Garden lamps: The best, buying guide and where to buy them

There are many different models and types of garden lampposts

Most people think of sunny days when we talk about gardens. But they are also full of beauty when the sun goes down and it gets dark. In order to give it a more special touch, placing garden lamps between the plants or lighting the path is the most recommended. In this way we can enjoy a beautiful night landscape or create a romantic setting.

You don’t even have to be outside to enjoy the magical atmosphere created by the lights at night. Even looking out the window and seeing the lit garden lanterns illuminating the darkness between the plants can be an indescribable picture. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the magic of lights, I recommend that you keep reading. We will mention the best garden lamps currently on the market, aspects to consider and where to buy them.

? Top 1: The best garden street lamps?

The most notable garden lamps for their good ratings are those from the manufacturer Vivibel. It is an elegant model with a design thought to make a nice play of light and shadow on the floor through warm lighting. It is made of waterproof ABS plastic that fully protects both the circuit and the battery. In addition, these garden lanterns resist snow and rain. The battery charges in sunlight and reaches its peak after 6 to 8 hours in the sun. Once fully charged, the lamp will light for about eight hours. It has a light sensor that tells the streetlight when to turn it on and off.


Without a doubt, the most advantageous thing that this Vivibel model offers us is that it has a solar panel incorporated in the upper part. In this way it charges automatically on sunny days, saving energy and protecting the environment. In addition, its installation is very simple, since it does not require any wiring. Just remove the insulating tab and you’re done.


The greatest advantage of these garden lamps can also work against them, since they depend on the sun to be able to illuminate at night. On cloudy days we can’t expect to have nice night lighting in our outer space.

Selection of the best garden lamps

Apart from our top 1, the market offers us a wide range of options when choosing garden lamps. Next we are going to comment on the six best.

GolWof Outdoor Solar Lantern

First of all we are going to comment a little on this GolWof model. Among the garden lanterns it stands out for its energy saving, since it is a solar lamp. In addition, it has an automatic switch that turns it on at night. Its beautiful retro design is easily combined with any garden or terrace. It can be placed on a table, on the floor or hung from a tree or on the wall. The structure is durable and weather resistant, apart from being waterproof and rustproof. Another advantage is that it does not require power cables.

Outdoor Solar Lantern Tomshine Garden

We continue with this Tomshine model. This street light also charges itself by sunlight, so no cables are necessary. In addition, it automatically turns on when it gets dark and turns itself off when it’s dawn. It is designed and manufactured to withstand the elements and guarantee its long-term durability. It should also be noted that its installation is quite easy and is carried out using hooks. The retro design of this garden lamp is beautiful in any outdoor area or even indoors.

100W Solar Street Light for Outdoors

Another outstanding garden lamp is this model from Werise. It emits a very bright white light that covers an area of ​​between 30 and 50 square meters. It works by means of a lithium battery that is charged with sunlight and lasts a long time. The most remarkable feature of this lamppost is the polysilicon solar panel, which through an AI charging system allows the battery to charge even on rainy and cloudy days. In addition, it automatically turns itself off and on at sunrise or sunset. Another advantage that this product offers is that the light switches to full brightness mode the moment it detects any type of movement within the eight meter detection area. No movement maintains power saving mode.

80W Outdoor Solar LED Street Lights

We finished with these Kingwei solar garden lanterns. They work by means of LEDs and they give a cold white light. The lithium battery charges through sunlight, even on rainy days. In addition, this model automatically turns off at dawn and turns on at dusk.

Philips My Garden Creek – Outdoor lamppost

Almost towards the bottom of the list we have this Philips My Garden Creek outdoor lamppost. This is a tall, black lamppost that is sure to stand out in the garden. It is made with high quality aluminum and suitable for outdoor use. As for the light, it is white but warm and energy efficient. Its dimensions are 45 x 45 x 184 centimeters (length x width x height) and it weighs 3,8 kilos.

Ribadeo garden lamppost antique finish

We finished with this Ribadeo outdoor lamppost. It stands out for being a beautiful tall lamppost with an old design that will give a very special touch to your garden. It is made of cast aluminum, ideal for weather resistance. The diameter of the bulb is 16 centimeters while that of the lamp is 53 centimeters. The height of the lamppost is 225 centimeters. Regarding the diameter of the foot, this is 24,5 centimeters.

Garden lamp buying guide

When you want to buy garden lamps, There are a number of aspects that we should think about beforehand. There are different types and designs of streetlights, so it would not hurt to decide which one we like the most to reduce the search a bit. In addition, the quantities necessary to illuminate the entire area that we want must also be considered. The price and quality of the product cannot be lacking either. We will comment on these aspects below.

Types and design

When we start looking for garden lanterns, we can find many different types and designs. There are tall, small streetlights, to be nailed to the ground or to be hooked to the wall. Regarding the design, we can find retro, vintage, modern styles and many more. To choose well the garden lamps in terms of type and design, the most important thing is that we like it aesthetically and that it fulfills the function we want, such as lighting the area well or creating a warm and subdued atmosphere.


Also the amount we must take into account. If we want to create a magical atmosphere or illuminate the path that crosses the garden, we must purchase several streetlights. On many occasions when it comes to small garden lampposts, we can find packs where several are already included. In the event that we only want light in a specific area, a single streetlight will surely be enough.

Quality and price

And last but not least: The value for money. In the case of street lamps, both aspects are usually closely related. What’s more, the size also greatly influences the final price of the product. The most common is that tall streetlights are more expensive than small ones.

Where to place the garden lamps?

Garden lanterns create a magical atmosphere at night

Garden lanterns create a magical atmosphere at night

Garden lanterns can be placed in different areas, according to our needs or preferences. There are outdoor lights that can be hooked to the wall, offering us light from above. Other models of streetlights are designed to nail you to the ground. They can be very beautiful at the level of the path or a little hidden among the plants, to give a magical touch to our garden or terrace. We can also buy large streetlights, if we like that style more.

Where to buy

The options we have when choosing where to buy garden lanterns are almost endless. On the internet we can find many pages that offer us this product, but also on a physical level we have a wide range of establishments that we can visit. Next we are going to comment on some of the possibilities.

The Amazon

Amazon, the giant of internet sales, offers many garden lamps and more accessories to decorate our exteriors. If we are Amazon prime we can enjoy faster shipping and reduced prices on some products.


The advantage of visiting a physical establishment is that we can see the garden lamps in person, which It will help us to get a better idea of ​​what they are like and how they would look in our garden or terrace. In addition, we can be advised by professionals. One such store would be, for example, the Ikea.

Second hand

Another option we have is to buy second-hand garden lamps. Normally, this type of shopping do not include any guarantee, so we must first verify that they work correctly.

After having presented different options of both models and places of purchase, I hope you have been able to make a decision. In the end everything depends mainly on our tastes and as for garden lamps there is a very wide range of options.

Garden lamps: The best, buying guide and where to buy them

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