extendable lattice, there are certain aspects that we must take into account before, such as size, material or price. We will comment on them below.


Before buying an extendable lattice, we must measure the space in which we want to place it and check that it is the correct size. Choosing one that is too small or too large can be unsightly and impractical.


When choosing an extensible lattice, the material is very important, as it must be able to withstand the elements well. In addition, as one of its main functions is to decorate the space, it is recommended that it goes with our garden furniture. Extendable lattices are typically made of wicker, wood, or PVC.

Quality and price

Another aspect to take into account is quality. It is important, since the lattices they are exposed to different weather agents. The price of the same varies depending on the size and quality of the material. However, they are usually quite affordable.

Where to put an extensible lattice?

The extendable lattice serves to decorate and to separate spaces

The extensible lattice is used to decorate and to separate spaces

Generally, extensible lattices they are designed for outdoor use, be it a garden or a terrace. With them we can decorate walls, separate outdoor spaces or create vertical gardens. However, we can also create beautiful corners with them inside the home or office, it all depends on our creativity.

Where to buy

Currently we have many places to buy extendable lattices, both online, physical or second-hand. Next we will comment a little about the potions that we have

The Amazon

In the Amazon online platform we can find everything, also extendable lattices. It is the most comfortable option Well, we don’t have to leave the house and deliveries are quite fast.

Leroy Merlin

An example of a physical establishment in which we can acquire an extendable lattice is the Leroy Merlin. It can be advantageous to see the products in person to get a better idea of ​​how they would look in our garden or on our terrace.

Second hand

We can also acquire a second-hand extensible lattice, either through an acquaintance, a market or online. Nevertheless, the service life will surely be greatly shortened compared to a new one.

Extendable lattice: The best, buying guide and where to buy it

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