Garden chairs: The best, buying guide and where to buy them

The garden chairs must be made of a material that resists to the elements

Garden chairs must be made of a material that resists the elements

When the weather is good, many of us love to enjoy a good meal outdoors. It can be anywhere outside, because in the end what we value the most is the company. However, it never hurts to be comfortable during the hours that we can be chatting and having a drink. Therefore it is advisable to have garden chairs at our disposal.

Currently, the market offers many different designs and colors of garden chairs or terrace. If you want to know which ones are the best, I recommend that you keep reading.

? Top 1: The best garden chairs?

Among all the garden chairs we want to highlight this model from Homeoutfit24 due to the good reviews of the buyers. It is a folding chair whose dimensions are equivalent to 59 x 63 x 112 centimeters. The armrests and the frame of the chair are made of robust, weather-resistant aluminum. In order to avoid accidental folding, It has a safety lever. The maximum load that this model can bear is 120 kilos.


Being a folding chair, it is easy to transport and store. In addition, this model is delivered already assembled, so it can be started to use instantly. It should also be noted that can adopt different positions, making it easy for the user to lie down or sit down comfortably to eat.


For greater comfort, it is advisable to accompany this chair with a high-back cushion that adapts to it. East not included in the purchase, so you have to buy it separately.

Selection of the best garden chairs

Although our top 1 is not bad at all, there are also many other options that the market offers us in terms of garden chairs. Next we will talk about the six best.

Keter – Ibiza outdoor garden chair

We start the list with this Ibiza model garden chair from the manufacturer Keter. It has armrests and is available in both white and graphite. Its design is sophisticated and elegant, designed for the greatest comfort and perfectly combinable with any outdoor table. This chair has a smooth finish and is made of durable, weather-resistant material. What’s more, requires no assembly and is easily stackable with other chairs of the same model.

Miguel Gifts – Dining Chairs – Karibic Chair

We continue with this Karibic model from Miguel Gifts. It stands out above all for its modern and youthful design, giving a very contemporary touch to the space. It is made of steel and polyethylene, making it suitable for outdoor use. This chair does require assembly. Its dimensions are as follows: 83.5 centimeters high, 72 centimeters wide, 83 centimeters deep. The height from the ground to the included seat is equivalent to 39 centimeters and its weight is around 4.55 kilos. The legs have a width of 46 centimeters and the backrest of 72 centimeters.

Keter Iowa Indoor and outdoor armchair with cushion included

Third we have Keter’s Iowa model. It is an outdoor armchair that includes a cushion and has an ergonomic backrest. Its elegant design makes it an ideal armchair for both outdoor and indoor use and is easily combinable. The material of this product is flat rattan which it is resistant to both corrosion and weather. This model is available in the colors brown, white, graphite and cappuccino. Its weight is equivalent to 5,2 kilos and its dimensions are as follows: 60 x 62 x 89 centimeters.

Outsunny Folding Garden Rocking Chair

Another garden chair to highlight is this model from Outsunny. It is a rocking chair whose backrest it is reclining to the point of becoming a lounger. It can be locked in any position, ideal to adapt it to our liking. This model is also foldable and ergonomic, making it easy to transport and store. In addition, this chair includes an adjustable and removable headrest, a folding and adjustable awning and a tray with slots to place drinks, a book or a mobile, for example. It is made of metal with a powder coating for greater resistance to corrosion and weathering. The fabric is made of textilene, a material resistant to water, wear and tear and UV rays. It does not require assembly and supports a maximum load of up to 120 kilos.

Deuba Set of 2 Acacia Wood Folding ‘Sydney’ Chairs

Also these Deuba garden chairs are on our list. They are made of robust acacia wood and are pre-oiled. What’s more, They are FSC certified indicating that the wood comes from sustainable forests. Another feature to highlight is that they are foldable, thus facilitating both transport and storage. In order to increase your comfort, these chairs have rounded armrests. Its assembly is easy and its measurements are equivalent to 92 x 51 centimeters. The set includes two chairs of this model.

Keter Bali Set of 4 garden chairs

Finally we want to highlight these Bali models from Keter. A total of four garden chairs are included and can be purchased in white, brown or graphite. They have armrests and they are stackable between them. Their beautiful and combinable design makes them ideal for both indoors and outdoors. As for the material, they are made of rattan, so they are weather resistant. They do not require any assembly.

Lawn Chair Buying Guide

It is best to take some aspects into account before buying garden chairs. We must think about the type of chair we want, the material it is made of, the quantities we need and the maximum we are willing to pay. We will discuss all these aspects below.


When it comes to having outdoor furniture, the material from which they are made is of the utmost importance. They have to be able to endure the weather, without losing the color to the minimum. For this reason, garden chairs are usually made of rattan, which is synthetic resin, wood that has been specifically treated to be more resistant, or plastic. In addition, it is recommended that they do not have any metallic component, since it can end up rusting.


Another aspect to consider is the size of the garden chairs. In this case we must pay particular attention to their width and check that they fit in the space we had designed for them or that they can be placed comfortably next to the table. It is also wise to consider the space available for the legs and sides.


It is also important calculate the number of garden chairs we need or want. If our intention is to frequently invite friends and family to barbecue, we will have to buy more chairs. On the other hand, if we only want a little corner of relaxation to enjoy it alone or with our partner, one or two chairs will be enough.

Quality and price

Quality and price are generally related. A plastic chair will be cheaper than a chair made of rattan or specially treated wood. Also the number of chairs we want will affect the price. However, there are many sets in which they sell several chairs together, and they can even include a matching table.

Where to put the garden chairs?

There are many different models of garden chairs

There are many different models of garden chairs

The garden chairs, being made of materials suitable to resist the elements, they can be placed in any outdoor area: Gardens, terraces, balconies, campsites, etc. But we can also include them inside the home without any problem, if we like this aesthetically. When it comes to storing the chairs, the most comfortable are the folding ones. They can be stored in the basement, in the garage, in the garden shed, etc. This is recommended during the winter, for example, when they are not used as much. This way we protect them and extend their useful life a little more.

Where to buy

Today we have many options when we want to buy anything. Garden chairs can be found both in physical establishments and online or second-hand. Next we are going to comment on some of the most popular places.

The Amazon

First we are going to highlight the great online sales platform Amazon. Here we can find everything, including garden chairs. In addition, in the search we find products that other buyers have purchased together with the chairs, which it can inspire us or help us make decisions. There are also usually many positive and negative ratings and comments that provide information about the quality of the product.


As for physical establishments, one of them is Ikea. There we can find garden chairs exposed along with more matching outdoor furniture. The great advantage of this option is that even we can test the chairs, thus finding out their comfort level. In addition, the exhibitions are made by interior or exterior designers, which gives us a wide range of ideas.

Second hand

If all the options that there are we do not like or are too expensive, we can choose to buy second hand garden chairs. For this we can access some online applications, such as Wallapop, or search for markets or individuals that offer them.

Garden chairs: The best, buying guide and where to buy them

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