How to buy a snow shovel

How to buy a snow shovel

When you live in an area where it snows a lot, a snow shovel helps you to eliminate the trace of it to make a safe path, or to prevent your garden from ending up with plants burned by it.

But how to buy a snow shovel? Which are the best? What should you pay attention to? If you are curious about this tool and want to know more, then we will tell you everything.

Top 1. The best snow shovel on the market


  • It is foldable.
  • It weighs only 600gr.
  • Made of aluminum.


  • Too small.
  • It serves as an emergency shovel but not for constant use.

Selection of snow shovels

Discover several more models of snow shovels that may be what you need for that hard job.

KOTARBAU® Car snow shovel with aluminum handle

It is made of plastic and It can be divided so you can place it in the car, garden or garage without taking up much space. It has an adjustable aluminum handle while the rest of the blade is made of plastic, with a width of 22,5 cm.

Nigrin 6194 – Snow shovel with extendable handle

With telescopic handle that can be stretched from 76 to 101 centimeters. It is resistant and robust.

Lanlelin Snow Plow, Detachable Aluminum Alloy Material

It is a folding shovel that can have a adjustable extension, from 55 to 110 centimeters. It is made of aluminium. You can use it as an emergency shovel, to carry it in the car, etc.

OVERMONT Snow Shovel Gardening

Made of aluminium, this shovel has a Non-slip part for a better grip. The handle reaches 66-82 cm, and its weight exceeds 600 grams. It comes with a cover to store all the elements of the shovel.

Fiskars Snow and Grain Shovel

Made of metal, it has a total length 127 cm. It is easy to handle and has an ergonomic grip. As for the aluminum blade, it is 31 cm wide and has a wooden handle.

Buying guide for a snow shovel

When buying a snow shovel, the first thing you should know is what they are like. And it is that these blades differ in shape from the normal ones. To begin with, instead of ending in a point, they are square, in such a way that when they get into the snow they make a “hole” wide enough to separate the snow from where it is. The other blades, having the impact in the center, do not give as much result.

Thus, we can say that you have to look for square and rectangular blades. But with another difference, and that is that they are deeper. That is to say, they have a much more pronounced hole in the blade to house a greater amount (in this case of snow).

There are other keys that you must take into account, such as the following:


Snow plows are not just one size, we could actually classify them into two: big ones that you have to grab with both hands to use force and remove the snow; and the little oneshandheld, which are ideal for removing snow between plants, flowers or areas that are difficult to access for a large one.


The materials of a snow shovel can be varied. In the market we can find plastics, aluminium, polypropylene or composite. They are the most common.

Each one has its pros and cons since they will affect the weight of the racket as well as its durability and duration. For example, a plastic one is lighter and cheaper, but on the other hand it can break much sooner. Instead, an aluminum one can be heavier and last longer.

Depending on the use you want to give it and how many times you are going to use it, it may be more convenient to buy a more expensive one but one that will serve you longer.


Within the snow shovel market, there are several types. The normal ones are the most common but, in addition, you can find more rectangular blades (as if they were two blades in one and also:

  • folding blades. Normally the handle is folded in such a way that only the surface of the blade remains. Of course, you cannot carry too much weight because the handle does not hold.
  • Shovels for car. They are usually smaller, hand-held or folding, as they are used to remove snow in case you come across it. Another option is to take a large one.
  • Sled snow shovels. In this case they are easier to use because they work on impulse. You don’t have to bend over or anything, just push hard with your body to slide it under the snow and remove it.
  • Shovels for tractor. They have a much larger shape but the operation is similar to the previous ones, only that, instead of exerting the force, a tractor does it. These are sometimes mounted in an inverted vee in such a way that they open the way and leave the snow on the sides.

Price range

The price of a snow plow is not too high. In fact, can be found from 15 euros. The most expensive do not exceed 30-40 euros. Everything will depend on the size, material and even the type since the more “sophisticated”, the more expensive the price will be.

Where to buy?

buy snow shovels

buy snow shovels

Although a snow shovel can help you, and a lot, with the snow, it is not a product that many know. That implies that you cannot easily find it anywhere. Therefore, to help you in your purchase, we give you two stores where you will surely find them and they can be at very affordable prices.

Discover them.

The Amazon

Amazon has become one of the first places where we usually look for almost everything. And in the case of snow plows too.

The truth is that you can find many models and prices, very affordable almost all of them. Of course, sometimes they are mixed with normal blades so you must take into account the shape of the blades if you want them to really be focused on the snow.

Leroy Merlin

The snow shovels at Leroy Merlin are in the shovels and sticks section, within the gardening tools. This implies that you will meet many shovels but only some are snow.

As for their prices, they are quite affordable and you have different sizes, materials, and shapes that will help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Have you already decided on your snow shovel?

How to buy a snow shovel

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